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  1. I have and use the travel valet (5000 lb). By the way the smaller one will not work on the Ollie because it needs to be used from the side. I store my Oliver in a warehouse and there is not enough room to back it in with my vehicle. I bought it on eBay for $100 less than a used one (with the same new product warranty). It is easy to use and I cannot imagine being able to back it in and out of the space without it. Hated to spend $750 but allows me to handle camper easily by myself.
  2. Just finished my maiden voyage of 24 days and 2000 miles in my Elite. Had several issues but had a great time! Saw lots of Utah and fished Utah, New Mexico and of course the Colorado. Boondocked at Canyonlands and Escalante. Still afraid of the water system so using water from five gallon container. Having issues determining how much water is in the tank. When I initially added water from my home it gushed out from underneath the camper. I don't know if I haven't closed a valve properly or what. Am configured properly for water though. Weathered a blizzard in Bryce with 60 mph winds and whiteout, and even drove across the pass towards Cedar City Utah with no issues. Easier to pull and maneuver than I thought. Oh and I caught a 24" Rainbow on the San Juan. Life is good!
  3. Had the same problem. That is why I am sideways in my picture. Tried everything and gave up.
  4. Also do you have to buy a pump to push in the bleach/ off site water? And one final question. Filled the tank with water to start the bleach process. I know it is filled because water running out from under the camper. I have tested releasing the water through gray valve after running the pink stuff out of the faucets and no water will come out. I am on a slight incline on my driveway. Is this the reason or is it because the gray tank is not full? Thanks again for advice.
  5. New question. Getting ready to head to Utah and dewinterizing the camper. Don't know how to oven hot water valve. The photo says in front of the heater but that is flush against the side of the interior wall and I cannot see anything. Thank you for helping me out.
  6. So many questions. Thank you for all your advice and recommendations. Here is my latest issue. Today I moved my Elite into indoor storage. I have read the manuals about the batteries and it might as well be written in Russian. Here is my question. Where I have it stored there is only the standard three plug 20amp plug, no 30 amp. Could I buy two trickle chargers and hook each battery separately up to one of the chargers? I really don't want to or have the confidence to physically remove batteries or disconnect them.
  7. Pete, such kind words, and thank you for the advice! Hopefully heading out in April to tour Utah, fishing the Green and the San Juan. Excited! Celia
  8. Nan, going to put my two cents in. I am a woman in my mid 60's. The past two years I towed a 1200 pound modified tear drop. About three weeks ago I took possession of my Elite. I have towed the Elite to the DMV for inspection, parked it in an RV lot after 6 inches of snow has fallen, and most recently moved it into indoor storage. The first week I had it I took it over to a church parking lot (during the day mid-week ) and practiced backing it up, pulling it around, parking it between parking lines, and took if off the Anderson Sway bar for about an hour. Once you get the confidence it is not that hard! Just be patient, take it slow, and don't be intimidated! If you have a friend that has some time and can go with you to help you during this learning curve, that will also help you get used to towing.
  9. I appreciate all the recommendations. I was leaning towards indoor storage and now I definitely convinced it is the way to go. C
  10. Congratulations on your new Elite! I was lucky and found one on the Forum, new but pre-owned, a long story. I saw one while out fishing last September and just fell in love with it. Didn't even consider the Elite II for several reasons; one - the $$$, two -its only me, 3- bought a Tacoma and didn't want to purchase anything beefier (may regret it having to go over the continental divide as many times as I do). As far as a cover, I think I am going choose to have it stored inside, but the one made in California looks really nice. It is expensive keeping it inside but overall I think it is better for the camper and worth it in the long run.
  11. I think Anita mentioned to me that you are a fly fisherman. I live to fly fish. Am a guide and a leader here in Colorado. Backing off that stuff this year to have time for myself to fish. Do have six trips planned this season already. I am leaning to inside storage. The problem is I have one of those Anderson sway bars and there is not room in the inside storage facility for me to back up directly in front of the camper to load it up. I would need to buy an electrical dolly to maneuver it in and out. Campers I am sure are a lot like boats in the amount of $$$ you sink into them. Which leads me to another question, what wax do you use/recommend on the camper? Thanks for your comments. Celia
  12. Thank you for such a fast response! When you say you have a cloth cover, are you talking about the CalMark? I am a short old lady and I am worried about taking it on and off myself. I hope to be out a lot , a lot more than last year (fly fished 82 days last year). I am worried about a tarp or other cover scratching the fiberglass. Being in Colorado I am mostly concerned about UV damage and the occasional hail storm.
  13. Just took possession of my Ollie Elite. So excited. Thanks to the Morey family for making this dream a reality for mey. Starting to plan trips for the upcoming fishing season. It will be so so nice to be comfortable, having been used to minimalist camping in a teardrop. Have a question. I am having to store my Ollie in a RV storage area. Right now it is outside. I am torn about spending the extra money to store inside or buy a high end cover. Living in Colorado weather conditions are obviously going to be hard on the camper. I am open to suggestions. C
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