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  1. We're new to trailering and picked up our OE2 in early November. We're in a campground in Florida for the winter before heading back to Michigan We have full hookups at our site and my question is his to properly flush the black tank The video shows how to hook up but mentions nothing about what to do with the black tank drain valve Should we leave it closed while flushing or should it be open to drain into the sewer? Prefer not to make a mess by mistake Appreciate advise from the more experienced Thanks
  2. Really appreciate everyone’s feedback My wife and I will be retiring the end of this month and will be turning in our company phones, so wanted to know if we should keep or switch the ATT & Verizon services we’ve had for a number of years Thank you all!
  3. My wife & I will be picking up our new Elite II Nov 8th and wondered if any of you could weigh in on which cell phone service is the most reliable for traveling across the country? I currently have Verizon and my wife has ATT, which seems to be sketchy here in Michigan We didn’t opt for the cell phone or WiFi booster and understand service can be poor or unavailable when boondocking in many places Any recommendations or thoughts?
  4. We made the trip to the factory at the end of November and placed our order and deposit for our new LE2, and though we won’t pick it up until late 2021, we’re excited and hope the year goes quickly. Already following the forums and learning a lot. Really appreciate you sharing your experiences with the new Ollie as it will help us when it’s time to pick ours up. Being newbies, we’re finding the willingness of Ollie owners to share, teach and problem solve with each other, displays the greatest feature of owning an Ollie ... support from this unique family of owners. Looking forward to being part of this wonderful group! Bob & Deb
  5. We recently ordered our LE2 and wondered if there are color options or choices with the awnings Didn’t come up during the build order haven’t seen anything mentioned in the forum, though we are new to this site thanks
  6. Is anyone towing the elite 2 with a new GX 460
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