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  1. They make custom sheets for Olivers and Airstreams and others. I thought we found the info on their website. It’s been a few years. Mike
  2. ABLifestyles has a website. They make all sizes, you could check there. We like our sheets and mattress pads that we got from them.
  3. Just the box and suspension. Everything else in Los Angeles.
  4. Like Sherry said, you can find some YouTube videos that John is in along with Shane from RVs of America in Salt Lake City. If you’re interested in Black Series, Shane is the guy to talk to. Also, there was a thread on BS in the Overland forum last year that John was contributing to. He’s got a HQ19 that he’s done a lot with, especially making it more of a 4 season camper. Here we are at Quartzsite a couple years ago.
  5. Welcome Ajojo. I’m retired Army too... Hope this forum will be helpful to you as you go through the order process. I’d call the sales office and set up a factory tour, you can’t be too far! Mike
  6. It sounds like you are just starting your research on an Oliver purchase, price seems to be your major concern and discussion point. You might also go over to AirForums and ask the same questions there that you are asking here to get a perspective on Airstreams since that is the standard you are using. There are less expensive fiberglass options if that would be more palatable. There are also some other manufacturers that are making some nice trailers that would be less expensive than a fully loaded Oliver. Check out Nucamp and InTerra. I just replaced my four old AGM batteri
  7. I would think that most folks looking at an Oliver decide on options very carefully, depending on budget and camping style. I’m sure a few Oliver owners that are more financially set don’t worry about options and just order the full slate. When we discussed buying an Oliver we started with the base price, not the fully loaded price. We had financial constraints so starting low and adding those options we needed made the most sense. Starting at the upper limit would have been discouraging.
  8. Not sure what your timeline is, but a trip to Hohenwald and the factory might be beneficial. It might take some of the stress out of your situation. Seeing how they are made and getting inside of one might allay some of your anxiety. Mike
  9. We looked at the Tab 400 when they came out. The main issue we had was the bath and the fold down sink. Would be interested in how it worked out for you... We liked the dinette and kitchen and the big bed with skylight!
  10. Axis are bigger and stay out of neighborhoods. The white tail are more like roaming pets. Big deer can be found down around Big Bend and up around Guadeloupe Mountains.
  11. I’ve got a dozen white tail deer sleeping in my front yard right now.... ...and they are cute.
  12. We often say the bathroom is the cleanest area of the trailer. We don’t use a curtain and do use soap and shampoo. No issue with creepy residue, we squeegee and wipe with a microfiber. We do rinse remaining suds down the drain. One or two minutes max, not absurd at all.
  13. The Elite II is 23.5’ bumper to hitch. The living space is about 18’ long (someone correct me if I’m wrong) and 7’ wide. The 23’ Airstream is a foot wider and I believe the cabin space is longer.
  14. Welcome to the forum. Lots of information here for you to use... Mike
  15. We started our RV journey thinking we’d be owning an Airstream, particularly a 23FB. Looked at a number of them at dealers here in Texas and at RV shows. I spent a lot of time on AirForums (still do). While we liked the feel of the Airstream, the room inside of the Airstream and the look of the Airstream, there were too many quality complaints from owners. Owners defending Airstream quality were basically saying to buy it and spend a year or so fixing things and then you’re good to go. Someone on AirForums mentioned Oliver and that started the end of my Airstream plans. After a tour
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