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  1. Most folks think he’s just a country boy that sings about muddy trucks but I’ve seen him really wail on his paisley Fender.
  2. Congratulations! Sometimes size does matter and I’m sure you will enjoy the extra room in your new Oliver.
  3. Glad to hear you are able to get out and do some camping! Enjoy and let us know if you find good spots to stay.
  4. Tows ok. Fuel tank and payload much too small.
  5. Congratulations! Let us know where they will be available.
  6. I’ve got a bunch of photo’s from our tours. Taking pictures during a tour is no problem. Some of those photos have come in handy for troubleshooting.
  7. I’ve been doing the same with good results.
  8. Arches, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, Bryce, Zion.
  9. We store our trailer in a covered space but otherwise open to the elements. It gets pretty hot here in the San Antonio area during summer (April - September, 90’s to low 100’s). The other 6 months aren’t as extreme, but we still have some hot days. After 5+ years we’ve had no heat damage. I would not worry about the Louisiana heat.
  10. I used an Andersen when towing my Elite II with a Tacoma and Ram 1500. When I got my Ram 2500, I removed the Andersen from my trailer. I’ve done several thousand miles now without the Andersen and have not had any issues at all. On the positive side, it is much easier to hitch up. Weight distribution is not necessary with the 2500, I only get an inch or so of drop when I hitch up. Sway has not been an issue either.
  11. I had two Tacoma’s, a 2009 and 2012. Both were excellent. The 2012 was well north of 100K miles when I traded it for a Ram 1500. It just wasn’t cut out to tow an Elite II.
  12. We saw Lyle Lovett at a George Strait concert in Las Vegas a couple years ago. He’s eccentric but good.
  13. We don’t use any chemicals. After a dump, we drop in a detergent pod (usually Arm and Hammer, but whatever is cheap) and a capful of Calgon water softener. When we get home I use Happy Campers in addition while it is stored. Google “Geo Method”, it’s worked well for us for 5+ years. Sherry is right, we can usually find the liquid Calgon at Walmart, but when we can’t Amazon will get it to us in a couple of days.
  14. I’ve been reading about some significant challenges getting through Canada over on AirForums. Hopefully that situation is resolved before your trip.
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