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  1. We’re in Delaware now, beautiful weather. Last time, we were through Montana in late September/early October. Next time we’ll do the same. Will let you know! Mike
  2. I was always happy with the performance of my AGMs in cold weather. They did fine down to mid teens on many occasions. I haven’t subjected my Battle Borns to that yet, but that’s going to happen at some point. Heck, we went through Bozeman a couple of years ago and swore we’d return! Mike
  3. The Oliver in the equation is missing one of the windows. That must be a factor in the final answer. Mathematicians unite! Mike
  4. That answer has been on FG forums for a while and folks are still coming up with different answers!
  5. If any of you read Fiberglass Forums you’ve probably noticed a post by a past owner, Raspy, about an Oliver Math Problem. It’s been going on for quite a while. Anyone have an answer? Oliver Math Quiz Mike
  6. Yes, the best storage is an indoor, climate controlled garage or bay. We don’t have that so I store mine at an RV and boat storage facility nearby. I have a covered, open slot with a 110V plug. It keeps my trailer out of the intense south Texas sun but doesn’t keep it clean. Since I replaced my AGMs with lithiums I don’t use the power anymore, I just turn the batteries off. I am able to keep my trailer in the driveway for 3-5 days when leaving or coming home from a trip, or to work on it. Mike
  7. I went to elementary school in Starkville when my dad was a student at Mississippi State. Long time ago. Mike
  8. When we ordered our trailer in 2015 lithium was not available so we got the four AGMs. Earlier this year we replaced the four AGMs with two lithium’s (Battle Born). We also got the solar package when we ordered, in those days it was two panels for 320W. It kept our AGMs charged and is doing the same for our lithium’s. We see discharge down to 85% or so in the morning after being fully charged. We are camping in full shade now, so after last night and today we’re down to 70%. I suspect we‘ll be down to 60% tomorrow morning. No problem. I’m told you can take lithium’s down much further than traditional batteries. I’m not an expert, maybe one of our forum experts will weigh in. I’m not concerned with being down to 60% or lower. We’ll be driving further south tomorrow and we’ll be close to or at 100% by the time we get to our campsite. We also have the Blue Sky solar controller so I can’t really comment on the Zamp. Mike
  9. When I had the TRD Supercharger installed on my 2012 Tacoma I had about the same pros and cons. I never towed without it so I can’t comment on towing improvement. Non-towing power was fun. At the time I had a 2002 Mini Cooper S that was supercharged as well so the whine seemed pretty normal. Mike
  10. We always add a capful Calgon water softener in the black tank after each dump along with a laundry detergent pod. Hopefully it’s keeping our seals in good shape. Mike
  11. I don’t think it is odd. First, you don’t want to be walking around on top of an Oliver. The structure is strong enough but there isn’t much flat space that isn’t covered with solar panels and utilities. Second, where would you mount it? In the back you don’t have much space on either side of the spare tire and window. If you could, there’s no place to step once you got up there. Mounting on the side would look plain ugly and would not be able to provide any access to an accessible area. A lot of owners have a collapsible ladder that can be moved to where you need it without having to stand on the top. If you haven’t seen an Oliver in person I recommend you do so and you will see that a permanently mounted ladder would not be practical. Mike
  12. We do KOA’s on occasion. Usually when it’s the best choice for the location we want to visit. Last one was the KOA on South Padre Island. We just wanted a relaxing week on the shore and the KOA was a good choice. Mike
  13. If I remember it was just a threaded rod. I got a conversion kit specifically for the Weber Q either off Amazon or from Propane guys that had the few parts needed to put the quick connect on. It took about 10 minutes working slow. I’ve got some pictures somewhere - I’ll see if I can locate them. Mike
  14. We spent a day in Bar Harbor, got there early and did a lot of walking. Had a nice lunch. There were a lot of people, but finding a good parking spot early and spending the day on foot worked well. Weather was perfect! We will be back, hopefully to make it in to Canada… Mike
  15. Good to know. Fall is our favorite time to travel. We just drove through central Maine through NH and are at Grand Isle State Park on Lake Champlain in Vermont. It was a great drive through beautiful country. We’ll be back. Mike
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