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  1. what tool is needed to remove a broken door door latch & install a replacement?
  2. Finally got the cover off . Now know the model & serial # that is needed to move forward with the heat strip blowing the furnace fuse
  3. Moses I removed 2 Philip screws from the front , rear & side vents but I still can’t pull down the inside white cover . What am I doing wrong ?
  4. Mossey you stopped me from making a huge mistake! Will tackle the front /rear vents screws . Thank you
  5. To remove the interior a/c cover do you remove the red or green screws or both ? And what type tool is needed to remove these screws? Thank you , Bobby
  6. John I pulled the 7.5 A fuse for the furnace and it was blown. Figured problem solved. Wrong! Immediately blew 2 new 7.5 A. Only the thermostat is not getting power. Any ideas what is causing the furnace fuse to blow? I forgot to mention that the first blown fuse occurred while the electric heating strip was ‘on’. Could the heat strip be the continued cause of blowing the fuses? Can the heat strip be removed from the Dometic A/C?
  7. John you are amazing. As you teach me I have more questions. If I shut off shore power and turn off the disconnect switch under the bed, will that cut off all power to the fuses & breakers ?
  8. John do I need to shut off all power before removing the 7.5 A furnace fuse?
  9. Does the thermostat power come from the AC breaker ? Or the 12V 15 A fuse or the 7.5 A fuse for furnace under the dinette? 2017 Elite II.
  10. Yes the alarm stopped once the gas was shut off at the tank. Someone suggested to switch to the second tank. And no alarm! several hours later we switched back to the tank during the alarm. And still no alarm. so for now the potential leak seems to have disappeared. Could a faulty regulator be the reason for the initial leak ?
  11. To replace the LP detector do you pry it away from the outside or remove it from inside under the dinette seat?
  12. Bill the fuse is directed behind the detector? Do you pry the cover off to access the fuse & change the detector if this is the problem? I agree that I think we have a real leak inside & do not want to disable
  13. Any suggestions on how to access the gas lines to the Truma, furnace, stove , refrigerator?
  14. The LP alsrm only goes on when the gas is turned on at the outside tank.
  15. The propane alarm under the dinette set is beeping & blinking red lights to alert propane inside the Oliver. No gas was being used inside. Turning off the gas at the cylinder stopped the alarm. Any guesses where there could be a gas leak inside the Oliver ? How can you shut off power to the alarm monitor ? Where would you go to locate & fix a gas leak?
  16. Does anyone know of the part that can be added to the 7 pin connector which eliminates the trailer disconnect message in F-150. Jason. added this part but we have lost it
  17. Update on Dura Bath Faucet Warranty . They required verification it is a Dura faucet. Had to slip iphone between faucet & wall. Now they are sending a replacement head under Dura Limited Lifetime Warranty
  18. Yes the correct Dura Model Number IS DF-RKF 850-SN for 2017 Oliver Elite II. Although the manual says only 1 yr warranty, Dura website states ‘limited lifetime warranty. Waiting to hear back from customerservice@durafaucet.com
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