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  1. Yesterday, I took my 2019 Oliver Elite II, #487, to a local RV dealer repair shop here in Boonville, North Carolina, to have the Dexter axle bolts checked. The rear axle bolts were were all fine. The front axle had 4 bolts that could not be turned with your fingers but with a wrench were obviously loose. And 1 bolt could be turned with your fingers. That meant that out of the 8 bolts on the front axle, 5 were loose. The mechanic torqued all to 70 ft lbs. The repair shop handled the warranty paperwork. Dexter did ask the mechanic to take a picture of the tracking tag on the front axle. I'm gues
  2. I am considering purchasing an Oliver Elite II and would be downsizing from a 32 ft travel trailer. I have two cats and am wondering if anyone has any suggestions for locating a litter box in the Oliver. Thanks in advance, Robert
  3. The link to the Sherline Tongue Weight Scale: Trailering Guide and Usage Manual mentioned above by John Davies no longer works. Here is the new link. https://sherline.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/lm_booklet_web.pdf Robert Benton
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