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  1. I filled the water tank to 50% yesterday to test the water pump. The pump kicks on and supplies a steady stream of water to the kitchen faucet for about 15- 20 seconds then slows to a trickle, The water pump continues to run for about a minute, then shuts off. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what the issue might be?
  2. Would the Champion Dual fuel 2500 be about to charge my lithium batteries?
  3. Hi Mike and Carol Did you get the Lithium batteries on your trailer? If so, I would like to have a tutorial on their use. I am confused by the percentages I am seeing and don't really know what to look for or be concerned about regarding the level of discharge the batteries have. Should the charge level not fall below a certain percentage and if so, what is the parentage and what do I do if it falls below that. I want to be a good steward of the batteries, but feel like I don't have enough information about what to look for or how to read the inverter screen.
  4. Hi Kaleigh, I was looking at the beddy's too. Like you, I don't like having the bed looking unkept especially in such a tight space. Do you have the twin bed size? Kathie
  5. Melanie and I made it back to Vancouver WA in one piece. Ran into a error code which turned out to be a poorly wire pedestal that my surge protector didn't pick up on. Then we set off the fire alarm. Finally, the propane worked, then didn't work for some reason. I suspect there was some air in the line. The technology is the trailer was a little intimidating as I was afraid I would break and/or ruin sometime like a pump or solar system. The manuals were really helpful. We had some trouble with the Anderson Hitch as the initial install was not done correctly. We still haven't learned how to disconnect the Anderson hitch without loosing it underneath the rig which is a hassle. It was a long trip from Tennessee back home, but I am happy to say we were able to back into every campsite with out much trouble. We are really happy with "Joni" and miss not being on the go. Retirement is just around the corner, so we are looking forward more happy travels. Melanie and Kathie
  6. Mike and Carol, We have a RAM 1500 5.7 Hemi and plan to tow an Ollie Elite II with an 11000 lbs tow capacity. We've had various opinions shared with us regarding our trucks ability to tow up mountains (which we plan to do frequently). Can you give share with us your experience regarding towing an Elite 2 up grades. We are running into the same issue many others have had who own half ton trucks, cargo capacity limitations.
  7. Hi David, Would the Champion 2500 dual fuel get the ac running and charge the batteries or do we need to step up to the 3500. We are trying to conserve on the weight. Kathie
  8. Thanks David - We are starting to look for drawer organizers. I appreciate your help. Cheers Kathie
  9. My wife and I are picking up our new Elite II Oliver in July, 2021. I've tried to find the galley drawer dimensions, but can seem to locate them. Can anyone tell me the drawer dimensions of your Elite II. Thank you.
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