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Found 8 results

  1. We finally made the trip to storage to check the trailer (after 10 weeks) and found dead batteries. We've had them tested and all 4 are toast so now we need replacements. Lithiums are not a player at this time for us but we want to know if the Trojans AGM are the best option or is there a better choice? Since we don't want to go thru this again what is best practice when storing for longer than a month? Disconnect them, cut off switch of some sort, etc.... There has to be something better than bring them home.
  2. We have an Elite II with the Zamp solar package including the zamp port on the side of the trailer. I would like to cover our Oliver with an RV cover (possibly the CalMark) when not in use which would, of course, cover the roof-mounted solar panels. There is no electric service at the storage lot and I'm considering purchasing a small external solar panel that I could attach to the rear bumper outside the cover and keep my AGM batteries charged while in storage. Does anybody have experience with this kind of set-up? Would a small 20w panel with controler be enough? So far I can't fin
  3. New to Olli ! Need to buy a used 20'+ TT . Selling my house in LA Porte TX & will live in my trailer while visiting friends & family. Then hopefully find some land with a small house & sell my TT.
  4. This picture is me ( Rosie Dog ) dreaming about the OTT EII we will be picking up very soon. ( early March 2021 ) My people friends ( George & Marybeth ) are trying to imagine what my sleeping arrangements will be and could use a couple of measurements that were not to be found in the Oliver University Measurement Document. I had a nightmare the other night that instead of being with my pack sleeping in a warm cuddly pile I was outside chained to a picnic table. Makes realize how lucky I am that while too many of my kin folk have to endure such challenging and sometimes dangerous cond
  5. Larger Dinette Table Having a properly sized dinette table contributes significantly to the pleasures of life in an Ollie. That’s how Sheila and I feel after I modified our dinette table to add 4 1/4 inches to the table’s length. What a difference a small amount of additional space makes. We find it more comfortable, now have room for morning computers and coffee, and indoor dinners are more gracious. Also, I can now put both elbows on the table if I want to. We have had a desire for a larger dinette table ever since we picked up our Ollie (hull 217) and got some experie
  6. To remove the interior a/c cover do you remove the red or green screws or both ? And what type tool is needed to remove these screws? Thank you , Bobby
  7. Anyone have a fan solution for the Elite II twin configuration where each twin bed has its own dedicated fan, preferably with remotes? Perhaps an odd request, but there are limits which must be addressed in order to maintain a more perfect union, establish justice, and insure domestic tranquility. David
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