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  1. I had the same problem with my European Audi, and I found an adaptor that solved the problem. You may have sent the thread listed below. It appears that the same adaptors solved the problems for Ford F-150, so probably would for a Chevy.
  2. You should contact @wyofilm who had a trailer delivered to Wyoming earlier this year.
  3. There have been discussions here on the forum about a Western US Oliver Rally, as well as communications via private message or email, but nothing has ever come to fruition. Thanks to Lexi for spearheading this effort! We would love to attend a Western US Rally! I think any of these locations would be good. One of the advantages of Lake Guntersville State Park venue is the availability of rental housing for prospective buyers or people waiting for their build. I did not think the SLC KOA had such rentals, but I checked their web site and they do. The websites for Jellystone Park in Lark
  4. @bhncb installed a 28 inch 12 volt television, as detailed in this thread:
  5. I had this same problem, and I was able to fix it as follows: Tap the "aA" icon to the left of the website address to reveal the Website View menu. Tap on Website Settings. Turn OFF the Use Content Blockers switch, which will only affect the current domain (olivertraveltrailers.com). Tap Done.
  6. Here are the floor plans from the 2016 Elite Brochure.
  7. Thanks to @Overland for showing us how to make polls! We will see how this works, and how many responses! Also, Why did you decide to sleep in the specific orientation you use?
  8. We spent time looking a various fiberglass trailers, and finally decided on an Oliver. We spent a long time deciding between the twin bed and the king bed configurations. Initially, we were planning on the king bed, primarily because the twin beds were only 30 inches wide, while a standard single bed is 39 inches wide. We later realized that a queen bed, which we sleep on at home, is 60 inches wide. Thus the 30 inch twin bed is exactly one half the width of the queen. So we ordered the twins, and we are very happy we did. We did get the mattress upgrades, and we both sleep better in Ollie
  9. When we were ordering our Ollie in 2016, there was a blog post and a forum thread on macerators on the Oliver Forum. Then, lo and behold, while our trailer was being built, Oliver offered the Thetford Sani-Con as an option. I read more about macerators on the web, and people really liked them. We decided to include it on our Ollie order. I am really happy we got it! It works really well. No problems with getting the slope of the sewer hose just right, without any low spots. And, of course, it is a pump so it drains much more quickly than via gravity. I really like it. I don't know
  10. I bought one of these 30 Amp extension cords before our Ollie pickup, based upon older threads (here and here) with lists of what is needed for pickup. I never needed the extension cord either, until this this state park campground, where the power pedestal and water spigot were on the wrong side, well behind the asphalt pad. The power cord would not reach, even when passing the cord under the trailer between the tires. I was pleased that I did have this extension cord in the box of "rarely needed" items in the tow vehicle. It cost $33 when I bought it, $48 now. Good ins
  11. Thanks, Overland. I emailed Jason to inquire as to brand and model. I then did a google image search for battery disconnect switch, and based on the photo I am pretty certain it is the side post version of the Ampper Side Post Battery Disconnect Switch, Battery Master Switch Isolator for Power Disconnect Cut Off. It says "battery negative post 3/8" hole only, DC 12 V system, rated current: 125 A."
  12. Meeting Ollie owners is the best part of an Oliver rally, and I can understand why people going to Lake Guntersville still want to connect with each other. I want to remind people that the pandemic is serious and It is best to exercise appropriate cautions. It would be good to wear masks when talking to people, especially when visiting inside a trailer. Reasonable actions concerning shared food activities can improve safety. Disinfect surfaces. No finger foods or shared appetizer bowls. Serving utensils can transmit virus via hands, so each family group should bring their own serving uten
  13. Would a disconnect switch rated at 300 amps solve the problem?
  14. John D and Mossey inquired about how my battery disconnect is attached. I am not sure I understand the questions, but I will try to answer. I have four AGM batteries, and this is the battery tray from above. The disconnect is attached at the bottom right, on a negative terminal, and the positive connects to a battery at the top left. Here is a view of the positive terminal connections. One large red wire (the 4/0 wire?) and two smaller diameter red wires. There are two black wires connected to the battery disconnect, one large and one small. Is th
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