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  1. Never had that problem with either RV Antifreeze or DryRid when storing. If you have any kind of air freshener or diodorizer in the trailer they will set it off.
  2. You are correct about the technology. I was thinking back to my truck camper days, where there was a flexible panel that got fried. There was a lot said about air flow. If the mfg. is calling for adhering to the roof surface then they would have tested. I stand corrected🙃
  3. Solar panels need to have space between the roof and bottom of the solar panel to allow air flow. Flexible panels will not last if they are adhered directly to the roof. Not only did people have panels fail prematurely, the 3M adhesive made it almost impossible to remove the panel and many had extensive damage to their RV roof. I would consult the panel mfg. to make sure adhering directly to the surface is an approved method.
  4. All it takes is one time to damage them. You need to get them charged and have a battery place do a load test. How old are they? IMO I would be surprised if they aren't toast. Hope that isn't the case. I have seen many cases were AGM's were run down to 11.8 and damaged.
  5. Late March is the perfect time to visit the Texas Hill Country. Inks Lake SP puts you in the triangle with amazing towns to visit. Burnet, Llano (Cooper's BBQ), Marble Falls (Blue Bonnet Cafe and Bear Brewery), and Fredericksburg. So much to do in Fredericksburg (Brewery, German food, Military museum, including George H.W. Bush exhibit. Lady Bird Johnson and LBJ historic sites around Johnson City, TX. Best of all of this is you will be in the heart of Blue Bonnet season. Follow the Blue Bonnet Trail, and the Willow City Loop. The drives are beautiful and the Blue Bonnets and Indian Paintbrush are the frosting on the cake. Inks Lake - North Loop, right on the lake, site #88. Though at this late date, the North Loop is probably full.
  6. Galveston Island SP, Beach campground, Inks Lake SP, Garner SP, McKinney Falls SP, or Mustang Island SP (near Corpus). It will start getting warm in late March or I would throw in Caprock Canyon SP or Palo Duro Canyon SP, both just SE of Amarillo. We have camped at Palmetto SP, but we would never go back unless there was a group gathering. We go to Galveston Island Beach Campground every March. I can think of another 5-6 I would go back to before Palmetto every showed back on my radar. Reminder that Texas SP booking window is 5 months. Good Luck
  7. Congrats from Hull #1045, Jolli Olli Happy Camping
  8. I have maintenance scheduled at the Mothership for late February There are a number of owners that have replaced their failed touch lights with something similar that also has a blue night light. I going to buy a 4-pack and have Oliver replace the 2 bad ones. No negative reports on these. By the way I asked about having the new lights (2024 Oliver's) with toggle switch installed, but the lights are larger, requiring moving them slightly and doing some fiberglass repairs. Bummer.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. If your grilling or cooking a turkey out in the wild, please share your Turkey Day Photos. Happy Camping and safe travels where ever you are. 🦃🦃
  10. Congrats and Happy Camping from Hull # 1045
  11. The inverter coming on periodically isn't an issue. I wondered and Oliver shared why a couple years ago. I can't remember what they said other than it isn't an issue
  12. I would suggest having a 30amp box installed on your garage or where you store your trailer. We had a 30p box installed next to the Fuse box in our garage and an on/off switch in the fuse box for the 30amp. I plug in the trailer and flip the switch just like the shore power post at a campground. Cost me $275+/-.
  13. We had the new valve stems installed by Oliver, but just didn't trust those beads. We took the trailer to a truck tire place where they removed the tires and the beads and vacuumed the inside of the tires for good measure. They reinstalled the tires and balanced the wheels with weights, and rotated the tires. No more beads.
  14. Went back through this thread. It was October they shorted up theicrpwave and replaced the trim for the 3rdntime, not this past February So I went from late October 2022 until 2/27/23 when I discovered the new crack. I need to check and see if I started another ticket in February, which O would have been still iny 1 year Not really concerned either way. JD
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