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  1. I own a 2016 Canyon.  If you look in the door of your truck you will find a payload of around >1500#, which is really good for a mid size truck and 7000 towing is really great too.  Aerodynamic drag is your big problem and a tune isn’t going to fix that.  Look at the hp torque curves with the Trifecta for the 3.6.  I wasn’t impressed with a 6% gain.

    If your truck was the Diesel, different story.

  2. 9 hours ago, NCeagle said:

    Hi all, Jason did respond back on this topic.  He reached out to the R&D team at Oliver that has worked on the Lithium package and this team also recommended following LifeBlue's design that has been shared and discussed in the forum (Oliver calls it a kit).  

    Here's what I'm going to build and mount on top of my Ollie someday when I get the spare time...  having the alternator closer to the batteries makes everything so much easier!  😉 


    I really think the fan clutch is over kill.

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  3. A Battle Born to LifeBlue technology comparison is apples to oranges.

    The basic Battle Born 100 AH battery measures 12.75 X 6.875 X 9 and weighs #31. 

    A Life Blue 200 AH battery measures 19.0" x 6.6" x 9.5", weighs #57 with Bluetooth.

    Per AH the LifeBlue battery is 23% smaller and  8% lighter.  I believe the LB battery has a heat function in the Oliver to aid charging in cold temps.




  4. Small RV furnaces were never designed to push air from the rear to the front of an RV or around bends.  I would start with the furnace fan and determine everything is tight and the fan is running the proper speed.

    Then add a small prototype fan at the bathroom discharge and see if it closes the sail switch on the furnace.  My guess it won’t and if the furnace doesn’t initially detect an open sail switch with thermostat demand it fail out.  It kinda has to do that because a stuck sail switch would be bad.


    Then determine if the new fan helps.  Your goal is to just create a small amount of negative pressure to overcome friction and turbulence in the bend.  I’d try something like a computer fan in a custom housing.


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  5. Not that a Silverado/Sierra 1500 was on your list, but their max trailer package is a bit odd.  

    GM adds enhanced radiator cooling, heavier duty rear spring, 9.78” axle with 3.42 locking differential, and revised shock tuning to add 2100  lbs to their tow numbers and 300 lbs to GVWR.  Which all sounds good, but when you analyze what they did it gets interesting.

    GM is going to composite leaf springs to save on curb weight.  The heavier duty leaf spring is  a rather thick composite spring added to the pack that looks like a helper spring.  The maximum tow  package increases GVWR 300 lbs., but the maximum tow package adds 140 lbs to the curb weight.  So maybe you are getting to add a fiberglass topper and keep close to the original payload.

    The rear axle ratio is lowered from 3.23 to 3.42, but the package requires 20” wheels  and 275/­60R20 extra load  tires resulting right back at a 3.23 effective gearing.  So you are getting  stronger rear axle with no benefit from the lower gearing.  I suppose you don’t need it with 10 speed..... the manufacture’s small tweaking ramp up tow values a lot.









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  6. Learn new stuff everyday. I wonder if the GM professional who wrote the second paragraph knows GM discontinued generators 50 years ago.


    Regulated Voltage Control (RVC) is GMs' platform for computer controlled charging systems. This system is designed to raise and lower the alternator's voltage set point based on vehicle electrical needs. This maximizes charging system efficiency by reducing voltage output when higher voltages are not required.

    Camper/Trailer Battery Charging Concerns:
    Some customers may comment that when towing or hauling a camper/trailer, the auxiliary battery for the camper/trailer will not stay charged. In most cases, this concern is blamed on the new RVC system. While the RVC system does reduce the generator's targeted output voltage to 12.6-13.1 volts when in "Fuel Economy Mode", this feature is bypassed if the tow/haul feature is enabled. With the tow/haul feature enabled, the RVC system will stay in "Charge Mode" and the targeted generator output voltage will be 13.9-15.5 volts, depending on the battery state of charge and the estimated battery temperature. To keep the generator in the "Charge Mode", use either of the following two methods.

    • The first method is to use the tow/haul mode when towing or hauling a camper or trailer. 

    • The second method is to turn on the headlights, which will increase the generator's targeted output voltage to 13.9-14.5 volts.

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  7. 5 hours ago, Overland said:

    I believe Girard's plants are in Alabama.  

    Could be that Dometic's relocation was going to cause some product delays, which caused Oliver to look around, or it could just be that Girard's sales department did a good job getting a new client.  It does seem like Oliver had been consolidating around Domestic products lately, but that could just be coincidence.

    I'm curious to see them.  Personally, I'm pretty happy with my Carefree.

    Dometic off shored the La Grange Indiana factory.  Maybe Oliver just decided to support the US RV industry.

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  8. The LifeBlue warranty is not that good,  month 60-120 they are providing a 30% discount on a replamemt battery.  Based on today’s price, you would be >$1400 out of pocket with the shipping for the low temperature model.  Times 2 if both batteries went south.


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