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  1. John: Thanks for the picture. Now I know what I am looking for.
  2. I understand that there might be 2 anodes on the metal part of the trailer. I looked for them but could not find them. Can someone describe where they are located and maybe post a picture? Thanks Richard
  3. Today I was going through a list of equipment in my 2018 Elite II and writing down Model and Serial numbers. There were 2 pieces of equipment I was not sure of. 1. On the road side of the trailer (opposite the door side) under the twin bed was a piece of equipment marked as Xantrex PROwatt. I assume this was the inverter. Is that correct? 2. I am not sure what the Auto Transfer Switch looks like and where it is located? Can someone post a picture of the Auto Transfer Switch. Thanks Richard
  4. In my second O&M manual, which has all the component in it, I printed out a index for the book. In the index, I have placed model numbers and serical numbers.
  5. Harley Contact Oliver Sales and they will contact a owner in your area so you can set up a showing.
  6. In Maine, in no particular order: Arcadia National Park (very busy in the summer) on the Atlantic Ocean Mount Katahdin (end of the Appalacian Trail) in the Rangley Lakes Region Wells Beach (has a couple of CG's) and Old Ochard Beach (has multiple CG's) both close to the Atlantic Ocean beaches.
  7. From the pictures sent by Mossey, I am guessing that it could be either the USB 2.0 Standard-A or the USB 3.1 Standard-A. Monday I will call Furrion to see which USB they use, so I do not order the incorrect plug to switch from the Furrion to the memory stick.. I will pass on to all what they say. Thanks Mossey and SeaDawg.
  8. Mossey: Thanks for the link. I did do a search myself but did not find the one from ShallowGal. I also looked at the Oliver University TV video and in the Furron owner's manuel but neither solved the issue. ShallowGal's 2017 and my 2018 Ollie's apparently have the same model Furron TV and radio. (We do not have the TV Audio TV Speaker option to turn off the TV speakers.) ShallowGal's procedure of switching the radio Input Mode to "ARC" was the answer to getting the TV audio onto the radio. Simple one step procedure. Thanks Mossey. NEW Question: The radio has a USB connection on the front panel. The owner's manual does not say what size/series this USB connection is. I have a memory stick with music on it but the memory stick does not fit into this Furron USB connection. Does anyone know what USB connection size/series it is and how I would be able to connect my memory stick?
  9. I have been trying to program the TV to utilize the radio speakers. I went onto the Oliver University instruction site but the programming instructions given did not match the functions on my TV controls. I suspect that the Oliver University instruction was for a different model Furrion TV. I have a 2018 Oliver Elite II. Has anyone been able to have the TV audio come on the radio speakers and if so how did you program it? Thanks
  10. Greg: I do not agree with John about which trailer is best for you. The Elite 1 is the smaller single axle trailer and is best suited for only 2 people. You mentioned camping with kid and grandkids. The Elite 2 the larger two axle trailer is a little bigger. 3 people might be comfortable in this two axle trailer and could accomodiated more people during meal times depending on the trailer layout you purchase. Check out the Oliver web site and look at both trailer sizes and choose for your self on which size trailer works for you. John has a good point about rock protection of th efiberglass tailer (or using tow vehicle mud flaps) if traveling a lot on gravel roads. I would suggest you contact Oliver as they could tell you the location and contact information of the closest Oliver owner who could show you their trailer. Maybe there is some owners in Alaska already. Good luck in your search
  11. Nice qilts and pillow covers on the beds. Did you purchase them or have them made? If purchased from where?
  12. If you got water, they will come!!
  13. csevel Why not use the outside shower for water for the dog?
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