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  1. So, it looks like there are folks who spend a career building toilets.....
  2. Agree, a label is fine - if you look at it! Damp feet can also be a great reminder. 😬
  3. Charlie sent me several guards before the last rally when I gave the class Camping for Dummies. I gave away a couple and still have one. I’ll bring it to the next rally for someone. We’ve had ours on for 4 years, after someone’s backside turned our fridge off! Send him a PM and he should answer. I think his forum name is tractor1. Mike
  4. John (Raspy) jumps on this forum if you PM him. He likes to talk about his McHitch and his Black Series! He’s also a big Oliver supporter over on the Fiberglass RV forums. Mike
  5. Is Oliver still putting the Hull Number plaques inside the door? I spoke to Larry on the phone when I was trying to get onto the old forum. He was happy to get me on and also wanted to talk and ask about me and Carol and made me feel welcomed and comfortable well before we even ordered #135. Mike.
  6. Tractor Supply sells a nice little Champion 2K that weighs 37lbs and is very quiet. $399, we got one for $349 on sale. It’s been very reliable.
  7. I liked the AGMs because they are no maintenance. 5 years and I haven’t done anything to them except looking at them a few times a year. I don’t know that they charge any faster than the T105s or that they last longer, just simpler and easier to maintain. I’m hoping I can get a few more years out of them We got the 30lb propane tanks and have not had any issues with getting them filled. They are a bit heavier and more awkward to lift back into place when full but not an issue for me. Remember you can access the basement from a hatch under the bed. If it was available, I probably
  8. Hey Gary, welcome and congrats on the new trailer. I think they are pretty accurate these days on delivery time. You’ll get lots of advice here so don’t hesitate to ask any questions! Mike
  9. Hey Dave, welcome! You’ll be fine with the Touareg, we’ve also got some Audi Q7 TV’s that work well. We ordered our trailer 5 years ago so I’m not up to date on some of the current options. A lot of the options back then are standard now. There are no options that we ordered that we regret. It was our first trailer and first camping experience, so we were sort of buying blind. Things we’re glad we have are: solar, 4 AGM batteries, cell booster, a couple of extra 110V outlets. We weren’t sure if we would be boondockers, thought we’d be FHU folks. What we found out in our quest to s
  10. Our son and his family live in Durango, so we are pretty familiar with the area. We’ve camped at Great Sand Dunes NP (and all of the other NP’s in Colorado). We travel to Durango frequently, so maybe we’ll have a chance to cross paths. Mike
  11. Welcome, Mike. If you ask you’ll get lots of input here on trailer options! Where in Colorado are you? Mike
  12. The hose fittings are all just standard fittings. Any old hose will work. Not sure what you mean by “pump hose”. The procedure I use is I take my hose, screw it into the water source and then screw the other end into the connection on the trailer. Mike
  13. Lexi, glad to have you on board working this event! My thought is that a Utah/Colorado event would be more accessible to those coming from the eastern states. A west coast event would be nice but you might limit those not west of the Rockies. We’ve got a year for planning.... Mike
  14. This is common. It’s happened more than once to us too! Mike
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