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  1. At least they are extending our annual park passes for 2 months.
  2. I put up another round of EZ gutters last year after a less than satisfactory installation a couple of years ago. They are all still firmly attached, even the bathroom window. The problem with the first installation was a sudden drop in temperature after the installation (80s when installed, low 40s later that night). Last year I reinstalled exactly the way I did before except the warm/hot weather continued for several weeks. The blue tape was firmly attached to the gutter material when I did the install. Mike
  3. Agree with John. I usually do this before our big spring trip. I just pour some bleach into the fresh water hose before I fill the tank. Then I let it sit while I do other stuff then rinse until there’s no smell. I run some through the kitchen and bath while it’s bleachie. As soon as the rain and oak pollen stop here I’m going to pull ours over for a few days to wash, wax and do some other maintenance. The fresh tank is full from our February trip, I was thinking we’d be on the road.... Mike
  4. It sounds like you have a really good local dealer!
  5. I would like to keep my RV at home but our HOA frowns on that. I can bring it over for maintenance, cleaning etc but try to keep it at about 3 or 4 days. I did have a 30a RV plug installed on the side of our house. We store our trailer nearby at Boerne Boat and RV storage. We have a covered spot with electricity. They also have fully enclosed spots but they get a bit pricey. It’s a gated facility with lots of cameras and several hundred RVs and boats. Only one Oliver! Mike
  6. Couldn’t agree more. We should be gearing up to see everyone at the rally and instead we’ve shifted to park and aren’t seeing anyone!
  7. We still have ours, too. Only 4 years and 50,000 miles though! Mike
  8. Bill, if you go to their site it’s the one that pops up first (in black). When you order request white. http://www.zarcor.com/rv_products/rv-door-window-kit/ Mike
  9. Well, we don’t want to go too heavy! Here’s my thoughts/list... 28’ X 7.5’, maybe 8’. Walk around queen. 4 person dinette. Dry bath. Repositioned/quieter air conditioner. Bigger refrigerator. More and easier to access storage (improve current basement). Bigger tanks - 50 gal fresh and gray, 30 gal black. Lithium option with solar. Bigger windows. Better suspension (look at the Australians/Black Series/Kedron/etc). I’m sure I’ll think of more. Mike
  10. The name of the company is Zarcor. They were very easy to work with. You do have to call to get the white frame. http://www.zarcor.com/rv_products/rv-door-window-kit/
  11. I guess I better get a bigger truck.
  12. Yep, you’re right. I thought it was the one I have (Bill’s link above). The accordion would provide a less obstructed view. Mike
  13. They have it in white you just need to call them and ask. It does obscure some of the view when it is open. Mike
  14. My guess is that the TRX will be optimized for performance not towing. Still, a 700HP all wheel drive truck would be interesting....😎
  15. That’s what I used. If you call the company they do have it in white. I got the tinted window and we like it. I posted some pictures on the install in this thread:
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