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  1. I would like the thoughts of the collective wisdom of this group. 2019 Elite II, no solar. Camping at a KOA in Salina, KS on the way home to Colorado. Plugged into the 30A outlet and everything was working fine. Some time in the night the AC quit. Not sure how long, but my wife woke me because the trailer was getting warm. I could tell there was electricity on in the campground. Checked my EMS display and it was blank as if the trailer was not getting any shore power. 30 amp breaker under the dinette was ok but reset it anyway with no change. At the pedestal my external surge protector was all green lights showing power with no problem indicated. The power cord green light was on, showing power was on there. Using the breaker, turned the power off and back on at the pedestal, no change. Unplugged and used my 50 amp adapter to change the power source at the pedestal. Still no change. In the morning we packed up and went home. Read the manual and checked the forum. Saw two threads about a circuit board and a whole unit needing to be replaced. With heartburn over how hard it would be to replace the Progressive Industries EMS, I plugged the trailer into my house circuit to do a double check and maybe some trouble shooting. Everything is fine! Display shows E0 and no PE codes showing a previous error! AC works and 110 outlets show power. What was not working is now working just fine 24 hours later. According to the manual if the EMS shut itself down there should be a PE code the next time you turn it on. But I have no PE displayed. Do I write this off as a one time glitch? Gremlins in the trailer? Was there something I missed in the trouble shooting at the campground?
  2. My standard issue hot water tank pressure relief valve leaks, only one year old. Can this be replaced with a standard pressure relief valve from the hardware store or is it special RV issue? thank you
  3. I have read several threads on this forum regarding various measures current Ollie owners have taken to protect their trailers while towing. Those include installing mud flaps on TV and TT; installing Stone Stompers, Rock Tamers, Bow Buddies, etc. Some of you have the ability and creativity to develop some pretty cool custom products and/or make modifications to existing products. I have neither the ability or the creativity, so out-of-the-box solutions are what I seek. We are scheduled to pick up our Legacy Elite II on August 22, 2022. Between now and then we will be out of the country for about five weeks. We need to get on the stick and get some stuff ordered so that we have it with us when we get to Hohenwald. We are not new to camping, but we are new to trailer camping. So, my questions are: 1. Do Stone Stompers work well right out of the box on the Legacy Elite II, or do they need to be modified (like John and others have done) to be effective? 2. If one has a Stone Stomper installed, is it still important to have mud flaps on the TV? If so, can any of you recommend an especially effective out-of-the-box mudflap that you are happy with that would work in conjunction with a Stone Stomper (we have a 2021 GMC 2500 crew cab)? 3. Am I right in assuming a Rock Tamer type of mud flap would not work with a Stone Stomper because there wouldn't be enough real estate on the stinger of a typical trailer hitch ball mount? 4. I take it from past threads that the only way to mud-flap an Oliver is to individually fabricate the product. Is that right? Are any of you making them for sale to others? 5. What other exterior protective measures should we be prioritizing for the maiden voyage? The maiden voyage will be several weeks, and a few thousand miles, long. Thanks, Marv
  4. Picked up our OTT (named TT after my wife’s nickname) in March (hull # 1056) and enjoyed several Tennessee State Parks before heading away from the nest to Williamsburg VA where, sadly, TT sits idly ‘til our travels to PA & NY State Parks this summer. Really love TT’s solid build & clean lines (the Ollie that is), and the folks at Oliver were/are extremely helpful, responsive and professional…think we made the right choice for our mode of retirement traveling. I’m also quite impressed with the useful information provided by contributors to this forum. Lots of talent & experience out there. Looking forward to giving back when I can. We sailed the Chesapeake Bay for many years so traveling light & messing about with shore power, etc, is familiar but, as novice land yachters, hitching and backing will take quite some time to master. So far, no real hitches in the hitching, except I feel that I’m fighting the air suspension on my new (and new to me) Ram 1500 when I raise the tongue with the front jack to attach the Andersen wt distribution whale tail to the hitch. Maybe I should place the truck in “jack” mode” while lifting to attach the whale tail? Any advice from seasoned veteran OTT travelers would be greatly appreciated. Only other challenge is the noticeable hum when on shore power. No hum when disconnected, and the inverter fan isn’t the culprit…the fan noise actually provides some relief because it drowns out the annoying hum. According to folks at the Oliver Service Dept, it’s either the transfer relay or surge protector. They’re waiting for me to inspect more closely to ID the noisy bugger. Hoping it’s not a “normal” hum and an easy fix. Looking forward to exploring this lovely country in TT, and reading more comments on the forum. Paul & Santina
