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  1. I had a similar pex problem on a camping trip, reviewed in this post. After that experience, my suggestion to others who want to be prepared was to buy a crimping tool with clamps ($29.68) and some brass elbows ($8.99) from Amazon.
  2. Mossey, you have a good memory for the geography. Wasatch Mountain State Park is about 10 miles due south of Park City. If you head southwest on US-189, you travel down the Provo River Canyon, and if you take the UT-192 "Alpine Loop Road" you go past Sundance Ski Resort, founded by Robert Redford, and then Timpanogos Caves National Monument. One of the nicest destinations close to Wasatch Mountain State Park is Soldier Hollow, which was the venue for Biathlon at the 2002 Winter Olympics. It is a good place for cross country skiing in winter, imagining yourself as an Olympic athlete. It is also the venue for the Soldier Hollow Classic, an International Sheepdog Trial, every year on Labor Day weekend. Cancelled this year, unfortunately, due to covid-19. If you have never seen a Sheepdog Trial, I highly recommend it. Really fascinating.
  3. Since you brought it up, we are camped at Wasatch Mountain State Park, and this is their golf course.
  4. Gil and Elaine, Welcome. I am certain you will camping in your Ollie in Utah! And I liked your choice of letter case for your last name!
  5. We usually cook and eat outside, and we often have the need for paper towels outside. Our simple solution is to hang the paper towels outside using a cord and two suction cups. With a longer cord, we have also placed one suction cup on the tow vehicle and one on the trailer to create a clothesline.
  6. I had to pay a similar amount of sales tax in Utah when I registered my Ollie at the DMV. I just looked at the State Lines app, which gives info on each state for liquor laws, overnights in rest areas, fuel taxes, sales taxes, highway laws, and more. The Georgia sales tax averages about 7.29%, but the Tennessee sales tax averages about 9.46%, so be glad you did not have to pay Tennessee sales tax!
  7. I don't know if it is a kitty litter tray, although we do have cats. I can measure the tray if you want the dimensions.
  8. Hmm. If you want to make it a separate storage compartment I think you would need to put it a vertical wall to separate it from the rest of the basement. I do not see the need, though. In my trailer, as I look into the access door from inside the trailer, on the right is a milk crate in the basement, and to the left of the crate is the area where I store our shoes. I found a rectangular tray with about 2.5 inch high walls which fits the area perfectly, and I put our shoes in there. The only advantage of the tray is that on the rare occasions when the milk crate is removed, the shoes do not spill into the area designated for the milk crate. The tray is not essential.
  9. Yes, this gives access to the part of the basement that is furthest from the basement door. The stuff I had stored there was in a milk crate, and it was so far back that I made a retrieval device - a hook on a long dowel rod.
  10. We have found there are really good phone apps for road conditions. See this earlier post.
  11. I installed an Access Door to the basement in my Ollie; it was not an option when we ordered it. I got the door from Jason at Oliver for $99.50 + tax. They charge $175 for one installed, on the build sheets. I covered the areas to be cut with blue tape, and measured carefully where I wanted to cut. I cut holes in the four corners with a hole saw, and then cut the straight areas with a jig saw with a fine metal cutting blade. This website helped. After cutting, installing the door was easy. We really like the door. The backend of the basement had rarely used items (i.e. extra hoses, 50A to 30A adaptors) that we now store in the tow vehicle. With the access door, we now store our extra shoes at the back of the basement. We are happy with it.
  12. Susan, you may want to consider the Jack-IT Let'sGoAero bike rack that @mossemi posted about in this thread.
  13. I was looking for trailers in late 2015/early 2016 and I discovered Wincrasher’s 75 min video about his Oliver; That video was a big factor in my decision to get an Ollie! I also discovered his blog, where he complained about the electrical outlet above the kitchen. I did not want the cords hanging down, and somewhere in my research I discovered Carlon pop-up receptacles, and similar from Amazon. I asked Oliver if they could put this into the kitchen, and said no because they thought it would interfere with the galley drawers. This was when Oliver was willing to do customization, which is a good business model; the three extra electrical outlets we had them put in as options cost us $110 each. I still think these type of retractable outlets would be excellent in the kitchen; there are GFCI versions. Here is a photo of our toaster, plugged into the outlet we ordered below the curbside bed.
  14. The outlet in the overhead cabinet is for the microwave. In the interests of a comprehensive list, there is another electric outlet behind the galley drawers, for the fridge's AC connection. Pictures on this thread. When we ordered our Ollie we had to pay extra to get additional outlets below the curbside bed and on the nightstand. But now they are standard.
  15. Thanks for sharing the Flickr links. Fabulous photos! I was able to find the NABA and BAMONA web sites, and they look useful. Unfortunately the Solar Darkroom Santa Monica is closed to non-FB users, and I am not willing to use Facebook.
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