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  1. I like the design and that it provides great off-road capability direct from the manufacturer without requiring aftermarket modifications to the body and suspension and that Ford allows that capability to be added to even the base model. To my eye, it looks a lot closer to the original Bronco than to any Land Rover. I am disappointed that even after the long delay for the unveiling, Ford still hasn’t published important specifications, including something as basic as the capacity of the gas tank, Ford doesn’t show more details of the rear seats and rear storage areas, including how the rear seats fold flat and if the seats are easily removed, and Ford won’t be shipping Broncos until sometime in the Spring of next year. The base towing capability of 3500 is also a disappointment, but I can hope that, when they get around to publishing a number for their tow package, it will be much higher.
  2. Thanks for the heads-up. I have no experience with a Lagun table, but I suspect that the “springy” wouldn’t work well for me.
  3. I was actually planning on using the Lagun table as a laptop desk, at least until I got all the feedback on how handy some people found the side dinette. I was hoping to delete the TV and not have anything hanging from the attic. If we don’t attempt to convert the side dinette into a additional storage, I think that area would make a better location for my work station since I tend to be an earlier riser than my wife and like working in the morning. LOL, I guess sometimes more is better. That set-up would require an extra Elite I as an additional TT.
  4. One of the main reasons I want an additional monitor is so that it can be setup in a vertical orientation because it really helps with the material I creat and review on-line. I use an iPad Pro and MacBook for personal stuff, but work prefers windows systems.
  5. I appreciate you sharing your experience on remote work. For years I only used a small laptop at work, but in the last year I started using two 27” monitors plus my laptop and found that I really like the extra monitors. I don’t think I would want to make room in the Elite II for even just one standard 27” monitor, but was thinking I might be able to either use a thin portable 15” monitor similar to the one in this link: Portable Monitor Display
  6. The additional space that it would open up is one of the big attractions for me. I am thinking it might open-up enough room to add the evaporator and compressor of a mini-split dc air conditioner. FWIW, the Arctic Tern windows are double pane acrylic, which does provide insulation but the acrylic scratches easier than glass. There is at least one brand of double pane glass awning windows offered in Europe that is similar in design to the Arctic Tern window, but I believe they are pretty pricey. The reviews I have read of the Arctic Tern indicate that they do a very good job of keeping water out when open, PLUS I haven’t read of the leaking problems that some here have experienced with the current windows offered by Oliver. The attraction for me is the ability to keep the window open while it is raining. I could get by without the AC because our plan would be to mostly follow mild weather, but my wife would be less willing to suffer the occasional stay in an area where the temperature stays high all day, especially if there is also high humidity. I think a mini split with the evaporator located in the space currently occupied by the furnace and water heater (assuming a Truma Combi would allow the room) could be ducted into the existing ducts, or perhaps a duct could be added that runs up higher to duct out of the rear sides of the nightstand between the twin beds. That is an interesting idea. I hadn’t considered the possibility of mounting a panel over the MaxAir fan so that the hood wouldn’t be required for operating during rainstorms. That would allow for me to just ask Oliver to not install the AC and to not cut the opening for the AC while keeping the MaxAir fan in the standard position, which seems like an easy option for them to provide. That is a lot of solar! I would want to see what the overhand looks like.
  7. I think this is somewhat confirmed by the lack of modifications posted in this forum that eliminate the seating in favor of storage or some other use. There has been a lot of useful creativity displayed in the posts here when it comes to modifications, but I can’t find anything like what I have suggested.
  8. I am very surprised that they don’t already do this. They have an opening that will fit a couple of nice models that offer more interior volume than Oliver’s current offerings and Oliver can avoid cutting two openings into the side of the shell, which then avoids all the stuff that can come into those openings. To be honest, I think there is a good argument that a 12v Danfoss/secop should be offered in the standard set-up, with the 3-way being offered as the option. Thanks for this insight. I am attracted to the shorter length and lighter weight of the Elite I, but don’t like the idea of having to be continuously stooped over when inside.
