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  1. Obviously added length, dry bath, larger fridge, and queen bed or wider twins. But, I would love, love, love to see an all electric RV. The lithium batteries, 3000 watt inverter, more solar panels, compressor fridge bigger, but not too big, and an induction cook top. I am dreaming, so I know this would be expensive. Not sure how a furnace would work...are electric heaters on the market for RVs? And all done in a 26ft (ball to back bumper) OTT. On a side note, do I remember correctly that once the shorty Elite had a single bed in the back with a seat on one side and fold up table?
  2. Are mattresses available for the Elite from Oliver? Would be nice.
  3. The closure of the state and national parks really does sadden me. I truly believe for those who are healthy, being out in the fresh air and sunshine away from cities is so much better to avoid being exposed. Perhaps if those folks who made these decisions were campers or RVers they would understand. Perhaps not. JMHO
  4. Mike and Carol, you are so correct! So much has changed in two weeks. And with state and local campgrounds closing in so many states, there isn't a lot of options as to where to park and camp. Healthwise, for many it wouldn't be smart to be away from medical facilities. Unless small groups would agree to camp near...not too near...each other and watch out for each other, it is probably not safe anymore either.
  5. I am sorry if by closing the fed/state/local parks it means the RV parking spaces. I fully understand closing the visitor centers/stores/pavillions/etc as keeping them clean would be impossible. Being able to get yourself and loved ones out and about, away from others, and in a self contained RV spot would seem to me as a safe zone. Perhaps my knowledge level is inadequate in this area. BLM land? Seems like they have always been open. Perhaps that is the answer. Maybe meet with trusted friends/family and park within earshot for safety. Things will get worse before getting better and this greatly saddens me...for all of us. John Davis: I am so happy for you and your family that they are healthy and safe in NZ! NZ will and always has put their citizens first. Perhaps someone at their hotel can purchase the items they need for them. I would hope that this simple kindness is extended to them. Again, I am so happy they are safe and well. To all who read this forum: Stay well. Stay safe. Take care of those you hold dear. I will continue to pray for us all.
  6. Thank you, Overland. When I started this topic, things had not gotten so out of hand. And I was and still am curious about how folks with OTTs out and about would protect themselves. I could be wrong, but truly I believe that people who are camping in out of way locations with their supplies are probably safer. I love the ideas those who responded have. Being careful about hygiene, being in fresh air and sunshine, cooking meals at "home", and being proactive when one has to have contact with other people are all paramount in protecting oneself and loved ones. Thank you to all who have replied. Now, on my retired teacher's soap box: not everyone will react to the constraints Covid-19 has caused in a positive way. I can't control how others react...and I don't want to waste energy trying. Stay close to your own hearts. This pandemic is going to bring out the good, the bad, the beauty, and the ugly in people. In my community in Louisiana, I've seen the bad and ugly. But, I have looked carefully and am also seeing the good people helping others. Beautiful hearts. If OTT feels the need to close down for a while to protect their workers, I have no doubt it will be to protect their workers. No one can make the product they do, with the support they provide, and not be truly good people with beautiful hearts. JMHO. Be well, everyone. Take care of yourselves and your loved ones. Stay close to your heart. Pray for an easier world.
  7. New Zealand has excellent healthcare and educational systems at any time. I am sure they are taking wonderful precautions for their citizens and visitors alike. I hope they both have a glorious time!!
  8. Everyone, thank you for the replies. Have safe travels!!
  9. I very much agree, Sherry. In some ways, it is easier than staying at home with less spaces to keep clean/sanitized.
  10. I am curious about the effect the SARS-CoV-2 virus (covid-19) is having on OTT owners and their travels plans...those traveling at present and those planning trips. The OTTs are self contained and appear to be easy to keep the inside clean and sanitary. Traveling with your own transportation and RV seems to be safe as the owners control the sanitation. So, questions: Has anyone canceled plans to travel with their OTT because of the virus outbreak? If you are traveling at present, what precautions are you taking as you travel? Staying in campgrounds? Or avoiding crowds and boondocking? Are there any extra precautions you are taking now to further protect yourself as you interact with others? Thank you for any feedback!
  11. Your OTT is lovely!! I can see the cartoon bubble over those gorgeous pups' heads...and it says, "So, Mom and Dad, where you guys gonna sleep??" Have a glorious time in your travels.
  12. I believe it is a good idea to upgrade campground on all the public lands to reflect today's RVs. And, where possible, add flush toilets, showers, laundry facilities, etc. where it won't interfere with the innate beauty and natural features of the area. But keeping the control within the federal system and employing Americans to oversee the lands would guarantee the conservation of these lands. I would hate to see a SmallMart or WagABag on these prized lands. If done correctly, upgrading the public lands would help to offset the costs. We all should take pride in America's Public Lands and work to conserve them and their wildlife, but privatizing the oversight and running of the parks and campgrounds would be a huge mistake. JMHO
  13. This saddens me greatly. National Parks were meant to preserve the land in its natural state. Think back 150 years. There were no zip lines or food trucks. The idea of commercializing these natural areas goes against the very premise of their creation. Providing camping spaces that welcome those who wish to be part of the natural beauty of our country is important, but to destroy the natural experience with ultra modern conveniences will be the beginning of the end in my opinion.
  14. I love your Oliver home structure!! Did I understand that you can plug in Oliver and empty the tanks at the structure? Bravo on your building skills!
  15. It's a shame they don't offer the option for those who order the solar option on either model. For those who will use shore power only as needed, wouldn't the 4 AGM batteries be sufficient? I do understand that LP has its place in an RV, but it seems to me that the more appliances that can be run using solar power to keep batteries charged, the better ecologically and economically. Thank you so much for your response.
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