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  1. Hi everyone This year our fiberglass gathering will be at the beautiful Lake Casitas, in Ventura county, October 20-24th 2022. We'll be camping in the BASS section.. Every year the BASS loop with partial hookups fills up right away so please make your reservation asap. The parks online reservation system is getting an over hall so calling is best for the dates you want. Lake Casitas RESERVATIONS: 805.649.1122 or reservations.casitaswater.org When you complete your camping reservation PLEASE email the following info to me. SITE# NAMES, FIRST AND LAST OF EACH PERSON IN YOUR PARTY EMAIL CITY, STATE RV, YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, LENGTH PHONES DATE IN DATE OUT MISC, PETS, ETC. This information is not shared by anyone and is used only for keeping track of who's in our group, notify you of updates and next year's gathering date. If at any time you want to be taken off our list please let me know. We're looking forward to another great fiberglass gathering. Maybe more so this year considering what we all have gone through since 2020. As many of you know, many have a compromised immune system. All I ask of each person joining our group is mutual respect during our gathering! I won't be a cop and take your temperature, ask how you are feeling, if you've been vaccinated or ask you to wear a mask. Only you know how you are feeling and what actions need to be taken to be safe and consider the safety of others. If you have any symptoms of not feeling well please pass on this gathering for the safety of all and we'll see you at our next campout. You may be missed now but loved later if you don't get anyone sick. Events that we usually plan for will go as scheduled, if folks set them up. All you have to do is email me with what you have in mind and a date and time slot you want. If you know of someone with a fiberglass rig that you think would like to join us, please pass this email to them. The more the merrier! Stay healthy. Take good care! Let's go camping! Paula cpaula2go2@gmail.com
  2. Hi John I have several of the last pictured racks. I keep them filled in transit and they've never come down. Lowes and Homes Goods is where I found them. Amazon too. The trick is to wet the suction cup 1st before applying. Also applying on the flat part of the wall and not a curve. I have the Elite so she has quite a few curves.
  3. Reservations can be made 3 months in advance. When it's time to reserve a spot don't wait! They go fast, like within 2 days. We will be in the BASS section. I will post more mid July.
  4. We're getting close to the date that we can reserve our camp spot at the beautiful Lake Casitas in Ventura County. As soon as we can make a reservation I will post for you. Dates for our gathering this year will be October 20-24, give or take a few days. Save those dates and hope to see you there! Paula
  5. The most updated word is 90 days before our rally, we can make camping reservations at Lake Casitas! Yay for 2021!!! It's going to happen folks! This puts us at the end of July to call or go online for those much wanted camping spots at the lake. More information to follow as it comes in! Paula
  6. YAY!!! Lake Casitas reservations can now be made. Our group mingles in BASS. PLEASE note this year our activities will be very different because of Covid. The park is adhering to strict CDC rules and we cannot have more than 10 people at a time in a group and have to stay 6' apart, with masks....you've probably heard this many times by now and we as adults will follow this in the park, or take the risk of being kicked out! I'll have another message posted about our activities, and few they will be this year. Please be aware you enter and join us at your own risk, not mine. YOU are solely responsible for yourself and those your bring, not me. Bass is fully reserved, Egret is the next closest and a few folks are in FOX. Camp where you like and join us when you can.....yes this is going to be a different year because we can't all squeeze into BASS. PLEASE once you get your reservation send me the following: This can be done by PM me or if you have my email....... SITE # NAMES ( FIRST AND LAST OF EACH PERSON IN YOUR PARTY) EMAIL CITY, STATE RV (YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, LENGTH) PHONE(S) DATE IN DATE OUT MISC (PETS, etc) We look forward to camping with you! Paula Frank Lake Casitas recreation: 805.649.1122 or reservations.casitaswater.org
  7. Lake Casitas is not taking any reservations right now, as of April 20th. So hold out trying to get online or call to make your reservation for our rally in October. As soon as they open this up, so we can make reservations, I'll repost an update. Paula
  8. 2020-19th Annual Fiberglass Rally @ Lake Casitas, CA., Oct 22-26 This year our annual rally will be at the same location, Lake Casitas, as long as the park is open. Every year BASS loop, where we will be, fills up so please make your reservations ASAP. Lake Casitas recreation: 805.649.1122 or reservations.casitaswater.org After you've completed your camping reservation please PM the following information to me. SITE # NAMES IN YOUR PARTY EMAIL CITY, STATE RV, YEAR, MAKE, MODEL, LENGTH PHONES DATE IN DATE OUT MISC (PETS, ETC) This information is NOT shared. It is used to keep track of who is coming to this rally and notifying you of updates and future Lake Casitas rallies. Looking forward to another great rally, with great folks, and great activities! More info on this to follow. Stay well and see you in 6 months! Paula
  9. Mark your calendars for the 19th Annual Fiberglass Rally Lake Casitas, CA. October 22-26, 2020 Postings and more info as we get closer to the date. Paula fiberglassrv.com casitaforum.com casitaclub.com olivertraveltrailers.com/forums
  10. Hey trainman There are RV parks all around and in Quartzsite with full hookups. You could be very comfortable with the hookups and then drive over to the Rally at Dome Rock and join us for all the activities. Just google RV parks in Quartzsite. Quartzsite is a kick at this time of the year. I like to refer to it as the Senior Citizens Disneyland. It has a bunch of things to do if you like eclectic. Rocks, stones, shopping, sightseeing, sunrises and sunsets, the river, and booths with all kinds of gadgets for the rv'r.
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