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  1. We just purchased a used 2019 Elite I. Can someone verify the tongue height( ground to inside bulldog hitch) for a 2019 Elite I. I have read that it is 19.5 and/or 20.5 your response will be greatly appreciated.thank you, Bob
  2. Will the Andersen weight distribution hitch shank have room for the Rock Tamer mud flap system?
  3. Oliver Owners We sold our Casita Liberty Deluxe 17’ trailer and are trying to decide upon which Oliver to choose. We like the size of the Elite because it matches much of size of our Casita. The one thing that we did not care for on the Casita was the head room. I am 6’1” and had to duck coming into the Casita and could not stand straight up in the wet bath as well as ducking where the AC dropped down. We just wanted some owners input into their selection of the Oliver and if they had a similar trailer like the Casita and found the Elite just fine or the Elite II much better. We know fiv
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