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  1. Sounds like a pre 2019 model, the 2019 and 2020 models have payloads around 1500-1600. I just put a deposit on a 2020 Ram Rebel Ecodiesel 4x4 Quad Cab, I'm expecting around 1600 lb payload. It should be in early March.
  2. Yeah, that 3" pipe is pretty big but the fan pushes a lot more air than the Nature Head does. I found this answer from them for not using some kind of composting agent e.g. coconut coir, peat moss, saw dust etc. which sounds reasonable. "The Separett system holds the solid waste, separated from the liquid waste, within a compostable liner bag in the holding area. The fan is drawing air over the material serving to vent any odor and aid in drying the material. No other material is added as that would impede drying. No composting toilet on the market brings the material to a safe state within the toilet, as it take a min of 6 months for human pathogens to become benign aerobically. Therefore our feeling is why add additional material in the toilet and make it a mess to empty - when the material needs additional composting upon removal. So - upon removal from the Villa in the compostable bag, the waste goes to a compost area, approved disposal area (as in an RV park) or in an incinerator for disposal. With composting, the bag goes into the compost area in the tied off bag, the bag will compost down exposing the contents for composting with other kitchen and yard materials. Our system allows options and less volume for the method of disposal over other systems. More info on our company site at SeparettStore dot com. see less By Separett-USA SELLER on January 7, 2019"
  3. This seems to be a fairly new to the USA composting(?) toilet but common to Europe. Looks like it was released in the USA fall 2018. I'm hesitant to say it's composting since all it does is dry out the solids but are RV composting toilets truly composting or just hiding the smell. There's no composting material, no stirring mechanism. But it looks easy to clean and it looks like it would be easy to plumb into the black tank. The few reviews that I've seen are favorable. I'm still researching options for a new trailer. https://separett-usa.myshopify.com/products/villa-9210-dc
  4. This looks like a good match for the Elite. The timeline for the diesel release looks pretty good for me.
  5. Thanks John, I plan on spending most of my time boondocking and off pavement and I think the smaller Elite would be better for that. Depending on which trailer I get will determine the tow vehicle. I would get a 3/4 ton for the Elite II or a 1/2 ton for the Elite both 4 wheel capable. I'm leaning for the II right now but they keep going back and forth. I do like the idea of using the 2nd bed area on the II for extra storage. I didn't think of that. I just thought of it as a sofa area.
  6. Hi All, I'll be retiring soon and will be looking to full time in a trailer. I've been doing my home work and now looking at an Oliver trailer. I'll be traveling by myself. I'm trying to decide between the Elite and Elite II. My question is on the Elite instead of having the full size bed would it be possible to get one half size then add a nightstand (like in the Elite II twin bed option) next to it? I really don't need that wide of a bed to sleep on and would like to have the convenience of the stand and extra storage. I do like the smaller size of the Elite vs the II.
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