  5. Returned a few weeks ago from a trip into Utah again, this time hitting a few places that have been on my bucket list for years. Weather was not ideal but we made the best of it, great hikes and adventures with some photos. Thanks for looking. Boondocking in the San Rafael Reef Formation known as the Temple Mount, San Rafael Reef View looking southwest to the Henry Mountains and San Rafael Swell & Reef Trudi peeking out of Oliver Hike in Wild Horse Canyon, San Rafael Reef Head of Sinbad Pictograph panel, San Rafael Swell Another view of the same panel above San Rafael Reef canyon wall, land of the tortured stone More tortured stone from San Rafael The textures in some of these rock walls is amazing from centuries of weathered torture 😂 via hike in the Little Horse Canyon More rock walls from Little Horse Canyon Trudi hiking through the slot canyon section of Little Horse Canyon More slot canyon views from Little Horse Canyon A geologist dream scape I suppose, most slot canyon of the Little Horse The Rochester Panel Detail from the Rochester Panel
  6. Group ... I own Hull# 069 ... a 2015 Elite II ... the bathroom faucet has developed a drip ... not a leak or trickle, but a steady drip. The drip is confined to the bathroom (all other faucets seem to be fine). The drip stops when I close the valve to the bathroom (under the curbside bed) and resumes when I open the valve again. Even with the pump turned off the drip continues, though I'm guessing that's due to the latent water pressure remaining in the lines. With faucet knobs open, both hot and cold flows are good ... it's only when turned off that it continues to drip. I can't imagine trying to sleep at night with that going on! So ... any suggestions? I believe it to be the original Scandvik setup and have not ever had the issue before. Hoping to avoid a full faucet set replacement, is there a cartridge that may need replacing? An "O" ring to replace? If so, has anyone actually done this? Stop the insanity!
  7. Reed and Karen Lukens have posted their LEII for sale on Fiberglass RV. Mossey
  8. Can the Oughton RecPro 13,500 BTU ac unit be started with a Honda 2200u generator without a micro air easy start?
  9. Looking for advice on how to safely travel in cold temps with an Oliver. If de-winterizing prior to travel, how do you safely travel in sub freezing weather without causing damage or ending up with frozen components?
  10. We paid our deposit on an Elite II and will be looking for guidance on completing the build sheet by June. We own an Escape 19 which we purchased in 2017 so we are advanced beginners. The Escape we plan to keep at home in Alaska for summer use. The Oliver, delivery date in September, will remain in the lower 48 with its tow vehicle. Looking forward to these forum discussions.
  11. Greetings -- I'm weighing decisions with my Oliver order. I toured the e2 over a year ago, and I'm hoping to tour the e1 very soon, because I want to be SURE that I really need the extra weight, space, and expense of the e2. I'm a single person who hopes to have friends join me on long sojourns now and then. I love to cook and plan to make all of my food from scratch (it's a thing). Therefore, part of the 'extra space' in the e2 that I consider important is actually the ability to carry more food and water. As a self-supported adventure bicyclist, clothes don't weigh more than about 20 pounds. When I talked options with the sales team, I was very surprised that they couldn't cite the weight of any of the options. How can that be? Many options are tempting, but maybe superfluous and if they limit my food and water capacity, I'll tend to rule them out. Right now I am considering many options including 2022 Power Package for e2 - Lithium Pro package: lithium batteries, solar panels with charge controller, micro-air easy start for a/c, 3000 watt pro inverter [$9,500]; 2022 Outdoor Pro - 30# propane tanks, quick connects, storage basket, rear bumper receiver, 30 amp convenience connection [$2,000]; convection microwave composting toilet tankless water heater (good? bad?) Cell phone booster & WiFi booster backup camera (though now I'm beginning to believe that the new trucks will ALL come with one?) Anderson no-sway hitch Can anyone let me know what their final build-out actually weighed with same or similar options? Better yet, has anyone discovered the weights of any of these features? Thanks!
