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  1. I’m glad you’ll get to see a nearby Ollie. A factory tour really gives good insight as to why it’s such a good trailer. Anita will steer you right, they are all good folks. Good luck! Mike
  2. It’s very nice. Right across the highway from a new, upscale shopping center but you wouldn’t know it. It’s quiet with nice hiking trails. This was our site: Our site here at Lost Dutchman State Park near Phoenix. Also nice.
  3. Welcome and congratulations on your upcoming Ollie! You’ll get fast answers here, lots of experience ready to be shared so ask away. Hope to see you on the road! Mike
  4. Welcome! Congrats on your “new” trailer and ask as many questions as you need. Mike
  5. A couple of recommendations around Phoenix: Lost Dutchman State Park on the north east side and White Tank Mountain County Park on the north west side. We’ve been here at Catalina State Park since last week and are heading to Lost Dutchman this afternoon. We stayed at White Tank Mountain last year. Mike
  6. I have a hat hanging on the wall to cover my holes.
  7. Interesting story! A good repair shop is nice to have. We go to a local guy who is very good and at least one other Oliver is serviced there. Too bad we all don’t live close to Hohenwald when it’s service time!
  8. Welcome to the group! Your delivery date will be here before you know it. Lots of time to plan, buy accessories and ask questions! Mike
  9. Not much to add to the lists above except to say welcome to the group! Mike
  10. I installed this around all my windows before our fall trip north. You can see it around the back window in this photo.
  11. I’m happy I did. It was just collecting dirt, leaves, pine needles, etc. Much easier to keep clean. Mike
  12. Yep! Just head for Dome Rock and look for Olivers. There is plenty of open space to park.
  13. We’re leaving Monday to head west ending up at Quartzsite for the RV Show and maybe the rally after. Dome Rock is calling. It could almost be a western Oliver Rally. Who else is going? Mike
  14. Yes, happy new year! Best wishes for great travels and camping in 2020!! Mike
  15. Drove over to the trailer today to adjust my Andersen hitch to the new truck which sits over an inch taller than the 2016 Ram. With no adjustments it was 25.5” to the top of the ball. I was in the bottom two holes in the ball mount so I had to remove the ball assembly and flip the mount over to use the top two holes. That made the top of the ball sit at exactly 23.5”. When I lowered the trailer the truck went down about 1.5” without the Andersen. With the WDH it was just above 22.5” at the top of the ball. When I used a level on the trailer, it was right at level. That is with an empty truck. Once I load the bed with camping stuff I should be very slightly nose down. We’ll load up this weekend for a Monday departure to points west for Jan/Feb and should get a better idea if any adjustments are needed.
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