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  1. We'd love to join in, but unfortunately are traveling with a non-egg couple (rPod). Think they would be open to an exception? mb
  2. ugh. I’ll try again when I have more signal than I can get while, literally, driving down the road. 😉
  3. Kirk, Have you used AeroPress? I’m curious about your experience and a comparison with the Robot. Aeropress is our go-to when the Breville poops out at really high altitudes, but it’s kind of a drag to make 4 (or more!) shots in the morning. If the Cafelat is a simpler prep, I might be willing to try it.
  4. As described by TopGun — it’s difficult to release the door, which causes the whole thing to shake and make a racket. We had them adjust it once on pick-up, and that lasted about two days, so I’m not really sure their adjustment did much. It seems to be highly dependent on just how perfectly level we manage to get. mb
  5. Time to add a few from our most recent month-long trip to Moab (mountain biking), Valley of the Gods (annular eclipse), North Rim of the Grand Canyon (supposed to be more mountain biking, but we got smoked out by a nearby prescribed burn), Valley of Fire, and a Paso Robles HipCamp (wine tasting, of course!). The rest of the trip was staying with friends, and we’re currently high-tailing it home! As always, the Ollie performed above and beyond — we never once plugged in, but still used the convection microwave and a/c whenever needed. And even though we spent several nights in sub-freezing temps, we had no issues with frozen lines. I love VellOllie!
  6. Any idea what this change will be? If there is one thing I find mildly annoying in VellOllie it’s the bathroom door. It makes way too much noise when you fully open and close it.
  7. We use ALL the coffee options including instant (yes….bags from Walla Walla Roastery are delicious!), AeroPress, CleverDripper, and our Breville Bambino Plus for espresso. We have a Knock Aergrind to grind fresh for each cup. What we makes depends on the day. If we’re staying put for more than 2 nights, I’ll set up the Breville. One to 2 nights = CleverDripper or aeropress, or instant if I’m really short on time. All are equally delicious, and I never feel like I have to do without coffee!
  8. This is all excellent information. Thank you! Unfortunately we don’t have time for an upgrade before we start our month-long trip tomorrow, but it’s definitely something to consider in the future. Who wouldn’t t want a quieter system?? 🙂
  9. OK. Our last attempts at troubleshooting: 1. “primed” the pump by using the old “run city water through the system while in boondocking mode” trick (we’ve had to do this before when we had an airlock). Turned everything back to normal mode: nothing. 2. Now we are really at a last resort: replacing the replacement pump with a brand new one that Mr. Amazon Driver delivered bright and early this morning. “Bleepity, bleep, bleep, bleep!” SO MANY BAD WORDS…..the replacement for the replacement dropped right in and started pumping! So….the replacement pump we bought as a “spare” at Camping world this spring is apparently faulty. Glad we discovered that here and not in the middle of nowhere. Good news: I ordered 2 new pumps from Amazon yesterday, so we still have a spare. SO FRUSTRATING. We’ve been spinning our wheels for 24 hours, completely flummoxed and driving ourselves nuts. Grrrrrrrl
  10. OK. I checked, and the fresh water tank is full. Turned the pump switch on, opened a faucet and….nothing. Is there some other priming step we’re missing? mb
  11. So is there something special that we need to do once it’s plumbed in line to get it to kick in? The system isn’t under pressure at the moment, since we just installed the new pump, so simply turning on a faucet wouldn’t cause a pressure change, would it? Maybe fill the system to capacity (the tank is only 80% full at the moment), THEN turn on a faucet? I could see how that would change the pressure in the system somewhat and could trigger the “call” we need to kick the pump on. TIA for your help. mb
  12. Changed the fuse. Nada. The mystery really is that there is 12V at the power leads at the new pump, yet it won't power up when wired.
  13. Good point, Galway Girl, but once we got our switch configuration sorted, we have 12 V at the pump, but it still won't turn on. Just to be thorough I'll swap out that fuse, though. It can't hurt. Thank you
  14. Sorry….I didn’t see this until now. The service person at the TMobile store activated the SIM before I left the store.
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