  12. We have been cautioned by Oliver and forum contributors to periodically check the grease in the stabilizer head on all of our stabilizer jacks. I have done the tongue jack many times and was able to due the appropriate maintenance on the street side stabilizer under our LEII twin bed. I tried to do the curbside last year when I was winterizing and struggling with an AGM battery issue, so I gave up prematurely on that one. The problem I had was that the cover would allow itself to be removed. I opted not to force and had a very brief discussion with Oliver Service that got tossed due to our AGM issue. After our spring trip I began suspecting that I needed to really looking into that curbside stabilizer based on the different noise it made compared to the street side stabilizer. I finally set aside time to do them all. The tongue and street side were completed with out issue. When I went to de-install the curbside, it would not budge, but I very carefully pried it up with a flat bladed screw driver run around the gap created at the seam after gently moving the cover a modest amount with a small rubber coated mallet. As I worked my way around the entire body, I felt it was still quite tight, but proceeded very slowly. When I got the cover high enough it suddenly came free and to my surprise the middle gear was still in the cover. I was able to turn it and remove it, but it was tight. Clean up became my priority and as it turns out there was plenty of grease although it was pretty dark compared to the lithium grease I would install. Having this gear out gave me an opportunity to inspect the other gears. I found a SS bushing out of position for the middle gear and repositioned it after cleaning and the put some grease in and reinstalled the middle gear. There is a serpentine gear on the motor shaft that marries with the middle gear and a smaller gear on the bottom of the middle gear that marries with the stabilizer lifter which must act like a screw jack. After I put it back together and repositioned the gasket, I gently put the cover on and after a couple of wiggles and an additional inspection re-installed it. I tightened down bolts loosely using an alternating diagonal pattern and then finished tightening before testing. I used the hand crank to pretest before activating the electric motor and all was fine. I would like to say the noise is now the same for both rear stabilizers, but in our case it is not. Seems to be noisier on raising the pad than on dropping it.
  13. I'm in the final stages of designing my upgrade from 12 volt Duralast Marine L/A Deep Cycle batteries (OTT Base Battery Package) to three Dragonfly Energy Battleborn 100 Ah lithiums. Doing this while almost 4,000 miles from our Ollie has created some challenges. I would greatly appreciate your assistance with the following: Pictures of the OEM Duralast battery cables in the battery box area. (My hope is to clear out all the battery clutter, an re-use as much of the 4/0 cables as possible) Close up pictures of the Positive and Negative Buss fixtures. Needed to connect the DC to DC charger, solar suitcase panes, and 350 amp master cutoff switch (Battery + Home Run) What are the + and - buss terminal diameters for the 4/0 (3/8"?) and terminals for the smaller cables? Upon completion of the effort next summer, I'll post a materials list of the effort. Thank you, GJ
  14. We recently purchased Hull #617 from the Nau's and are personalizing it before heading out for the first time in it. We have been in a MB Airstream Interstate for 6 years and while we love it - it's time for a change. We have decided to sell it and take up the Ollie experience. We first contracted for a new 2022, but the wait for the promised May, 2022 delivery date was just too much. The late model 2020 had most of the options we wanted and was pretty appealing when compared to the all too distant May delivery date. I'm a project guy, so now it looks like there are plenty of mod projects in my future now. You'll find me chiming in occasionally on some of the future posts - just know that I frequently just cut to the chase so don't be put off by my short answers 🙂
