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  1. Here's what I removed under the kitchen sink with arrow to leak point. The shower trap appears to be leaking from the exact same spot. My only access is through the dinette seat. We don't have an access panel.
  2. Travelswithollie Hull #125 delivered March1st 2016. Started dripping out of forward drains under trailer. Discovered that kitchen sink trap was leaking through threaded fitting. Replaced trap with new PVC with clean-out plug and not threaded. Underside leaking continued. Discovered bathroom trap was also leaking!!! this trap looks impossible to replace/repair where it is. 1. Why in the world was threaded pipe used? Leaks are through the “glued” threaded fittings. 2. Can anyone tell me how to repair/replace without tearing out the shower floor? I have a photo of the Replaced trap.
  3. Success! I removed and checked the internal check-valve, the back flow preventers, and the water pressure regulator installed by Oliver. All seemed to be OK, but on general principles, I installed a new water pressure regulator. Problem solved. Thanks for all the feedback.
  4. Russ (and Janie) McKnight - Hull 125 We have dutifully gone through all the diagnostics seeking a remedy for our low pressure water without remedy. This is not an issue with the fresh water tank and water pump, only the city water system. We have always used filters and screens and trust our problem is not plastic bits/pieces. If our line restrictions are water soluble vinegar could help but might not be effective from the downstream side. Has anyone tried blowing vinegar through the city water pipes using the water pump? This would be a process akin to winterizing with anti-freeze opening the bathroom faucet until vinegar reaches the faucet. Shutting the faucet for 15 minutes then flushing with fresh water. Any downside trying this? If we have plastic chips this will be useless but might work for solvable semi-blockage. Your thoughts?
  5. Thanks everyone. We suspect we were a bit low in the front. Camping World told us that the drain from the shower goes slightly up before dropping into the gray tank. Elevating the front just a bit seems to take care of the problem.
  6. Thanks so much for the feedback. We’re away from the trailer for the day, but will check tonight when we get back.
  7. Our sink drain is backing up in the shower even when the back flow preventer is open. Any suggestions?
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