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  1. It sounds like I need to have my alternator checked. That is very helpful!
  2. 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee with V8 and the factory tow package from Jeep. It turns over 10 to 15 times and then starts.
  3. Standard lead acid batteries and we have solar. We have the fridge in DC but have always done that from the day we picked up our Oliver.
  4. We are having a new issue with our tow vehicle when towing our Oliver that we have not had in the previous year and half of owning our Oliver. After towing for several hours when I start my tow vehicle the engine has a very hard time starting and it feels like the car battery is not charged enough to start the car. This only happens after towing. I have recently replaced the battery in my tow vehicle and it did not solve the issue. Has anyone had an issue like this? Could the Oliver be drawing too much power from my tow vehicle? I am taking my tow vehicle into the shop next week.
  5. Good advice. I was able to blow the water out with the vac. Thank you!
  6. We accidentally spilled quite a bit of water on the stove. Now when you turn the dial there is a gurgling noise and it appears we got water in the burners. Any ideas how to dry out the burners?
  7. Yes, we have the one-piece cast iron grate. Our Oliver manual calls it the D21. The new grommet works with the hole and grate, same way as the original.
  8. One of the small rubber feet supporting our Dometic D21 Drop-in Cooktop Grill needed replacing. I found an option online that works. It's not the exact size/design as the original, but it does the trick. Actually feels like a more durable rubber compared to the original. https://www.rubberfeetwarehouse.com/products/5-32-inside-diameter-rubber-grommet-fits-1-4-holes
  9. @mlb3820 Do you have the instructions for this mod posted online anymore? Do you still use the same setup?
  10. Can anyone recommend a good grease gun for lubricating the Dexter EZ Flex zerk fittings? I started out with a mini grease gun from Harbor Freight, thinking it would be easier to store when traveling. That part was true, but it was also messy and I had a hard time actually getting grease into the fittings. I'm a newbie, so maybe it's all user error, but I'm hoping a higher quality grease gun will solve my issues. I'm considering purchasing the LockNLube from Tractor Supply. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/locknlube-heavy-duty-lever-grease-gun-kit-(green)-lnl151-1600324# Any thoughts or advice before I proceed?
  11. We started with a small-ish Tenergy unit that doubles as a HEPA air purifier. https://life.tenergy.com/sorbi-1000ml-air-dehumidifier-and-air-purifier/ It does a great job removing food smells and air pollution, so we continue to travel with it. Unfortunately, the dehumidifier was too slow for a wet climate, so we also purchased the GE model. It's effective, but heavy and bulky as you said, so I'll be curious if you find something more suitable.
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