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  1. Thanks, Townesw. I contacted progressive, they shipped me out a replacement panel. And the at did it. The 50 decibel hum that drove me crazy is gone. the silence is amazing!
  2. Thanks, Mike. That was my next stop. Will get in touch with them.
  3. Thanks Townesw! We are hull 369. It never really changes pitch but I am a light sleeper so it bothers me. The second a light gets turned on, it stops immediately.
  4. On a tangentially related topic to this thread. We had our bearings on one axel blow and had to have an full axel replaced. The bearings has been repacked the month before, so we're not sure what happened. But when the bearings blew we lost the little cover over on the hub (in photo below - the black background with the O with lines in it. Not sure if its purely decorative or if it keeps dirt and grime out but I would be keen to replace it. Does anyone know what this piece is called (or which brand logo that is). I can't identify it.
  5. Hi All, When we are plugged into shore power we get a buzzing noise from under the dinette (near the fuse box) when there are no lights on. As soon as we turn one of the inside lights on the buzzing stops. Needless to say we sleep with the lights off, so the buzzing can drive you a bit mad. Anyone else have this issue? None of the fuses seem to be out in the sense that everything on the trailer is operational. So Im not sure how the silence the buzz. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Mike did you ever figure this out? I ask because I am having the opposite problem. I can turn the inverter off using the remote wall switch. but to turn it on I need to lift the bed and turn it on at the unit level.
  7. Thanks, Patriot. I was just outside lubricating the zerks in the Dexter E-Z Flex, so my mind was thinking something totally different by way of lubrication. I will give this product a look. It has to be easier than crawling under the trailer with a grease gun!!!
  8. I noticed in the Oliver Manual Maintenance Schedule that monthly I should be Lubricating the Waste Blade Valve. Slight problem, I dont know what or where that is or how to lubricate it. I searched the forums but can't find any mention. Does anyone have more details about this or does it monthly and can outline a procedure? (I have a '18 LE 2)
  9. Thanks, John. I went out of got some PB Blaster. I also dropped Jason from OTT a note to see if had any tips. In case anyone comes to this tread having the same issue as I did, I wanted to add Jason's comments for information. Im not sure which tip worked more (John or Jason) but eventually one helped to loosen it. Thought it was still very difficult (it took two hours to do the two back jacks!!) Anyway, Jason said that some of the guys use Red Loctite when closing those Allen screws. So the only thing that will loosen the loctite is heat. He said put a flame around it for a short time. I did that, I also heated the allen key and left it in the screw to help things along. But I got there eventually by using both the PB Blaster and the flame. Thanks again to Jason and John!
  10. Hi All, I was greasing the jacks but for the life of me I can't get the Allen screws off the rear jacks. The front one was no problem. The back ones won't budge. Did anyone have this problem and what did you do to loosen them? Thanks Dae
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