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  1. I don’t think I have any rust, but will check tomorrow! Thanks for letting us know, something to check and know about. Mike
  2. We traveled to Hohenwald in early October (2015) and placed our order for a spring 2016 pickup - our first RV. We had a lot to learn and buy before our pick up which made the time go by fast! So, congratulations on your order and I hope the months fly by. Mike
  3. We carry the pex things David listed above. I’ve zip tied a lot of our plumbing to reduce bounce around. Fuses, normal and slow blow for the jacks... a variety of zip ties, white duct tape, faucet gaskets, a variety of batteries, extra corkscrew,....probably some other stuff too. Mike
  4. I’m sure some of our full timers will chime in. We go out for 4 to 8 weeks at a time and that’s about long enough for us. Small space living is an individual preference and there are Oliver owners that are successfully full timing.
  5. Gil and Elaine, welcome! Glad you’re attending the rally, the Lodge is nice. Looking forward to meeting you. Mike
  6. David, good idea, why didn’t I think of that? I usually have a roll sitting on my grilling table, your way make more sense. Mike
  7. Mike and Elizabeth, good luck and stay in touch! Mike and Carol
  8. I don’t know. It’s the standard Dometic with one big burner and one little burner. Has Oliver changed cooktops?
  9. A lot of questions have been answered before. Patriot posted the magnet information above as you requested and said he used 3M double sided tape. In the other thread on this subject I explained that I used 3M Command Tape. Most of us don’t mind repeating answers to questions so don’t feel like you are making things difficult, we certainly don’t. If you do, then you can just review already posted threads before asking. Otherwise, we’re okay with lots of questions. Mike
  10. I don’t think heat from the burners is an issue. We’ve done a bunch of cooking inside and it has never been a concern.
  11. 3M Command Tape will be your friend in an Oliver. We use it to hang paper towel holder, iPhone shelf, door magnets, pictures, hooks, etc.
  12. It’s not ideal, but doable. I towed through the Ozarks in MO and AR. You will feel the small gas tank and will need to gas up often. It’s more comfortable in a half ton and a breeze in a 3/4 ton. You aren’t kidding yourself. Mike
  13. There are several threads about holding the bathroom door open. Here’s one: We got magnetic door holders off Amazon for a few bucks, stuck one to the door and one inside under the dinette seat. Works like a charm. I had it outside at first but that proved to be to strong, once inside it was just right (thanks to Spike in Sierra Vista!).
  14. You’ll be fine. We picked up our Elite II with a 2012 Tacoma. Towed for about 6K miles with no issues. It had over 100K miles so I traded up to a half ton for more cargo capacity and a bigger gas tank. Mike
  15. We are quite a ways from Hohenwald, too. We found a reliable local family run RV repair shop that is able to do about anything we need. Just got it back from bearings and brakes servicing before our fall and winter trips. If you need to have warranty work done your local facility can do it and Oliver will reimburse. It’s been very easy for us. Mike
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