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  1. Thanks Scuba, Yes, my plumbing looks like the older version you've posted. I'll have to look into the electric valves you're using. Looks like a slick way to change from "normal" to "Aux" mode. Thanks for the info.
  2. Thanks John... good info. Mine is an early unit, hull 061. My pluming looks quite a bit different than the pic you've attached. Your point thought about the airlock sounds like a strong possibility as it worked fine before pulling in the bleach and probably some air. I'll check it out, but it will be a few days before I get around to it. Appreciate your suggestions. Mike
  3. Andrew, Yes, put back into the normal mode where they were prior to pulling in the bleach. Thanks, Mike
  4. Good afternoon folks, We were able to take our new to us Ollie out this weekend. We received quite the surprise when we went to use the fresh water... it smelled bad... really bad. So I googled and found that we needed to sanitize the fresh water tank. Followed the instructions and pulled bleach water in from the boondock port in the back. That worked fine. Following instructions, I ran the bleach water through all the faucets and then after 15 min attempted to drain the tank through the drain value. While a little bit of water would trickle out it was way too slow, so I closed the faucets inside and closed the drain value to normal up the system. At this point, I thought I'd just open the faucet and cycle the fresh water into the gray water tank. Unfortunately, I now have little to no water pressure in either of the faucets or in the toilet. The water pump seems to be running fine. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong or what may have happened to kill the water pressure? Thanks for you help Mike
  5. Thanks John, Good information and I'll check out Johns post regarding seals and bearings. What I've been able to find out so far is the previous owner was good about keeping up on maintenance... was back at Oliver about a year ago for a check up and routine maintenance according to Oliver service department. Mike
  6. John, Odds are that we'll be on I-5 coming over the Siskiyous where we'd encounter snow if there is any. Probably not going to get to do much camping for leisure as I need to get back home for work as soon as possible. Just hoping we don't get a storm that week.
  7. Thanks Darren, Appreciate the offer. I'm thinking the weekend of Feb 14... but need to get an absolute confirmation first. Mike
  8. Thanks Darren, I appreciate the offer for assistance... Odds are good that I'll have a question or two. Definitely excited to pick it up and start learning what I need to know to get the most out it. Going to be fun. Mike
  9. Not a problem.... I don’t really care for it here either. I prefer your side of the mountains... which is a big part of us wanting to be able to hook up and get away. Initially, my plans were to sell and leave after I retire, but the grandkids have come (9 in 6years) and grandma is becoming reluctant to leave. I guess she can always come visit me : )
  10. Thanks Overland. The only thing I’ve been given by the dealer is a serial number... hopefully that’s it. If so, this is #061. Thanks again for the quick reply.
  11. Hey John, we live west of Portland in Hillsboro. Thanks for the info on finding the hull number.
  12. My wife and I are in the process of buying a 2014 Ollie Elite II which we found this weekend in Arizona. I’ve been looking at them for years, and wasn’t going to pick one up just yet, but when ran across the listing and saw that it had most of the upgrades I wanted, I decided what the heck let’s leap and join the Ollie family. Still need to finish the buying process this week and then figure out how I’m going to pull off a last minute trip to the Phoenix area to bring it home. I had a question for you all... you talk about you hull numbers... are these marked on the trailers somewhere? Looking forward to reading the many posts here in the forum and learning as much as I can. This is our first RV... I’ve had a boat for 20 years however. Mike and Deb
  13. Hey Ctshort, did you install the Sumo Springs? I’ve heard good things about them and think this would be a good thing to install on our 2017 Tundra 1794. In the process of buying a 2014 Oliver Elite II, and plan on towing it with the Tundra. Thanks, Mike
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