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  1. Oliver please consider making your Elite 1 with a queen bed and not a double bed....Many people want a small single axel trailer, but a double bed is small for 2 people. A queen bed is much roomier!!! You make a beautiful trailer, but you could do better be replacing the double bed with a queen.
  2. I recently read that oliver has fixed the problem with water becoming dammed up behind the awning and not able to drain. Has oliver posted any pictures of this fix? I have looked through the forums page but cannot find anything.
  3. Hello Everyone, I am looking for the best 1/2 or 3/4 ton short box truck to tow an elite 2. I would rather not invest in the Anderson Hitch, as I already own a really nice adjustable B & W hitch. What type of truck do you own and how does your truck handle pulling the elite 2 up and down steep grades, 6-8% grades? Do you have any issues with trailer sway at interstate speed, during cross winds, or when a semi truck passes you? What type of mileage do you get with your truck when towing and type of engine is in your truck?
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