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  1. I have the 320 watt solar with Zamp controller and at home park the unit outside in reliable sun. So what to do? Plug it in to 110 power for a Colorado winter, or allow the unaided sun to do its daily work? I have the AGM 6 volt batteries. Last year I winterized and plugged it in. As far as I can tell, no damage done. But, the sun brings the voltage up to 13 plus volts each day. Any wisdom out there? (Or does it fundamentally matter?) Solar and batteries remain a marvelous mystery to me. Thanks in advance. Stan from Boulder, CO. Hull #204
  2. Thanks David S. I'm a newbie. Just bought Hull #204 from Malcolm and Ursala. I do feel fortunate. They live in Longmont CO. I live in Boulder a half hour away. Malcolm has graciously agreed to be my OTT mentor. And . .. I have a Audi Q7, 2017. We went down the road towing it a couple of miles and all went well. As sone as spring is clear we will begin our Oliver travels. Just registered for the May rally in Alabama. May see you and other Q7 drivers there. All the best. Stan Grotegut
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