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  1. Steph and Dud B: Thule has a wheel supported bike rack that can be ordered for either a 2" or 1-1/4" receiver.
  2. I like to look at the bright side of things (Glass being half full) You now have the time to plan or make Ollie upgrades. Alternately start planning on where to camp next year. I want to do a couple of tours to different parts of the USA next year so I have a lot of research and planning to do. Maybe one of the trips will be going to Nova Scotia and PEI, which I went to when I was a kid camping with my parents (the good old days when you did not worry about anything).
  3. I went on line and bought my hypervent directly from a retail establishment instead of going to Oliver. Although a little expensive, well worth the investimate to protect my very expensive KTT mattresses. My experience with the hypervent has only been this spring, summer and early fall. Summer in New England was very humid this summer. I also crack open the two ceiling vents at night when the Ollie is occupied and the heat is running. Happy to say I have not had any moisture problems, other than one morning when a little moisture formed on the windows one cold night (but no dripping) when I forgot to open the main cabin vent but the bathroom vent was open and bathroom door was left open. That was my lesson learned moment and I made sure the main vent was open each night after that.
  4. Granted but size is not the best measure of reliability and performance. (Wish I was ex-military so I could get into those CG's.)
  5. This is a access covers so you could switch valves thorugh the access hole instead of lefting the mattress and access hatch. There are other access covers around the Ollie to allow someone to get to wiring.
  6. Yes, I do the reverse when disconnecting. (By the way, I used to have a couple of Coleman pop-up trailers over the years. I really loved them but got sick of cranking up the roof and having all that canvass to dry out. Love my Ollie, as we can go camping and do not need to depend on CG facilities during the COVID times.)
  7. Thanks Bob and Mike. Since we will be at the CG for 2 months, full hooks ups are desired. I think the wife wants to stay closer to Albuquerque as she will be going to the Son's home daily. What do you all think about the CG's close to ABQ? Also are these CG's safe?
  8. We are traveling from Maine to Albuquerque with Ollie to help our son in November and December. Any suggestions on a nice campground around Albuquerque would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. That a lot of food on the grill. How many people are you feeding?
  10. I bought a 2018 Elite II, which was used very little. I did purchase new mattresses (the old ones had a little bit of mold on them so I trashed them) and picked them up before our first trip this spring. My wife is very much effected by smells and she has not have any issues with smells this year. In the spring you can flush out the RV antifreeze and disinfect the water system which will take away any of those type of odors. I would recommend that you purchase the under mattress (or under cushion) hypervent matting. It allows air on the underside of mattress so they do not get moist and allow mold to form. Also use a dehumidifier in the Oliver during humid times to keep any humidity low so mold does not grow on any cloth used for the mattresses or cushions is a prudent item to purchase. I use the dehumidifier all summer even when parked in our driveway. It keeps thing fresh. I think with a little bit of prevention you should be ok.
  11. We have both the Furrino TV and Furrino radio. Not sure if the TV is a smart TV or just a standard TV. We get radio reception ok in the Ollie, similiar to the reception in the RAM truck. As far as TV reception, we have to turn on the booster switch that is in the attic (and get the TV to scan forchannels) in order to get any TV reception. We usually watch DVD's movies and have a Amazon Firestick but of course need internet services to be able to use the firestick.
  12. Ralph A: Check out the Oliver Classified section. If you see one you want, move fast as the Ollie's sell in that section fast. In the Oliver Classified section there is a used 2015 Elite Ii for sale now and someone is selling their 2022 slot for a new unit. Good Luck
  13. I see that some owners use a cover on the Electric Tongue Jack. For my first winter owning the 2018 Elite II, I did not cover my jack. I do not think the previous owner did, as he would have given it to me. Do you Ollie owners recommend a Tongue Jack cover and why? Does the cover promote moisture forming on the inside of the cover? Is see a number of manufactures of jack covers when I googled it. Is one better than the other?
  14. A friend of mine has a 2018 Oliver Elite II with the Xantrex 2000. His Xantrex fan comes on very often at might when he is plugged into electricity (even though the batteries are charged) and the noize bothers him. At night he turns off the power breaker to the Xantrex so he does not hear the noise.
  15. Whisky! Interesting idea but I think I will use bottle water instead if I mix the whisky at all.
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