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  1. I find these forums simultaneously comforting in that there is an impressive wealth of expertise and intimidating in that there are so many (potentially horrific) things that can go wrong, even on a well-made trailer. Then I realize that this is probably the engineer group of campers who like to a.) prepare for everything, and b.) explore and understand even the tiniest details, improving the design whenever possible. I just want to sit in the woods by a fire, not go down the road contemplating whether or not my axle is stout enough, or run around with a torque wrench at every gas station! 😜
  2. Thanks Bill. I had a double pulmonary embolism this past spring (at a “mere” 54) and felt fortunate to survive it. The experience really changed my perspective. Mini-labradoodle is four. Name is Ollie. Go figure.
  3. For those who are watching the delivery lag, we wanted a spring delivery and were told July ‘21 was the earliest they could do - so we asked for a spring ‘22 delivery. Phil called and said they had a cancellation and offered May of ‘21. Even though the later date is probably better for us we couldn’t help ourselves so we accepted the earlier date! Currently progressing through the big expense stages, from remorse into cautious optimism. We remind ourselves that it’s like buying a car, only one with a remarkably durable resale value.
  4. Wow, that’s gorgeous. Exactly what I had in mind.
  5. @Overland, that wood accent below the pantry is exactly what I envisioned. Looks beautiful. We did a black walnut counter in our house and it just gets prettier over time, without any watermarks or dings that don’t add to the appeal. (Drop a pan? Looks even better!) I might just get the free top option and find someone to make me pieces for the pantry, under micro, dinette, and nightstand. Agree with @HMD1056 about the kitchen and bath counter. Of course I need to actually send Phil my check first. My wife wants to see a Casita to make sure the Oliver size/quality/appeal differential
  6. Am I the only one who finds it surprising that there isn’t a black fiberganite choice? We would probably just go with the regular decor choice with the black table but the white counters make the amount of white a little overwhelming. Thoughts? Or is that the point - to induce buyers to spend the extra $1800? Secondly, has anyone ever retrofit with wood counters? I love the sleek and modern interior of the Ollie but it strikes me that some wood counters would add accent and warmth.
  7. Welp, we did the tour yesterday and came away very impressed. A little disappointed Phil wasn’t wearing his signature flannel but otherwise we loved everything we saw. It’s an impressive operation and my wife was so happy that there was zero sales pressure. After never seeing an Ollie in the flesh it was odd to see one behind us as we neared Hohenwald and then all over the place in various states of completion. I’ve obsessed over this stuff to the degree that the factory tour was almost redundant, but it was great to actually see and touch everything. The quality is evident and we really want
  8. Thanks everyone! Very much appreciate all of the thoughtful replies. I change my mental list of options hourly at this point but I’m leaning toward keeping it simple - probably just solar and batteries. Subject to change by laying my eyes on shiny stuff and deciding I need it. All of it. After reading my eyes out on all the forums it occurs to me that the community of owners is possible the greatest feature. My wife and I have an old farmhouse with an exhaustingly busy Airbnb business (and full-time jobs) and it’s a ton of work fixing all the stuff that inevitably breaks around here.
  9. Thanks Bill. Very much appreciate the thoughtful response. I think the composting toilet appeals to me (okay, appeals is too strong a word) because I can avoid all the black tank and snake heinousness and bypass the lines at the station, in addition to the environmental benefit. But after reading about these things there are certainly some downsides. Creepy compost bugs! I also think my wife will be weirded out by a visible pee jar in the bathroom. I’ll move that to the ‘definitely-maybe-conditional’ column. You make a good use case for the wifi booster. Moved to the ‘maybe-think so-could be-
  10. Thanks for the welcome! @SeaDawg, thanks! It’s a relief to know that I don’t need to predict my future needs absolutely perfectly and it is easy to get carried away with options. “Ooh that one sounds nice, gotta have that one, definitely want THAT one...” I work in solar professionally so I share your green ethic. I am leaning toward solar, a composting toilet (minus the bug issues), and the combo door lock. I can see my wife and I on our knees at 2am, possibly a little drunk, scratching in the dirt for trailer keys (“I thought YOU had them”). Any thoughts on those features? @Mike an
  11. Hi all! Long time lurker and finally getting serious. The nest is nearly empty and we are done messing around. Two days after deciding we’re doing this we scheduled a trip to Hohenwald. Next week we get to meet the Oliver folks, do the factory tour, and take an in-person gander at an Elite II. Really, really (really) excited about the trip. Stops in Asheville and Nashville are also part of the fun! We’re a long way from putting down a deposit (759 miles to be precise) but wanted to ask the group where you would spend your money on options. I’m determined to keep those under $10k. If y
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