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  1. Understatement of the thread. I've seen what Claudia has done on her Oliver, and among other cool ideas, I envy the molded window vents. And I hear she's known in the Casita world for around 100 modifications to her trailer over the ten years she had it. I've got some catching up to do! Will we see you at the fall Casitas of Ohio rally at Cowan Lake State Park, Claudia? Matt and Sue will be attending again, and I'm trying to get two other Olivers to join us. @Golfnut and @Shawna and Scott
  2. IN 2023, Oliver did away with the cubby underneath the nightstand top, and permanently attaching that cover. Has anyone removed it, or know how it is attached? Before taking delivery of Curiosity, I'd built one of the Laguna table mounts that fit under the twin bed extension, but never installed it. It just seemed like it would be in the way, and I'd still need to store the table and support when not in use. Then someone added drawer slides to the nightstand top, and we'd prefer to go this route. I've given the top a few tugs, but I don't want to damage anything, hence my question. Thanks!
  3. I grabbed one of these when you posted it over the winter. Oddly, our Oliver installed receptacle is ass-backwards from yours, so it didn't reach the wall. I need to get in there and reverse it so I can use this handy accessory.
  4. Ron, where did you grab the AC supply for this modification? I’ve got two matching outlet covers, one for the front like yours and one in/near the basement. Thanks! I did the tether last year when I almost left the cover behind…
  5. Thanks Bill! Copied to my Oliver folder for reference.
  6. Interesting. Funds were loaded onto my card December 23, 2023. I've made three transactions since then, the latest just before leaving for the rally (had to stock up on wine for the trip!) I have not had a single service fee on my account.
  7. Long ago when I had boats, I'd run the hole saw backwards to cut through the gelcoat, then forward though the fiberglass. This almost always eliminating chipping.
  8. AKA @shhQuiet here on the forum. We thoroughly enjoyed our time with Steve, and when he walked over to Curiosity, Deb made a beeline to Oreo! 😁
  9. I fully expected to comply! Last year I only took a handful and told myself to do better this year. I had four cameras with me (including my phone), but other that the above sunset photos and a few at Cathedral Caverns, I didn’t take a single photograph. Oh, except of @mossemi’s plumbing, but nobody wants to se that! 😜 Maybe next year…
  10. @MAX Burner Sorry Art, I didn’t see this until Tuesday morning at Cracker Barrel. I have their last name and the city where they live if you have good Google investigative skills. I’ll message that info to you. it was good to meet you both!
  11. I’m sorry that I never updated this question! I did indeed find the missing grate grommet in the drawer below. I’m embarrassed to say that it never occurred to me to look in the most obvious place. And thanks for the offer Art, and for popping this post back in my notifications. But I’m all set for now. You’re still welcome to drop in any time.
  12. What a wonderful evening! Thanks to everyone behind the scenes, and it was good to see new and old friends.
  13. Lay year I was told it is always the Wednesday through Sunday after Mother’s Day.
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