  15. Hello, Oliver owners (Ollies?, Oliverians?). My wife and I are pondering what will probably be our final RV purchase. We're approaching a somewhat early retirement in 2 years and thinking about what retirement RVing will look like for us. We're experienced campers, 22 years in a 26' stick and tin travel trailer, 30' Titanium 5th wheel, and currently 32' triple slide 5th wheel. Now considering the Elite 2. It would be the smallest RV we've ever owned. Anticipated usage would range from midweek jaunts to the local dry camping state park to cross-Rockies trips from our home in the Northeast to the Southwest. We're hoping a fiberglass RV will be superior quality to the typical stick builts we've seen. Our retirement RV goals: Best possible resale value, for when we're ready to settle down and buy a brick and mortar retirement house. Less time on the roof caulking 100' of seams. Comfortable for my wife to tow. (She did OK with our travel trailer, but wasn't comfortable with either 5th wheel.) Better fit and finish than we've seen in our 5th wheels. Good boondocking performance for 2-3 nights. Good cold weather performance to extend our camping season. Appropriately sturdy for long haul trips. Better fuel economy/potentiality smaller future tow vehicle. (Current truck is a gas dually pickup.) At least 10 year service life. Would love to hear how well current owners would rate your Olivers on those points. We do anticipate some challenges: Far, far less storage space than we're used to, inside and out. Moving from a fifth wheel will open up the truck bed, but we'll be back to storing stuff in bins and loading them into the truck before each trip. Our current rig has 2 big recliners we really enjoy. I'm 6' tall. Are the dinettes comfortable? The wet bath seems like a pain. Will miss the roof ladder. Although I don't enjoy being up there, the built in ladder does make repairs on the road easier. What say the experienced on this? Finally, a few specifics: Rear dinette vs twin beds: does the rear dinette convert into a comfortable bed, or is it lumpy with all the separate cushions? What kind of sheets fit that? Lithium batteries worth it, or AGM adequate? Street side awning worth it? How do you use a ladder with awnings on both sides? Does the winterizing inlet simply fill the fresh water tank with pink stuff, or does it feed antifreeze directly to the pump? Any other thoughts/suggestions? The Bigfoot 25' rear queen is also in the running. A lot more living/storage space but the quality doesn't seem as good and the boondocking capabilites are less refined. Airstream Bambi has come up as well, but I'm not a big fan of single axle towables. We're considering a factory tour next summer, with a possible purchase within the year after that. Nothing like hearing from those who've already been there, done that, though. Thanks for any replies. -Dudley
  16. Has someone compiled a checklist of annual Oliver Elite II maintenance, including brakes, washing and waxing and things to look for?
  17. Greetings Oliver Forum readers! When our children were young we towed our pop-up camper on weekend adventures to nearby Southern California beaches and mountain parks. Now that our children are on their own and retirement is looming we are preparing for a new adventure as full timers. We completed the first step last week when we ordered an OTT. It was an easy decision since we were introduced to OTTs by Chris and Cherie of Technomadia years ago. When they were struggling with RV issues they offer mentioned how dependable their Elite I was during their early years as full timers. Recent OTT reviews confirmed their experience was still relevant. So we did a walk though with a local Oliver Ambassador and committed. We are excited to listen (read) and learn from all of the amazing resources on the Oliver Forum. Oliver Elite II, Delivery July 1, 2022 Tow vehicle TBD? Zach and Margaret
  18. Hull 724. Picked up in January. Ran into a few snags but nothing OTT and I couldn't handle EXCEPT one. There is a humm coming from the speakers when I use Blu tooth on the Furrion radio. I've had that radio out so many times trying to isolate the problem and I would really appreciate some help. First I figured the hum might be from the solar connectors...they are in the same box and carry serious electricity. Alas, no. I flipped the solar panel switch and the hum remained. Just for good measure and because I like to organize rat's nest I wrapped the solar electric cords in copper tape to prevent electric interference from bleeding into the Furrion radio. The next thing I tried was to fix the ground loop thinking that might be the cause of the hum. I bought a 30 amp noise filter https://www.amazon.com/Install-Bay-IBNF30-Noise-Filter/dp/B00691PDQK but that didn't work either...even after grounding it to the head unit housing and then, when that didn't work, running a ground wire from the receptacle ground and using that. I thought maybe trying to use the black ground line from the Furrion but I don't think that would make a difference. I might just have to deal with the hum. Would really appreciate your help. Thanks all!
  19. Hi Folks 🤗 . I am new to the forum . Working on my build sheet for Elite II to be built Nov , pickup end Dec . I have a new Generac GP1200i inverter generator . Will this be enough to charge up the 390 AH Lithionics between uses of A/C and associated power draws from other equipment on the Oliver ?
