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  1. Dwainkitchens: I did a lot of research over 3 or 4 months looking at four fiberglass RV manufacturer's as well as various airstream models. This research included comparing different options of each company. I also talked to various owners of each brand as well as reviewing the web site of each company to see what options each could provide. To compare each, I set up a spread sheet of the criteria I was investigating so I could easily make comparisions. One of my criteria items was ease of towing each trailer, where Oliver has the advantage. My research brought me to the conclusion that
  2. Bertrands Thanks for the catalog
  3. I just took delivery of my used 2018 Oliver Elite II yesterday. It took me 5 months of research of trailers and 3 months of looking on the Oliver Forum to finally buy this Oliver. Three other Oliver trailers that I wanted to buy were sold prior to me "pulling the trigger". I was the first person to respond to the ad on the forum for my Hull # 354 which had all the options I wanted on it. The original trailer owner lived in Michigan and because of my worry of traveling with COVID virus, he was nice enough to deliver it to me in Maine. I can't wait for spring so I can wash and wax the
  4. Foy Speering make some great wooden accessories for the Oliver trailer. Can anyone provide me with contact info or a link to his catalogue, Thanks Richard
  5. I am soon to be a new owner to a Oliver (previously only had a pop-up trailers) and I have a insurance question to everyone. When you insure your Oliver, is it just insurance from your automobile insurance company or do you need to buy insurance like homeowner insurance. If it is like homeowner insurance, what are the major companies that handle this type of insurance (that are reasonable to work with). Thanks Richard
  6. Thanks all for your opinions. As I expected (and hoped) I see no need for the WDH for my tow vehicle with the Oliver Elite Richard
  7. I am looking at purchasing a Oliver Elite (single axle). It is being sold with an Anderson No Sway Hitch. My TV is a 2018 RAM 1500 Rebel. Is it necessary (recommended) for me to use the Anderson No Sway Hitch or can I just connect to my 2" TV standard ball hitch? A friend of my has a similar TV and has a Oliver Elite II and does not use a No Sway Hitch with no towing issues. If those of you that own a Oliver Elite (single axle) could tell me what you use, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks dewdev
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