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  1. Hello, I was reading your post about your 1/3-2/3 mattress you had made. I’m looking to purchase a elite. May I ask you the ball park price you paid?
  2. Hello everyone, I was wonder what the brand name is of the convection oven (microwave/oven combo) that Oliver put is their trailers? Also have any of you done any cooking in the oven (cooked turkey roast, baked potato, meatballs, meatloaf, etc)?
  3. Oliver please consider making your Elite 1 with a queen bed and not a double bed....Many people want a small single axel trailer, but a double bed is small for 2 people. A queen bed is much roomier!!! You make a beautiful trailer, but you could do better be replacing the double bed with a queen.
  4. I recently read that oliver has fixed the problem with water becoming dammed up behind the awning and not able to drain. Has oliver posted any pictures of this fix? I have looked through the forums page but cannot find anything.
  5. Hello Everyone, I am looking for the best 1/2 or 3/4 ton short box truck to tow an elite 2. I would rather not invest in the Anderson Hitch, as I already own a really nice adjustable B & W hitch. What type of truck do you own and how does your truck handle pulling the elite 2 up and down steep grades, 6-8% grades? Do you have any issues with trailer sway at interstate speed, during cross winds, or when a semi truck passes you? What type of mileage do you get with your truck when towing and type of engine is in your truck?
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