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    2018 Hymer Touring GT

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  1. I use Coverage and have found it to be “optimistic” in one of our favorite camp spots. Probably more due to data from the providers than the Technomadia developers, but still a bummer.
  2. Related but tertiary question: has anyone used rollers on the backend of an Ollie? I get that they've got more clearance and a shorter moment than the giant Class-As and 5th wheels that really need them. But if scaping is already a thing, maybe rollers provide a solution to existing And bike receiver clearance issues... Just thinking out loud.
  3. What's the crash test dummy, checker tape for?
  4. We’ve got a 2004 Ford Excursion 6.0 diesel that I just can’t quit on. It’s a 2wd so the ride is pretty tame. It’s got a tow rating of 11,000lbs, 600+ mile range (44 gallon tank with no DEF...) and enough torque to stop the rotation of the earth. I added a rear sway bar which improved the handling a lot. Also upgraded to Hawk LTS brake pads. Otherwise it’s dead stock. A-* (because it’s so old it doesn’t have Apple CarPlay) *not Ollie owners, we tow a Hymer (but this forum is the BEST for tech posts)
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