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  1. I washed the Oliver yesterday and then tried to remove the water stains. I did a test section by first spraying on the white vinegar and let it sit for a couple of minutes. No change in the water stains after scrubbing with a sponge. I then put the white vinegar on the micro-cloth and tried scrubbing the water stain. No change. I then added Dawn liquid soap to the cloth with the white vinegar on it and tried scrubbing the stain. No change. The first picture is of the Oliver after washing and the white vinegar treatment described above. The second picture (ignore the tree branch shado
  2. Thanks so much for all your advice. I am going to start with just the vinegar that Seadawg suggested. Step two, if necessary, (which I found by googling) is a mixture of vinegar and dish soap. Hopefully I will not need to go to a third step like a Starbright polish or a Miracle Mist product. I spoke to the previous owner and he told ,me that he had to remove the water stains each year. I am thinking that he never cleared up the situation sufficiently and maybe did not apply enough good wax at least twice a year. I am looking to get a good shine on my Ollie so it looks new.
  3. I took delivery of my 2018 Elite II this past December and it was too cold in New England to wash it and wax it. Now that the weather has improved, I washed the Ollie but there are water stains that remain from the roof down to the bottom of the sidewalls, so I have not waxed it yet. Do I need to use a fiberglass rubbing compound to remove the water stains? After removing the water stains, I am thinking that I would apply two coats of wax (which would be polished with a electric polisher after each coat). Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated?
  4. We just picked up KTT mattresses in CT a short time ago. I had them manufactured a slight bit more dense than the ones that Oliver buys. My Oliver had a single standard Oliver KTT mattress in it, which was somewhat soft and had some mold on the bottom (it is now at the dump). I like my new KTT mattress a lot better than the old one that was in the Oliver when I bought it. Before getting the new mattress, I installed the Aire-flow™ prevent moisture build-up material for underneath mattresses They KTT's are perfect for my taste. I would say they are as comfortable as the fairly new mat
  5. Not there for me! I use Google
  6. I vote for and have the composting toilet and the Truma Water Heater. It is nice to not to deal with "Black" water and only deal with "gray" water. A lot cleaner and you do not have to deal with those chemicals to keep the tank fresh and not smell. Go Green! The Truma water heater is a lot better that running out of hot water when the hot water take gets empty. I can wash the dishes, wait for the wife to shower and then take my shower without running out of hot water. ++++
  7. On my (new to me) 2018 Oliver Elite II, I have the manual Carefree awning. Have not used it yet but it has the legs that can attach to the side of the Ollie. I think those legs can also be placed straight down on the ground. Will the Cardfree awning withstand more wind due to these leg supports?
  8. Ray and Susan Huff - I am guessing that you do not use a WDH with this hitch arrangement. Is that correct?
  9. Dumb question. I was looking at John's blow-up of the fan parts and did not see where the circuit board is located. Can someone explain where it is located and how easy/hard it is to replace. Thanks Richard
  10. I just purchase the (current) receiver from Oliver and installed it myself. It is the same receiver that you can see on Oliver's web site pictures. They sent me a sticker with the 150 lbs limit. The receiver is a 1-1/4" unit.
  11. I would suggest that you contact Oliver sales group. They should know how the system was designed and be able to give you the information first hand. Let us know here what you find out.
  12. John - Take a lot of pictures and post them here for us dreamers.
  13. FrankC According to TireTraker, the sensors on the spare tires will sense the road vibration when moving and wake up. As TireTraker recommends, in the morning you can do a "Auto- Update" which will provide data on all the sensors. Richard
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