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  1. Agreed. But then, I wouldn't put my babies on a rack on the back of the Ollie anyway. They will live in or on the tow vehicle. MaryBeth Specialized Diverge Pro Specialized SWorks Ruby Liv Pique Advanced 2 🙂
  2. Good to know, and as I suspected. The van is black and not nearly as well insulated as an Ollie. Looking forward to a little more "wiggle room" re: the dogs than we have now!
  3. I use this in our Sprinter. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M1OPOZB/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_porHFbQRBV7JV The van is black and heats up like you wouldn't believe without the AC running. The only downside to the Temp Stick is that you need to have access to cell signal because it relies on wifi to transmit temperature data. And even if you camp with some signal (and have a cellular modem), it doesn't do you any good if where you are going without the pups puts you out of cell range....that happens all the time on some of our cycling adventures, so it isn't a Fail-Safe system. In reali
  4. I learned about the Avenza maps app when I cruised out to Pawnee National Grasslands this spring. I wanted dispersed camping, but the local forest service office was closed due to COVID. Thankfully, they pointed me to free forest service maps on Avenza. They show in great detail what areas are open to dispersed camping. If you can boondock, dispersed is the way to go in the west. https://www.avenzamaps.com/mobile-maps?campaignid=10221828697&adgroupid=102940455500&adid=453328850375&gclid=CjwKCAjwlID8BRAFEiwAnUoK1e_S1UVHaVpOOzhKxzPx9ByrWrbkUypIRjAtl3ENXqNyFO9sRcFw9RoCI58QAvD
  5. Oh! I do miss fireflies. Grew up in Massachusetts, but I've been a colorado girl for nearly 30 years now. Wouldn't go back, but there are definitely things I miss.
  6. That just sounds like an excuse to buy lighter bikes! 😀
  7. 2020 has been quite a year. Thinking of you and your state today...
  8. I admit that I am a bit spoiled in the Sprinter -- the electrical system is powered by 2 tesla batteries that are kept topped up by 795W of roof-top solar. I'd keep it, but my husband doesn't fit in the bed and it can't be retrofit easily. Expensive to keep as a "she-shed".
  9. Susan, Are you planning on using this outside, or just on the countertop? My only cooktop in my sprinter is an induction cooktop, and I really like it. Better than I have liked any propane cooktop in my past campers.
  10. I'm a huge proponent of prepping meals before a trip. It's always worked because our trips have never been longer than 10 days and we've had a reasonably sized fridge (and once even a separate freezer!) This may all change once retirement hits in a year or two. One of my prep tricks is to freeze leftovers in 1 or 2 meal portions, marked with a piece of blue tape that says "Camping X1 or x2). I also prep a few cans of tuna for sandwiches so I don't have to make a mess on the road. I just got back from 3 nights in the desert and ate like a queen: Chicken tikka masala, chicken burritos,
  11. In our current rig (Sprinter Van) Hubby and I each get two bins for clothes - the bins are about 16'x10"x10", one for our cycling/hiking clothes, one for everything else. We each get a smaller bin (1 cubic foot) for cycling gear like shoes, helmet, gloves, glasses, computers, lights.... We also have a drawer permanently packed with puffy coats, gloves, hats, and raincoats so we never forget them and a drawer for our slippers, flip flops, and camp shoes. Then we get whatever shoes we happen to be wearing when we leave the house. This works out pretty well for us, and in truth I usually retur
  12. I really am looking forward to an in-person visit. All of our research points us to Oliver, and for someone who has owned two Forest River products (a pop up and a Roo), I am REALLY looking forward to quality craftsmanship. 😉 The only thing I can think of that would keep us from ordering is if my husband decides that there just isn't enough elbow room. Neither of us is particularly tall, but this man likes his space. The Roo with its camper-long bumpout dinette/couch meant that we could host 8 of our closest friends in the rain, practice indoor yoga, and not trip over each other. Persona
  13. Thanks, Susan. I spoke at length with Rodney today, and will be working with Josh moving forward. Hopefully we'll be able to "See an Oliver" sometime in the next week. Rodney was very helpful (as was Jordan a couple of months ago), and answered all the questions we have....right now. And I was sure to let him know that the only thing we aren't keen on in the current Oliver is the propane fridge. Just no good at altitude, and when you start at 5500 feet like we do, you're always going up! 😉
  14. LOL. I was just on the phone with Rodney, and we talked at length about refrigerators. We often camp at over 8500ft, and experience says that propane simply doesn't work consistently. Since we'll be going with the Lithium Pro package, there's no reason we couldn't do a straight 12V fridge like the Danfoss. Count me as another who asked....it can't hurt! Now I need to dig up your thread on your mod.
  15. Yep. It's good to be able to get off the beaten path and find those hidden places!
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