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  1. I love the LP quick connect!!. We use it for our Camp Chef stove, our Weber BBQ, and for our Outland firebowl. We have a couple of 10-foot extension hoses, so we can easily place these devices at a desired location within the campsite. We have two 30-lb LP tanks, so we have never run out on a trip. We also have a Honda EU2000i generator modified for propane, so that we do not need to carry gasoline. It also runs of the LP quick connects. Decide on the quick connect option based on your anticipated camping needs.
  2. HERE and HERE are threads with various options for relocating the surge suppressor display. I followed @mountainoliver's suggestion HERE to move it under the dinette where it is visible from the door during campsite setup. As @topgun2 noted, in my trailer the surge suppressor display was under the streetside bed. You can snake the cable out through the electrical box, and no drilling is needed if you use command strips to attach the display to the trailer wall.
  3. I agree wholeheartedly! My wife is quite sensitive to the temperature, and I wanted to try a fan to make her more comfortable. We sleep with our heads at the rear, and I thought @John E Davies's fan was too large for our needs. I found the Caframo Ultimate 747 12V 2-Speed 7" Fan w/Lighter Plug for $46. It has two mounting options. One mount is a suction cup. The other is a permanent mount that can be screwed into the underside of the overhead cabinet. The mount is about 3 inches tall, and the fan is easily removed from and reattached to the mount. My initial plan was to u
  4. I have used the Camco 20135 Brass Quick Hose Connect, that look like the ones in @FrankC's pictures. I really like the quick connects for the convenience. However, I have found they start to leak after a while and need to be replaced periodically. Reading about the Eley fittings that @John E Davies mentions, they are made from brass, while the Camco is a mixture of brass and plastic. I searched on Amazon for brass quick connects, and found this brass HQMPC Garden Hose Quick Connect set of three on a Black Friday special price. The reviews are excellent, and they pass the fakespot test.
  5. That was private land in Castle Valley. Our friends are going to build a house on the land. There are some nice BLM sites further up the road beyond Castle Valley, on what is called the La Sal Mountain Loop Road. It is probably 30-40 minutes to Arches.
  6. According to this post from @Cobra1169, the Viking tanks should fit. Also, another post.
  7. This is Valley of the Gods in southern Utah, dispersed camping on BLM land.
  8. This is Goose Island Campground, just east of Moab. We got a lovely campsite right on the Colorado River. This is a BLM campground, so only a picnic table and pit toilets; this qualifies as boondocking in my book.
  9. Last month we camped with some friends in Castle Valley, UT, which is east of Moab, in our two travel trailers. This was socially distant camping – eating outside at separate tables and wearing masks when needed. We decided to have the two trailers antiparallel, so that the doors would face each other, and the awnings, rugs, and tables would be in between the two campers. The fall colors were really nice!
  10. That is good information to know. Thanks for posting that! I have a Genconnex propane conversion kit on my Honda EU2000, and they offer a free carburetor adaptor for use at elevations above 5000 feet.
  11. My notes say it is 17 x 17 x 5.5 inches. These notes are from when I was searching for drawer dividers.
  12. I think this is a great idea. I will tell prospective buyers about this idea, and suggest they ask the Oliver sales rep about it.
  13. I posted about the 15 11/16 wide x 21 5/8 long x 10 11/16 high storage box in the earlier thread you noted. The 19.70 x 15.75 x 11.75 storage box you linked to should fit fine. I think the 23.4 x 15.6 x 13.0 Inches storage box would be problematic, as I think the 23.4 inch dimension is too long to fit. I think the dimension is 22 inches until you reach the edge of the twin bed. You probably could rotate it as you put through the door, but then the 15.6 inch dimension would be wasting storage space (22-15.6 inches).
  14. @DCdude sent me a PM asking me about apps that allow one to record travel destinations quickly and easily. The post that @topgun2 remembered is here, where I briefly posted about my notetaking strategy. As an academic, I have been taking notes for many years. I want my notes in an outline form where one can focus on the task at hand, with extraneous information still present in the document but hidden. I have used these outlines to plan and then write papers and grants, plan experiments, plan vacations, and also to both shop for my trailer. I currently use my Oliver outline to plan trips
  15. When you put it that way, I have to promote Salt Lake City, population 200,000. Before I retired recently, I did a lot of work to recruit people to the University of Utah. My major pitch was about the collaborative scientific community, but my pitch was also was about the lifestyle in SLC as a small city. Low traffic, walkable, bikeable, 45 mins to ski areas in winter or great hiking in summer. Climate with all four seasons, but not too hot or cold in summer or winter, with very low humidity that tempers the climate extremes. It is the largest city in the state, so it has a vibrant restaurant
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