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  1. Hull # 1045, picked up 3/10/22. Since purchasing our Oliver we have had the inverter trip 3 times. The first time was 2 days after pick up. We had driven 6 hours with fridge on DC. At some point we checked the Lithonics APP and the batteries were at 66%. Got a hold off Jason. He sent sent me a screen shot of the inverter switch and instructed me to check it. Sure enough it was tripped. I re-set it and by morning we were back to 100%. Twenty-Five nights camping without an issue until this week. On Monday we drove 2 hours from home to the campground. Tuesday morning the 3 lithium batteries were around 44%. This may have been my setting the fridge back to DC even though we were plugged in to shore power. John Schneider was a big help and after a much helpful back and forth, he suggested I check the inverter switch. Sure enough it was tripped. Re-set and by early Wednesday we were back to 100%. On Friday we drove 2-1/2 hours to the storage place. When my wife went into the trailer to off load stuff to take home she called to me that an alarm/buzzer was going off and the inverter screen was flashing. I hooked up to shore power and went in. The inverter screen was dark and there was no green light to confirm shore power. I went back out and moved the cord to a different plug. The inverter would cycle on, "0"'s on the screen, and shore power light on. Then a a lot of stuff on the screen, followed by 13.6 and the float number. Then it shut off again and recycled 2-3 times. I went under the bed and the inverter screen under the bed was flashing. I check the switch and it again was tripped. Re-set it and everything was working. I made sure the fridge was set to AC. Mike got back to me after lunch and is sending me a replacement switch. I'm new to lithium batteries and inverters. Is this common? Have others experienced similar issues? I will replace it when it arrives. Looks pretty straight forward. I'll turn off the 3 batteries and solar and do the work inside at the storage place. Any words of wisdom would be welcomed.
  2. Thank You everyone. We are going to stay with the Lithium Package. Everyone's posts gave us great input and helped us make the decision to stick with Lithium. We found four (4) items to cut-out $1,500 (Laguna Table, shower curtain/track, the powered back flow control for gray water, and the extra front 30amp outlet). We spent 8 years playing the AMP Game. We now have the real peace of mind. After everyone's posts here and on Facebook, we got the answer we wanted. Enjoy the rest of the Thanksgiving Weekend. Happy and Safe Travels😊
  3. Posted on Facebook also. We don't pick our EII until the end of June. I selected the Lithium Pro package. Truth be told, I'm second guessing that choice. I realize I have 3-4 months to change to the Solar Pro Package. Obviously $4,300 difference is a lot of money that can be used elsewhere. My wife and I come from a truck camper background. When we started the roof top solar package was a 100w Zamp panel on the roof and 2-AGM 12-volt batteries. We had a Dometic 80L compressor fridge. Between the solar and driving to charge the camper batteries, we got by. 50% of our camping was off grid, batteries running fridge, furnace, lights and CPAP Machine. The last 2 years we upgraded to 2-100 Zamp panels on the roof, a new Zamp controller, and new 12v AGM batteries. We also added a Honda 2200i generator. With the Oliver, we see our camping style changing with less back country, but numerous places without shore power ( National Parks, USFS, BLM). When we drove 6-8 hours between campgrounds, our batteries were fully charged. Yet others with the same batteries and solar, and a 3-way fridge ran their batteries down when set on 12v. I can't figure that one out. I wouldn't want to drive with the propane on. I don't think I would have an issue with the lithium package running on 12v while driving. The A/C, microwave, and TV would require the inverter. Are 4-6v AGM batteries with the 340w solar going to be enough? Will I have problems driving with the fridge on 12v? I guess there is another side to this. I'm asking myself if the Lithium and 3,000w inverter are way over my head. I have been reading the forum and some issues have popped up between the lithium batteries and the inverter. Sorry for the lengthy post. I want to get this right, and if I'm good with just the solar package, that $4,300 will be a big help elsewhere. Thanks for your input.
  4. We come from the truck camper world. We have ordered an Elite II and have our tour and meeting to finalize options on 10/21. Having spent hours on the forum and Facebook, your list is spot on. We won't get our trailer until late June '22. I already raised the question of compressor fridges. We have two, one in the camper and another in the truck. They are awesome and with lithium batteries power will never be an issue. Acrylic with windows that are hinged on the top and can be locked into several position, would keep rain water out and allow windows to be cracked. Until we spend time in the trailer and experience everything, I wouldn't want comment on your other suggestions. You did miss one😎. The porch lights would be better with an Amber lens. The light by our camper door is Amber and no issues with bugs.
  5. We recently ordered a Legacy II. We will be traveling to Tennessee in a couple weeks to finalize options. Coming from the truck camping side, we have been used to compressor fridges 12-vol/110). There seemed to be more problems with the 3-way than the compressor fridges. Everyone has their preferences. We will have Lithium batteries and the 340W solar. Some people will drive with the propane on. Others say it is dangerous. I know that driving with 12-volt will drain acid and AGM batteries pretty quickly, but not sure about lithium. I would love input on how all of you run the fridge when driving. Since Oliver only sells the 3-way, we will need to get used to this. We also have a National Luna 50L top loading fridge that we have in our truck. I usually plug the top loader onto shore power or into our generator during the day and then Goal Zero 400 Lithium power pack at night. I'm thinking I can plug it into the trailer in camp and will experiment with that. Thanks for your advice and feedback.
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