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  1. I believe it is a good idea to upgrade campground on all the public lands to reflect today's RVs. And, where possible, add flush toilets, showers, laundry facilities, etc. where it won't interfere with the innate beauty and natural features of the area. But keeping the control within the federal system and employing Americans to oversee the lands would guarantee the conservation of these lands. I would hate to see a SmallMart or WagABag on these prized lands. If done correctly, upgrading the public lands would help to offset the costs. We all should take pride in America's Public Lands and work to conserve them and their wildlife, but privatizing the oversight and running of the parks and campgrounds would be a huge mistake. JMHO
  2. This saddens me greatly. National Parks were meant to preserve the land in its natural state. Think back 150 years. There were no zip lines or food trucks. The idea of commercializing these natural areas goes against the very premise of their creation. Providing camping spaces that welcome those who wish to be part of the natural beauty of our country is important, but to destroy the natural experience with ultra modern conveniences will be the beginning of the end in my opinion.
  3. I love your Oliver home structure!! Did I understand that you can plug in Oliver and empty the tanks at the structure? Bravo on your building skills!
  4. It's a shame they don't offer the option for those who order the solar option on either model. For those who will use shore power only as needed, wouldn't the 4 AGM batteries be sufficient? I do understand that LP has its place in an RV, but it seems to me that the more appliances that can be run using solar power to keep batteries charged, the better ecologically and economically. Thank you so much for your response.
  5. It seems the compressor type refrigerator is becoming quite popular in RVs. Is it possible that Oliver will begin offering this option? If a compressor fridge can be retro fit, it seems that Oliver would have little trouble offering the option from the get-go. Perhaps the external vent could either remain or have a fiberglass cover option.
  6. Thank you all for your replies. I hadn't thought about the changes to the structure or the fact that it is molded to fit the fridge and microwave. Was a huge duhhh moment on my part. Thank you all for your patience and your knowledge.
  7. Would it be possible to move the Convection Microwave under the stove and put a larger fridge in the space freed up? Drawers would be lost--less storage for stuff, but in the OTT II there would still be drawers. And a larger fridge means larger food storage space, and for me fewer shopping trips. A drop in or portable small induction stove would mean less propane consumption. Boondocking for long periods of time isn't for everyone, so simply needing propane for heating water and the furnace would provide the opportunity to use less fuel. I am not trying to reinvent the mouse trap, just thinking about what would be (for me) a more perfect travel trailer. I do know these options are available on other trailer brands--but that isn't an option for me. Any thoughts or ideas? Thank you!
  8. Thank you all for your responses! I do understand more now and realize that 3000 is indeed overkill for my use. Living in Louisiana not far from both New Orleans and the Gulf, we have nine months of summer and run our air conditioners constantly. We do have one month of fall, one month of winter, and one month of spring. During those non-summer months, we often need heat...some days all day, some days not. Most Christmas days require ac, while many Easter mornings we use heat! And a few days we use neither because our weather is simply glorious. I pray one day to be able to travel the seasons and weather where using AC isn't needed and heat is used to simply take the morning chill out. Thank you for your input!!!
  9. Thank you for your reply. Love your fridge/Yeti set up! I dislike shopping for groceries, so being able to stock up for a couple of weeks would be nice. You live in TN and need air conditioning 365 days??? I live in SE Louisiana near the Gulf and I don't need it all year!! I would have thought TN has cooler winters. I didn't know the Yeti could be charged in the vehicle. Good to know. Thanks!!
  10. Before I begin the discussion with my question, please understand I know close to nothing about solar power and how it's stored except that batteries are needed. With this said, would it be possible to use the solar panels installed on the roof of the OTTs to keep one of the Yeti or other solar generators charged? I like the idea of not having to use a generator that uses gasoline or propane. And these types of generators are safe for indoor use as well as outdoors...or so the companies say. I read and hear both pros and cons about lithium ion batteries and safety. Not sure what to believe. But having a solar generator to use to supplement power while not hooked up to shore power does seem better than burning more fuel. Any thoughts or ideas or knowledge sharing would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. Thank you for sharing the link to the video. Speaking only for myself, I would prefer a tow vehicle and travel trailer, not the class b. I don't like the idea of needing an engine serviced and having to bring along my house! It seemed a bit cramped, but again this is MHO only. I did like the fridge as it appears to be spacious, but the sink/stove combo wouldn't be user friendly for me. Again, thank you for sharing.
  12. Well, I look at the floorplans, but wouldn't buy an Airstream...too many quality issues. You are so very right..quality is so far below OTT. To be honest, before happening upon OTT and this forum, I was very uneducated on travel trailers in general. What I have learned from this forum (and others) beats my college degree by miles and miles!! I wouldn't fulltime in anything but an Oliver. Not just the exceptional quality, but the exceptional service. And I do hate to sound like a girl...but, Olivers are pretty. Whereas, the streamlined beauty of the Olivers may not be real high on the priority lists of some folks, it is me. Airstreams are pretty, but from reading the airforum posts over time, there are just too many quality control issues with brand new Airstreams. Overland, thank you so much for explaining the length measurement differences between the two trailer types. I was unaware of the difference.
  13. I am in no way a fan of Airstreams and their issues. With that said, their Globetrotter line now has 23 foot. Larger 3 way refrigerator, queen or 80x34 twin beds, convection microwave, full bath (in the back, yuk!!) and bedroom in the front (double yuk!!). My point being...many of the "wishes" of OTT folks/wannabes seem doable in a 23ft. I am thinking new fiberglass molds to accommodate the new design/arrangement would be expensive. And the extra foot wider would surely make the model more expensive. The Globetrotter 23 comes in roughly at 100k. The decor is OK, nothing to WOW about, but the conveniences of three burner stove, convection oven, and full bath are dreamy for this 62 year old gal-full-time-hopeful. Any thoughts?
  14. Hello Monica! Thank you for your service! I pray you and your hubby have many wonderful adventures and write your own "Opus" in your travels.
  15. I like the idea of flashing lights and waving!! Maybe one day, there will be an OTT chat app for phones/computers where you can text (perhaps OTTrig # would be username) and touch base (NOT while driving!). If owners want a meet-up, one could be arranged.
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