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  1. Dewdev We tow our 2019 Elite I with a Toyota Tundra without the Andersen or any sway control. The Elite tracks and tows very well. We had a couple of Airstreams before the Elite, but I would have to say the Elite tracks and tows even better than them.
  2. Bhncb Thanks so much! That really clarified and helped me a lot! Thanks again Bobc
  3. Thank you. I believe on the 2019 Elite I the axle is around 5000 lbs. so I believe the wheel bearings should be in the sixth row of the Dexter chart with the corresponding bearings being K71-308-00 and K71-307-00. I just wanted to verify that data with other Oliver Elite I owners or other knowledgeable folks before ordering the matching Timken bearings. Sorry for any confusion just trying to get it right. Any other input is greatly appreciated. Bobc
  4. Where can I find information about the Elite I wheel bearings. I want to get extra set from Timken and don’t know where to look for the bearing and seal sizes. thank you Bobc
  5. It sorta looks like a 17’ Casita with the aluminum belly band.
  6. Thanks for the replies. Based on those replies, I think we’ll just keep the cables for now and see how they do. What a great group of people that have a rich knowledge base! Thanks again Bobc
  7. Our 2019 Elite came with the heavy cables with hooks instead of the traditional safety tow chains. We would like to replace the cables with chains. Can someone tell use how long each chain should be? thank you
  8. We just purchased a used 2019 Elite I. Can someone verify the tongue height( ground to inside bulldog hitch) for a 2019 Elite I. I have read that it is 19.5 and/or 20.5 your response will be greatly appreciated.thank you, Bob
  9. Will the Andersen weight distribution hitch shank have room for the Rock Tamer mud flap system?
  10. Oliver Owners We sold our Casita Liberty Deluxe 17’ trailer and are trying to decide upon which Oliver to choose. We like the size of the Elite because it matches much of size of our Casita. The one thing that we did not care for on the Casita was the head room. I am 6’1” and had to duck coming into the Casita and could not stand straight up in the wet bath as well as ducking where the AC dropped down. We just wanted some owners input into their selection of the Oliver and if they had a similar trailer like the Casita and found the Elite just fine or the Elite II much better. We know five foot longer makes a difference in trailering (long ago had a 32 foot airstream). Did these differences in the dimensions affect your decision between the two Olivers? Any input Into your decision making would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bob & Carolyn
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