  9. The Sonos equipment is exactly what I was thinking about using. Some friends have it in their house and it provides great sound. Seems so easy for Oliver not to cut an opening and install the MaxAir fan into an opening they were already going to cut. Oliver isn’t hurting for sales, so they simply may not be willing to provide what seems like a simple request. The customization Oliver provided early on was a real win-win for the buyers and for Oliver. Thanks, this is good to hear.
  10. I am used to lightweight backpacking and canoe trips, so I don’t require much other than being outside to have a pleasant trip but my wife is going to want more of the “comforts of home”. Working remotely would add the need for file storage, a printer, office equipment and supplies, and at least one monitor in addition to supplement my laptop. I have read about your fridge install and wish that was a standard option from Oliver. The storage cabinet (in place of the microwave) does look like it adds a lot of additional food storage. If the Elite I had the same interior height and width as the Elite II, I would strongly consider it for all of our uses except for full timing. I am about 6’2”, so I worry that the interior height of the Elite I would become a “pain in the neck” for anything more than a week at a time.
  11. Thanks for the additional info. I was wondering if mattresses would make the twin beds less useful for sitting. We will want comfortable beds and do not want to have to change between a day and night configuration for the twin beds. I could see keeping the Furrion and the speakers and using them just like you with a Sirius/XM receiver. I just think the TV takes up a lot of room and we will have IPads and laptops that we can use for video.
  12. Thanks. I do worry that if we both want to be using a table surface for something at the same time, one sitting area won’t be enough. Very good point about working on the road. I am hoping that I can eventually work remote, and I will need some dedicated table and sitting space for most or all of each work day. I may be over estimating our storage needs and underestimating the available storage in the Elite II. I have to keep in mind that we will also have room in our tow vehicle for storage. I like the option for the storage cabinet instead of the microwave, even though for our current life style we use our microwave all of the time.
  13. Thanks for the insight, which tends to validate my thinking that if the twin beds are configured to be “sit friendly” and if there is a Lagun table, there may be little practice reason to use the side dinette for seating. You have expressed several of my ideas for that space. The additional counter space could prove useful/convenient. It was the middle diagram below from that thread that gave me the idea that we could eliminate the AC and move the MaxAir fan to the AC location to allow room for at least third panel and another MaxAir fan in the front, or for at least four full sized panels if we didn’t add a MaxAir fan in the front. I am not certain that Oliver provides the structure for attaching the panels at each of the locations I imagine. Thanks, I hadn’t seen that thread. Looks interesting and I hope they can make a go of producing a commercial product.
  14. Thanks for the response. Do you have a Lagun table set-up for the twin bed area? I am wondering what factors encourage you to use the side dinette rather than the rear area. I appreciate the “rare occasion” for the TV. If we ordered a new Elite II, I would strongly lean toward asking Oliver to forego the installation of all the audio and video features, especially if they would credit us with the cost savings on the equipment that isn’t installed.
  15. Considering purchasing an Elite II several years before retirement, with initial use being one to two week camping trips and the hope that longer trips will become possible if my job eventually agrees to extended periods of remote work. For retirement, we plan on taking trips of several months duration with lots of Boondocking in national forests and BLM sites, including the possibility of full timing for a couple of years. Currently not liking the fact that Oliver is no longer honoring requests for some customization, but am happy to see that they are now offering an upgrade lithium iron phosphate batteries. I would love to see Oliver offer options for: 1. an efficient 2-way DC/AC refrigerator that doesn’t require the the two large outside vents; 2. replacing the current furnace and hot water options with a Truma Combi; 3. awning style windows like the Arctic Tern windows; and 4. an AC delete where the Maxxair fan is installed in the standard AC opening location and with the standard opening for the Maxxair fan not cut out, which would open up roof space for at least one additional solar panel. If the Omni-Directional antenna option isn’t selected, option 4 from above might even allow for another solar panel in front or an additional Maxxair fan in the front over the bathroom door swing if all the solar panels were mounted to extend laterally rather than longitudinally. Lots of people using two Maxxair fans rather than an AC in converted vans. I have spent a lot of time reading threads here and really appreciate all the information and the helpful attitude exhibited in this forum. Because I see the potential to convert the side dinette seating area to an additional storage closet, I am curious how much current owners are using the side dinette seating rather than just using the seating provided in the rear area, especially for those who have the twin bed layout.
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