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  1. You might want to open a service ticket with Oliver. They may be helpful.
  2. cevel: I bet if you contact Foy Sperring, he might be able to custom make a cabint that could just be slide into the opening. You would have to anchor it somehow, but Foy could give you some pointers on fastening.
  3. As a alternate to carrying gas cans, you could switch your generator to burn propane.
  4. yes, thanks Bill. Are we able to rotate pictures (and how) or can it only be done by a Moderator?
  5. For my $20 Powermate model PMO152000 inverter generator, Powermate was no help when I called them as they do not deal parts and gave me the name of the local small engine repair shop. Powermate even gave me the incorrect part number for the carb. Luckily I have the owner's manual which gave the correct part number. The local small engine repair shop used my part number from the owner's manual and gave me a price of $86.00, and it is back ordered by the supplier. I initially ordered it but decided to cancel the order for a new carb until I gas up the generator and give it a try myself. As Mainiac suggested, I will use some starting fluid sprayed in the carb if necessary. I did find that the engine is a 2015 Ducar engine. (Made in China, but had good ratings.) I searched online and also at Amazon to match up my carb if I need to purchase one. I looked at a lot of pictures on Amazon but I had no luck there finding a match. If any of you mechanicss out there can help identify this carb, I would very much appreciate it. Below is a picture of the carb.
  6. Now I see why your pictures are so amazing.
  7. SeaDawg: Thanks for the information. Yes, I have the owner's manual. Oil looked good and correct level when I purchased it, but I am going to change it anyway because of the Mystery Oil I used in the cylinder. Air filter is good and clean and like new condition. After I remove the outside generator casing, I will check to find the carb (buy new replacement) and fuel fliter (clean). There is also a fuel filter under the gas cap which was clean. Thanks again
  8. KenB: Thanks for the suggestion; I will. They do sell most parts as I did contact the company and asked. I wish I could (Identify) and see the carburetor. I tired looking for it with the side panel removed and followed the gas line from the tank, but could not see it. I guess I will have to take off the entire outside plastic casing to get a better look.
  9. routlaw Those photos are amazing. Thanks for sharing. Hard to believe the painted objects stayed this long. What kind of temperature did you encounter there in April?
  10. topgun2: The previous owner could not get it started 3 years ago and left the unit outside (in Maine although he did cover it). I think because of the mositure in the summer and not moving the piston for 3 years it seized up. He should have taken the spark plug out and put a little oil in the cylinder which is recommended when you do not use a motor for a long time,
  11. Update: Now after 6 days of soaking with the Marvel Mystery Oil in the cylinder, I was able to free up the cylinder. Did not use the pull cord, as I was concerned that the cord would break. I used a socket set on the nut on the flywheel. A little forward and reverse and the cylkinder now moves freely even with the pull cord. Next task is to suck out the remaining Marvel Mystery oil on top of the cylinder, change the crank case engine oil and check out the spark plug, regap it and see if if it is getting a spark. Hopefully with fresh gas, I can get it to started and not have to play around getting access to the carberator, which will be a mystery to this non-mechanic.
  12. My RAM has air suspension with 3 height settings (one for Eco mode). Because of the air suspension it rides as smooth as a car. Per a dealer service rep, who had one without the air suspension he said his road real rough.
  13. Does anyone use TravlFi for mobile internet? Are you satisified with this service?
  14. I have a follow up to my Bonding Plug post question. I need to fix the generator which is a Powermate 2000 (about 7 years old). I bought it for $20. The guy tried to start it 3 years ago and could not get it started. He set it aside for the last 3 years and the engine is now seized up and all the gas in the tank evaporated. I am guessing the carb may also be gummed up. I took out the spark plug and poured in some Marvel Mystery Oil into the cylinder, after Googling how to fix a seized engine cylinder and talking to another Mainer that has run into this situation in the past. Hopefull after 2 or 3 days or 4 or 5 days it will loosen up the piston. I really do not want to take off the cylinder head if the Mystery Oil does not work. If I can not free up the cylinder, I may just take the generator to the metal recycle dump. If anyone has any ideas on freeing up the cylinder or clearing the carb (short of taking the carb apart), please let me know. Thanks
  15. Thanks for the links on the bonding plug.
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