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  1. I would suggest that you first go to the Oliver web site and open up a service ticket and ask the question. You can also add your photo to help with the question. Southland may be too new to help you on this issue.
  2. 1. On the bottom surface of the hatch cover over where the pump is, there should be a picture showing the valve configuations for the different uses. The pictures should also be in your Owner's manual 2. Highly unlikely. If I was you, I would check to see if all the plumbing connections are tight with no leaks and none are sucking in air. 3. Should not be a problem. All Oliver's are like that.
  3. @John Dorrer Thanks for point that out. I checked and have had the same $3.50 charge each month starting in February. I am going to use up my balance ASAP before another charge on May 1. My understanding is the charge is not by OTT but the credit card company.
  4. I use a 2000 watt generator (with the ground plug) and it powers up the Ollie and the AC. I do have to shut off the breaker to the inverter/charger for it to power up the AC compressor.
  5. If you all had a compost toilet, you would not need the water pump on at all for flushing. Just making a little light of the subject. Ha Ha
  6. Bill: I was having the same problem signing into the Rewards Section. When I tired to log in I got a "Bad Request" page.
  7. But will the new independent service locations offer the same annual maiintenance program that OTT offered? Or put another way, will the independents even be told and trained of what OTT offered for the annual maintenance?
  8. @ScubaRx and @SeaDawg. Since you are moderators, you may know more about the end of service at the factory then us other owners. Has OTT explained to you how OTT be training the local dealer's service personne and when? Will OTT explain the services that they offered at the factory during their annual maintenance services?
  9. @Mark Meadows FYI, I see there is a dealer in Utah. Not sure if that is closer to you than Oregon. A list fo dealers is on the Oliver web site.
  10. Can you go to one of the new Oliver authorized sales-service centers near you?
  11. Congradulations Take you time at the factory and during your travels Stay at the Oliver Campground and checkout all equipment on the Ollie until you have run out of questions. Safe travels
  12. @rideadeuce FYI, Your link is only for the 1/4" tubing I found the Dometic water faucet on Amazon but not the 3 gallon container you show. Can you provide a link for the container? Did the containers already have a connection for the 1/4" tubing? Thanks
  13. @hobo Did Mike at ALCAN give you more information on why he thught the 4 spring set was "inadequate for our trailers" ? Thanks
  14. Nice job. Looks like how I relocated/nstalled mine, thnaks to @Overland and @Mattnan and their instructions and parts list . I did not see the holes where the mount was installed before you movd it. You must have filled the holes. Now you can install a hatch into the cellar. I store my table top in the closet on the inside wall next to the head, when not in use. I use velcro to secure it to the wall.
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