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  1. bhncb, I apologize for taking so long to respond and thank you. Your feedback is very helpful. bhncb Said - I tow my LEII on occasion with a 2013 SWB 3500 that has the suspension seat option. While generally great, there are times when towing that I have to lock out the suspension function because it can get annoying on undulating road surfaces. Seasick comes to mind. Scribe’s Response - That is good information about the suspension seats. I will look out for that. My wife and daughter both get car sick on occasion. I have read posts by several people that say that the
  2. Wyofilm, you mentioned trying to tow an Oliver Legacy Elite II (OLE II) with a 2500 Sprinter prior to "loading it up". How did you do? My wife and I have a 2013 2WD Sprinter and like it a lot. We have been debating buying a 3500 with tow hitch to get the extra margin for towing a OLE II. The company that makes the air suspension system for the Sprinter in Europe now has an American subsidiary that can "upfitter" install it in the North America. Unfortunately, it is not a standard option for the Sprinter. It is supposed to make towing much better. The other option that makes the Sprinter
  3. You said "we can actually add another layer of "thinsulate" between the 2 shells giving you a third layer of insulation" and "Call me for more info if you like". You did not leave a phone number so I am emailing you. However, it is 12 years later so the current phone number and answer may be different. The question is, "Is there enough room to add a layer of 3M Thinsulate (or combined layers) of either: Thinsulate SM400L insulation at 1.02 inches thick and has an R-Value of 3.8 or Thinsulate SM600L insulation that is 1.65 inches thick and has an R-Value of 5.2 or a c
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