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  1. Congrats on your order! You’ll have something to think about and plan for as you go through the Wyoming winter. Welcome to the Oliver family! Mike
  2. We did too. Great products and easy to work with.
  3. We’ve never had a leak from our windows. Before removing windows try cleaning the tracks to see if that solves any leak issue. Mike
  4. I like the tension in this thread. Good thoughts on both sides. I also like what Tesla is doing. I have a Tesla dealer in the neighborhood and see lots of them on the road. A Tesla truck is appealing. Electric vehicles have impressive performance. I am a long time Audi owner and now have an Audi S3, so I also follow what Audi is doing with their e-tron, looks impressive. But, for towing my Oliver I need fueling flexibility. Some of the places we’ve camped were literally in the middle of nowhere and I was thankful for a small rural gas pump. I don’t want to have to change my travel plans to find a charging station. I will buy an new truck after the new year and it will be traditional. Maybe when it’s time to replace it there will be enough electric vehicle infrastructure to make an electric pickup an option. Mike
  5. Or, you could turn on the air conditioner! Plenty of “white” noise there. 🤣🤣
  6. Scott and Debi, great news! I guess Bill is quite persuasive.... Happy Thanksgiving! Mike
  7. I’m waiting for the front winch and running boards.
  8. Welcome, Chuck, and congrats on your “new” trailer. Enjoy your trek across the US to California! Mike
  9. Welcome to the forum, if you have questions this is a good place to be! Good luck with your search. Mike
  10. I’m glad folks are thinking and innovating. The appearance doesn’t do much for me. The window fail makes me wonder about other design features. Impressive towing if that was a real contest with the Ford. Not very practical for what I need from a truck towing a trailer around the country. It is encouraging, though, to see someone pushing the envelope.
  11. I agree with John here. I’m not going to tow in snow. I might move off of a remote campsite in snow to a road that has been cleared. I’m fairly confident in my abilities driving in snow, but don’t trust others that are on the road. We will head out in early January for a month or two, but will stay clear of slick roads. Mike
  12. Don, I think it will be a good match for your new trailer. The quad cab gives you more bed space so plenty of room for bikes. Congrats! Mike
  13. Sounds like you’re having fun! I’m going to be driving a new truck sometime after the new year and am having some of the same indecision issues. I think the Rebel and SR5 are different model levels. The Rebel is a little more upscale with the interior, skid plates, etc. The SR5 is more mid-level? I like Toyota’s and had an SR5, but you are right that the Toyota design is old, the new Ram design is, well, new. The Tundra and Tacoma are made right here in San Antonio, but I’m still leaning Ram. Mike
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