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  1. Beautiful photos and helpful information from everyone. We have so much to learn about the western US and look forward to it. I had not seen the posting from the campground host. Looks like we'll be giving it a try and we do hope to hike a few of the 14ers. Thanks to all for the replies!
  2. We're thinking of camping a few days at Zapata Falls in Colorado in July. 9000 feet elevation sounds nice and cool. Everything I've found online says the 3.5 mile road leading to the campground is a VERY rough washboard type road filled with rocks. I'm wondering if the rattling and jarring to the Ollie is worth the trip. Anyone visited this site or familiar with the condition of the road? Thanks in advance!
  3. routlaw, Yes, very helpful. Thanks for your input. We hope to get out that way when things get a bit more back to normal. Ed
  4. Eddie, Sounds like you may be the right person for this question. We've never been to Montana. Would it be too much to expect to be able to boondock for 30 days or so in Flathead National Forest later this summer? Finding a spot? Being able to have reasonable drive to refill fresh water tank? Weather concerns? Thanks, Ed
  5. So far, the best solution I've found is to create as much slack as possible in the tension chains. Easiest way for me to do that is to loosen the tension chain nuts. Then retighten once connected. Raising the rear of the TV with the jack when connected to the trailer will also create slack.
  6. I find it very interesting as well. Some folks might say it should have been found by now if it was really hidden. But in 2015, park officials found a 132 year old rifle leaning against a tree in Great Basin National Park. Overland.... for all the good work you moderators do, you deserve a cut!
  7. Anybody interested in, or even heard about, the treasure chest that is supposed to be hidden somewhere in the Rockies? Big area, I know. It was supposedly hidden by New Mexico resident Forrest Fenn about 10 years ago. In one of 4 states. New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, or Montana. Any of you western states Ollie's been searching for it? Fenn wrote a poem that has 9 clues that he says will lead to the chest. There is a ton of information available online of course. Seems like a good excuse to get out and enjoy some nice hiking in some beautiful areas of the country. Ed
  8. The night before we left to pick up 483, OTT called and said they discovered water in the trailer and were still going over it to locate the source. That pushed us back to a late afternoon pick up. The factory said they could not duplicate the water issue (a small amount was found on the counter by refrigerator). They suspect it was condensation rather than a leak. We appreciate their telling us about it and trying to locate the problem. We had a pretty heavy rain at Crockett SP and had no issue with water. Towing, even for this first timer, was pretty easy. Just took it slow and watched
  9. We are picking up OTT 483 at the factory tomorrow then staying 4 nights at Davy Crockett campground. We've been anticipating pick up for a while now and are excited to get started. This forum has been a great help to us and a big thank you is in order to you folks who regularly share information and offer valuable advice. We are new RVers and in the spirit of helping someone else who may be new to this and picking up their trailer soon, we hope to post about our experience once we get back home to Louisville. Everything from the orientation to towing and backing (first time for us) to how the
  10. Ed and Nancy here from Louisville KY. We have a scheduled pick up date for our Elite II near the end of June and are really looking forward to it. However, I wouldn't be completely honest if I said our excitement doesn't come with some reservation. Being new RV owners and all that. The wisdom and friendly advice so many of you have shared has gone a long way in alleviating much of our concern. We hope to see a great deal of our beautiful country while enjoying some long hikes and then returning to our cozy and well equipped Ollie. Maybe hike a few of the 14ers! Maybe even look under a few rock
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