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  1. John, I put disk brakes on my last two trailers and what a difference. I ask Olive if they would put disk brakes on my new Oliver without success, engineering had too many other projects. I'm going to do the modification myself (again) when I'm out in CA and can get my son to help. For me, the most difficult part is running the hydraulic lines from the pump to the brakes. Also, where to put the pump has not been determined. I don't remember if the pump can be mounted in the elements and that will be a mounting factor. Here are the desk brakes I mounted on my Arctic Fox. This was the easy part, next were the hydraulic lines. Bob
  2. I did not realize there were installation instructions following the parts info so, no, I did not read the whole thread. I did go back to see what I must have missed (a lot) and going forward I'll know to keep scrolling down and not assume I reached the end. I have the parts on order and hope to make the modification after we return from our next outing. I'll try the close fit 33/64" drill bit first and hope I get lucky. If not, I'll drill one or both sets of the holes out to 17/32" for a free fit unless you recommend something different. Great write-up for the install, especially if one reads it. Thanks Bob
  3. Were you able to buy the Bulldog 2 5/16" Bulldog hitch with the two holes already drilled? The Bulldog hitches I'm looking at don't have any holes drilled in them. Thanks Bob
  4. Has anyone installed disk brakes on their Oliver? I installed them on my last fifth wheel and my last trailer before that. I'm assuming the Dexter axles can be fitted with new hubs, bearings, etc. It's not too hard to do it, just takes a little time. For me, installing the hydraulic lines is the most difficult part because crawling around under the trailer is a pita because of my age. I ask if Oliver would do it, but it's not on their radar screen yet. We pick up our new trailer in July and I don't expect the electric breaks to be around too long. If someone has already done this conversion, I'd be interested in knowing the part numbers. IMHO, electric brakes, even self-adjusting ones, are one iteration advanced over mechanical brakes on a Model A. Bob
  5. I carry a CO2 Power Tank (powertank.com). No cheap and you would need to find a place to keep it in your tow vehicle. It will power air tools, inflate tires, etc. The serious four wheel guys swear by them and I'm happy with mine. I've had it about 4 years. It saved my butt on an Alaska trip. Can't remember for sure, but I think the cost to refill it was about $25.00.
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