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  1. Saturday and Sunday are good golf days for me.
  2. Hi June, Thanks for your message of encouragement. My trailer is currently in production ready for pick-up late April. While you are at Hilton Head would love to meet and see your Oliver and get some needed advice. In addition my wife Wendy has not seen the trailer and has wondered about my excitement. I've been to the RV resort years ago but only for dinner at the Sunset Grill. If you would like to connect while here please let me know. Gary
  3. I did it. Ordered my Oliver which is scheduled for production in early February. My dream had always been pulling an Airstream until reading about the Oliver alternative. Without ever physically seeing the trailer I made a deposit. A few weeks later I was able to see the factory tour and was not disappointed. Looking forward to the adventures she may bring. I live with my lovely wife on the beautiful island of Hilton Head. We share our house with an unfriendly cat whose name is Pearl. I have a goal to be an average golfer, far from reaching. Hoping to visit golf courses around the nation in my travels. First time travel trailer owner and finding excellent guidance in this forum. I’m looking forward to our shared experiences and hope to meet some of you along the way.
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