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  1. I would like to suggest an alternative to the 24 gallon ActionPacker, the 27 gallon Greenmade Tote. It is available at Costco for $8.50, much less than the ActionPacker 24. It is also available at other stores for $9-$14. It is lockable, although a determined thief could easily overcome the lock. I have driven through rainstorms with it, and in my hands it is waterproof. It fits perfectly in the Ollie storage basket. I carry my empty grey water waste tote on top of it.
  2. Since several people are commenting on how long their batteries last, I will add another data point. Our AGMs are doing just fine, thank you very much. (Knock on wood, bangs fist against head.) We picked up our Ollie in Sept 2016, which was four and a half years ago. We store our trailer under cover, where the solar will not charge them, so I disconnect the batteries when I put the trailer in storage. I wonder whether disconnecting them contributes to their apparent longevity.
  3. We ordered our Ollie in 2016, and at that time I was also researching tow vehicles. We decided on the Audi Q7 SUV, and it has been a wonderful tow vehicle. At that time there were a bunch of videos online about the Trailer Assist features for the Audi and VW . However, when we got the car, the Trailer Assist was not there. It turns out that the US Dept of Transportation would not allow it. But now they do allow it, much to @Moonlight Mile's delight. You should watch this video from VW on their Trailer Assist. It is very funny. And watch this one if you want to see how they did it.
  4. I think it does apply. The Electronics Pro Package listed on the Oliver website includes both a 4G Cell Phone Booster and a WiFi Booster. My 2016 trailer (Elite II) has two on/off switches; I think they are labeled "Cellular Booster" and "WiFi Booster." My trailer has the WiFi Ranger Sky Pack model for the WiFi Booster, and I learned about the wired connection from their instruction manual. I expect the technology has improved since I got my trailer, and Oliver may currently be using different models.
  5. We find the Cellular Booster works well, with a boost of 1-2 signal bars if used properly. This signal increase is great when camped in areas of poor cellular signal. However, there are details that matter. The interior antenna for the Cellular Booster is mounted under the cabinet above the dinette, and a cell phone must be within 18-36 inches of that antenna. Thus, the Cellular Booster only works at the dinette. There is an additional important step to get the Cellular Booster to work properly. After you turn on the Cellular Booster you should briefly put the phone in airplane mode,
  6. We had a similar situation two years ago. We were traveling to Jalama Beach County Park campground (Nice Park!) in California for a family reunion. After that we planned to stay with friends who live in downtown San Luis Obispo. Although SLO is a small city, there are parking meters in front of their townhouse, making it impossible to park there with our trailer. We also wanted to disconnect the trailer so that we could take a day trip to Cambria, CA where my father-in-law grew up to visit some cousins there. I looked online and found one RV and Boat Storage place; however, they did not
  7. I have bookmarked this link, https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/discover/, which I use to get to the All Activity page.
  8. Steve, Your plan to add another regulator is feasible, but it seems clumsy to me. I have three propane items that each came with their own regulators: A Camp Chef stove, a Weber Q1000 grill, and an Outback Firebowl firepit. For each I was able to replace the connecting hose with a regulator with a hose with a propane quick connect. For the stove I used an 8 foot hose (currently $61; I paid $26), and for the firepit I used a 4 foot hose. Converting the Weber grill was more complicated, and covered in this post. The quick connects are really convenient, and it might be worthwhi
  9. Home Depot says they have them. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Camco-10-ft-L-Propane-Quick-Connect-Hose-57282/206813633
  10. @mossemi posted about using the Lippert Jack-It bike rack in this thread.
  11. We like to cook outside, and we wanted a small table as prep space for cooking. We bought this Lifetime table at Costco for about $25. Amazon has it for $47, and Lifetime has it for $50. The table is 30 in. x 20 in., and weighs 10 lbs. It is adjustable in height, at 21 in., 24 in., 26 in., or 28 in. It also fits between the twin beds in our unit. We found this out when camping with family and a major rainstorm hit during dinner time. We sat two at the dinette and two on the beds, using this table for eating. We had an ALPS Mountaineering Dining Table left from our tent campin
  12. I love the LP quick connect!!. We use it for our Camp Chef stove, our Weber BBQ, and for our Outland firebowl. We have a couple of 10-foot extension hoses, so we can easily place these devices at a desired location within the campsite. We have two 30-lb LP tanks, so we have never run out on a trip. We also have a Honda EU2000i generator modified for propane, so that we do not need to carry gasoline. It also runs of the LP quick connects. Decide on the quick connect option based on your anticipated camping needs.
  13. HERE and HERE are threads with various options for relocating the surge suppressor display. I followed @mountainoliver's suggestion HERE to move it under the dinette where it is visible from the door during campsite setup. As @topgun2 noted, in my trailer the surge suppressor display was under the streetside bed. You can snake the cable out through the electrical box, and no drilling is needed if you use command strips to attach the display to the trailer wall.
  14. I agree wholeheartedly! My wife is quite sensitive to the temperature, and I wanted to try a fan to make her more comfortable. We sleep with our heads at the rear, and I thought @John E Davies's fan was too large for our needs. I found the Caframo Ultimate 747 12V 2-Speed 7" Fan w/Lighter Plug for $46. It has two mounting options. One mount is a suction cup. The other is a permanent mount that can be screwed into the underside of the overhead cabinet. The mount is about 3 inches tall, and the fan is easily removed from and reattached to the mount. My initial plan was to u
  15. I have used the Camco 20135 Brass Quick Hose Connect, that look like the ones in @FrankC's pictures. I really like the quick connects for the convenience. However, I have found they start to leak after a while and need to be replaced periodically. Reading about the Eley fittings that @John E Davies mentions, they are made from brass, while the Camco is a mixture of brass and plastic. I searched on Amazon for brass quick connects, and found this brass HQMPC Garden Hose Quick Connect set of three on a Black Friday special price. The reviews are excellent, and they pass the fakespot test.
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