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  1. Thanks for the responses I really appreciate it. Larry
  2. We have finalized our LE 2 order. Now I am looking for advice on accessories for the trailer. I am planning on getting the Andersen ultimate trailer gear package for leveling, chocking and pads for stabilizer jacks. Would I need anything else? I have read that a water filter is a good idea? Do you have suggestions for a water filter. I have also read that you should use a polarity and voltage tester to make sure you have safe power at campgrounds? Suggestions for one of those. I understand you get a 30 to 15 amp converter plug with the trailer. Would you ever need a 50
  3. Thanks for all the replies and information. Good food for thought. Larry
  4. My wife and I have ordered a LE 2 twin model which we will be picking up in early May. I have some questions about options that we need to finalize by early Feb. I was planning to get 4 lead acid batteries to start and then when those die I would consider getting lithium batteries. Lithium batteries seem crazy expensive. I would think you could convert the connections from 4 batteries to the 2 lithium batteries, is that correct? We have decided against solar panels since most of our camping will be done at established campgrounds and in Wisconsin there are many cloudy days plus most
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