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  1. Bill: I weighed my Elite II after stocking it up with all my camping gear, linens, dishes, etc. (no generator no food and no gray and no fresh water). I have a compost toilet so no black water. The Ollie weighed 5760 lbs with a tong weight of 480 pounds. FYI, In my Owner's manual there was a description of a 3 step weighing process so you can determine the tong weight.
  2. I have set my brake controller gain as described above and I do notice that the Oliver brakes are being applied but I have one other question. While at a stop sign when the grade goes down and applying the brake controller manual lever (without your foot on the truck brakes) should the Oliver brakes stop you from rolling ahead?
  3. I would suggest that you open a Oliver Ticket and talk to Jason Essay in the service department.
  4. Are you are still near the factory? They could check it out and tell you where the offending area is so you can modify your procedure in the future.
  5. Steve Welcome to the Oliver family. You made a great decision in following through with your order. Soon you will need to decide on colors and other options just prior to Oliver starting your build. Since you live in the south, I would suggest that your consider the Truma AC package. It is a lot quieter than the standard AC unit.
  6. Steve: If you contact Oliver they can send you a diagram (with dimensions) of their front generator basket I used to have it but must have deleted that file.
  7. Brian: That is actually not a picture of my Oliver, it is a picture of someone else's rig that gave me the idea to buy the Rubbermaid box. I painting the tip of my receiver with a yellow paint and it shows up great in my rear view camera in my TV.
  8. Is that photo in Michigan? Green grass; what month was that?
  9. GRP: I am one of a number of Oliver Owner's that are using this Rubbermaid container in the front basket. It has gone through many rain storms without taking in any water. It is a Rubbermaid Action Packer 24 gallon container and I bought it on Amazon.
  10. I find that I need to hold the bottom of the little wrench to hold it tightly on the nut that needs to loosen. Works for me.
  11. topgun2: Good information to have as the 2018 Owner's Manual is not clear on the issue of where to place a jack. Thanks This is what is in my O&M: "Loosen the lug nuts on the tire you want to remove. Check for a flat surface on the closest corner of the steel sub frame to use as a jack point. Using a jack, raise the trailer until the tire clears the ground, then finish loosening and removing them. Pull off the old tire, slide the hubcap out backwards and insert it on spare. Set spare tire evenly on the lug nuts and hand tighten lug nuts. Retract front jack back to travel position. Now tighten lug nuts completely. Lug nuts should be torqued to 120 ft. lbs. Place the flat tire in the spare location. Have the damaged tire checked and repaired or replaced. Be sure to have lug nuts re-torqued within 50 miles since they may loosen and every 200 miles thereafter."
  12. Congrad on your upcoming retirement. I have more to do now that I am retired then when I was working (except during the colder winter months).
  13. Donna and Jim Y have not indicated if they have AGM or Lithium batteries, which is important as indicated above Their trailer is a 2021 Oliver Elite II. If they are still having charging issues, hopefully they could provide more detail, to all here, of what kind of batteries they have and what Lithium package they have, if they have Lithium's. (I sent a PM to them with that question.)
  14. You can charger the batteries with your generator, as follows. 1. Turn the Ollie batteries on if you have a on-off switch. 2. Make sure the electrical breaker to the battery charger is ON (likely located under the dinette). 3. Plug in the ground plug into one outlet on the generator. Plug the 120V power cord you got with the Ollie into the generator. (if the generator does not have a 30 amp receptacle, you may need a connector to change the Ollie connection to a 3 prong connector to be able to plug into the generator.) Conversely, 1. If you have access to a 30 amp power source you can plug the Ollie into that power source and the on-bard charger will charge the batteries (make sure the electrical breaker to the battery charger is on.) 2. If you have solar collectors and the trailer is now in the sun, the solar collectors have wiring directly to the batteries and the collectors should charge the batteries, but at a slower rate. I believe the procedure should work for AGM's not sure if you have Lithium batteries, as you did not indicate what batteries you have.
  15. Rvernerd: Thanks for posting the pictures. Your pictures are exactly how I do it. When first using the Ollie In 2018, the moisture problem (rear lights on) appeared. Tried a holder bracket mounted to the front storage bin but that was not the best approach. Have not had a problems since implementing the mentioned storage location. If the cord is not plugged into the TV it is stored in this location 100% of the time.
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