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  1. With a 1/2 ton payload is an issue and your choices are limited.


     For a 1/2 ton with a heavy payload package with a 6 ft bed is limited to an F150  XL or XLT super crew with Max payload and Trailer packages or the Silverado/Sierra with at least LT or SLE trim and the max trailer package.  Ram doesn’t offer a heavy payload package.  The F150 is more capable than the GM models.

    Both the Ford and GM need to be ordered.  

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  2. 8 hours ago, NCeagle said:

    I've spent well over an hour searching and can't come up with anything but guesses.  😬

    If/when time allows, can a current Elite II owner measure and post the distance from the ground to the bottom of the propane cover on the tongue when the Oliver is sitting level?

    Thanks in advance.

    According to one of the factory tour videos on you tube it is 18” from frame to surface on the EII and that’s what I recall reading some where.

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  3. The 4WD Silverado 5.3L, extended cab in an LT package with max towing and without other options will have a payload  tad more than 2000#.  

    The F150 XLT regular, Crew cab or super crew with 8 ft bed allow the max tow and max payload options.  Once you go beyond XLT trim or opt out of an 8 ft bed you cannot get max payload option.

  4. RB,  I think what you may find interesting is the farm market, the guys who haul big cattle trailers and such, is trending away from the diesels and opting for the large displacement gas engines due to lower costs.  There are a lot trending to the F250 with the 7.3 gasser.

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  5. I looked at that option, but you can’t get NHT Package (max tow) on the 3.0.  Why GM isn’t offering towing upgrade with the 3.0???


    The NHT requires 20” extra load tires and has 9.76-inch 3.42 rear axle, heavy-duty rear. springs, unique shock tuning, enhanced cooling (both oil and trans).   Also GM has gone to composite rear leaf springs on the higher trims to improve ride and save weight.   The NHT spring has kinda of a helper spring.  Not sure you could change the suspension if you later wanted to.  See video at 7:00

    The max tow on the 3.0 is 9100 v 11,100 with the 5.3L NHT.  On an ext cab, with SLE trim, I believe the 3.0L  payload is <1700#.

    The other option I am considering is the F150 XLT crew with 3.5EB max tow/ max payload, but really didn’t want an 8’ bed and that’s the only way to get the payload option.


    I have decided I don’t want a diesel duel to increased acquisition, maintenance and fuel costs.  



  6. So I am considering a new TV and priced a Sierra 1500 5.3L, 10 speed, with maximum tow package, which requires 20” Aluminum wheels with extra load tires.  Th identical trim on a 2500HD with 6.2L 6 speed and 18” wheels.  The price difference is $1,000.

    The payload on the 1500 is ~1990# (7300# GW) with 11,100 trailer cap.  

  7. 11 hours ago, Jairon said:

    Fiberglass is an oddity in a disposable world. A great fiberglass construction quote comes from an indie documentary called Hold Fast:

    "When fiberglass boats first went into production, the naysayers went into hysterics. Traditionalists pontificated on the value of wooden construction and warned that these so called "boats" made of plastic were bound to wear out and disintegrate within five years... but this was before anyone understood just how permanent plastic is. As it turned out, the curse of fiberglass boats was not their short lifespan but their longevity - wood rots. But just as plastic bottles now pervade landscapes with the patience of eternity, fiberglass boats litter the ocean. They are everywhere and they are here to stay. Once a fiberglass boat is built, chances are that it will be here a century later and at this point they have been in continual production for 50 years."

    I going to have to disagree with you.  Compared to aluminum you will find far less old fiberglass boats.    Any of the composites that are exposed to UV are subject to degradation.  Sheltering from UV is the only prevention.  Aluminum can be preserved with paint.

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