  20. Hi! We are Vic & Wanda Shumate out of Auburndale, Fl 33823, retired, been RV’g for 31 years, prior RV’s (1991 HR imperial 33’ gas, 1994 HR Navigator diesel 38’, 2001 Bluebird Wanderlodge LX 500 diesel) It was Time to downsize as age is catching up but our zest for bluegrass festivals, Smokey mountain trips along with state parks nature and more, would not let us go quietly! Our last RV (Bluebird) was sold about 6 months ago) our exhaustive search for a replacement small RV pull behind begin about 2 months ago and ended with the selection of the Oliver Legacy Elite II with a sales order written today 8/12/2021. Thanks to Josh White! No need to tell you all why we chose the Oliver lol and yes we took the factory tour 8/19/2021….. looking forward to our ownership sometime in June of 2022…….At the moment we will be towing it with a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.7 liter V8, summit……We also have on order a Tesla cyber truck two motor due sometime in late 2022 that we hope to use too! We are excited about the Oliver and look forward to future meetings with other owners……..
  21. Hello Ollie offspring, I'm on order and have ordered the twin bed floor plan with the Lagun table. I am curios as to where that stows. Also, what are the best ideas for back cushions when not using as a bed (size, firmness and such).
  22. While camping in Arkansas in May of 2019, I found a fair amount of water running off the rear curbside roof while the AC was running. I figured out that if the lowest point of the Ollie was the curbside, then the condensate water rain off the curbside roof. If the low point was the street side, the condensate drained through the internal drain tube and out under the Ollie as it should. That allowed us to manage the condensate water drainage as needed. When I finally got around to troubleshooting the actual problem I found out Oliver had installed a Dometic accessory drain kit which consisted of 2 white plastic cups and vinyl tubing and 4 screws and 3 or 4 hose clamps. There is an accessory cup on both sides off the AC unit that receive the condensate from the steel drain pan built into the the base of the AC. The drain kit tubing connects the accessory drain cups to Oliver’s internal drain tubing. I could see the internal drain pan after pulling the AC shroud and a few other parts off. Without the accessory drain kit the condensate would exit the drain pan and onto the roof through a drain hole on each side. So RV's with the Dometic AC but without the accessory drain kit would experience water running off the roof under normal conditions while running the AC. Some Oliver owners on the forum have replaced their Dometic AC's and report that the condensate runs off the roof and down the low side of the trailer because there wasn’t a option to connect the new AC to the internal Oliver drain system. After an initial inspection of the drain system, I leveled the Ollie side to side and front to back and began adding water to the condensate drain pan. The result was that some water ran off the roof on the curbside and some drained through the Oliver internal drain on the street side. That result caused me to consider that perhaps there was a blockage in the curbside drain tube, so I disconnected the curbside tubing at the tee fitting that separates the accessory cups and used a can of compressed air to verify the tube was clear and it was. Then I lowered the curbside side and plugged that tube and then added water to the main drain which resulted in water leaking onto the roof. The accessory drain cup and tubing connection is not really visible with the AC unit mounted but it did seem to me the water was leaking from that connection. So I ordered this kit and a second AC mounting gasket because the kit comes with one and two are required to raise the AC unit high enough to allow clearance for the drain cups. I then sat on the repair parts for months waiting for an opportunity to obtain access to an air conditioned shop a friend has access to. That happened this month and the repair is complete and the drains work as they should. It did require removing the AC and flipping it onto it’s back to remove and replace the old gaskets and drain cups and that did make the broken cup connector visible. Here are few pictures for everyone that stayed awake during this dissertation. This last picture makes the original break visible by the discoloration on the bottom and sides of the connector. The lighter portion of the break was on top and still connected when we flipped it over and snapped it off completely. Mossey
  23. Hi, We’re deep into research for our first travel trailer purchase and love all the helpful info shared in this group. We would like to see an Elite II with twins in the Southern CA area but there aren’t many owners that live out here. If there is anyone with an Elite II twin bed model that is traveling to/through LA or Orange County and is willing to have us visit please let us know. Thanks Jason for the help so far and suggestion for this post. Matt & Beth Frederick
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