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  1. can you send me the dexter axle breakdown you have?

  2. We took our time and stayed one night at Liard Hot Springs, two nights at Whitehorse, Congdon Creek Campground @ Kulane Lake, Harvest Hosted @ Delta Junction and the to Fairbanks/North Pole KOA. Was a great trip and enjoyed every part of the drive minus some of the smoke along the way.
  3. Howdy Mark, Welcome to the Oliver Trailer family! Don't ever hesitate to ask questions on this forum as there is a wealth of information that is freely shared by all. Mark and Cyndi
  4. When I had this happen it was the EMS relay not pulling in once the power was confirmed good. Called Progressive Industries and they sent me a replacement unit to install. Upon additional inspection, it appeared the coil wiring shorted out thereby not allowing the magnetic force to develop pulling in the switch. All was good once replaced. I now carry some 10g Wago 221-612 wire clips with me so I can wire around the relay if it happens to me out on an extended trip. Not idea, but I have a WatchDog power checker I use before connecting to the power anyway. When bypassing the relay one would have to connect L3-->T3, L2-->T2, and L1-->T1 with the Wago connectors to bypass the relay directly under these connections. Once your new unit comes in you would just replace the whole unit. I looked everywhere for a replacement relay to carry with me but the part number on the relay came up empty on multiple google searches. This is the Wago Connector mentioned above. You will need to carry 3 with you to bypass relay, if needed.
  5. I have the 6000 lb model as well. No experience with the smaller version. Here is the link on Amazon for the one I purchased that is same as the link in the summit racing link: https://a.co/d/4PuME
  6. This is the Jack stand/ jack we carry with us. It has worked great anytime we needed to lift the tire. Highly recommend.
  7. Would highly recommend you take time to visit Lost Maples and Garner State Parks as both are excellent parks.
  8. Having driven the F150 V8 5.0 pulling the LE 1 and now pulling the LE 2 with a F250 6.7 I can honestly say there is no comparison between the two and the overall reduction in driving stress with the diesel 6.7 has been a big win for us. Our F150 pulled the lighter LE 1 trailer fine and got between 13 and 17 mpg with varying hills and/or head winds. The best number we got was when driving the Natchez Trace Parkway (50 mph and no stop signs for hundreds of miles) during our last trip home from the Oliver factory. So far, we have put about 10K miles on the F250 pulling the LE2 trailer and have been averaging around 16-17 mpg going speed limit speeds on our trip back to Texas from Oregon and a couple of trips to Colorado. The biggest win for me along with the additional torque the diesel engine provides is the awesome range we get with the larger fuel tank and higher fuel mileage (over 600 miles). I have only had to fill up the DEF two times since purchasing the truck about 12K miles ago given that the DEF was low when purchased. We have offset some of the fuel costs via our fuel discounts we get via the OpenRoads program, Good Sams and the Bucee's 5% fuel discount for local purchases as we have 6 locations near us. Overall, I would say we use about the same as we did using our F150 to pull the LE1 as we currently do pulling the LE2 with the F250 from a cost basis. One additional lesson we learned during our trip to the Grand Canyon in the F150/LE1 was that the 5.0 engines does not like the lower octane fuels sold in AZ as their normal grade. As a result of excessive engine knocks, we had to purchase the premium or mid-grade to keep the engine knocks down to a minimum. If I had to purchase another Truck today I would definitely go with the Diesel 6.7 as it has been flawless for us. In addition, the exhaust break on the F250 has been wonderful when going down those steep grades in the mountains as well. From all my reading tho, you need to stay on top of having the oil changes done regularly as well as the fuel filters changed about every 10-15k miles.
  9. I just replaced the one in our new older trailer with a alternate brand. The one used in the 2017 Oliver was hard to find (Atwood) and about 40% higher in price. The installation was easy enough as one of the two supplied faceplates covered the existing hole and only required a pilot hole for the new screws. Below is the link to the one I installed. No more alarms in the middle of the night! https://www.etrailer.com/RV-Gas-Detectors/RV-Safe/RS34FR.html
  10. Thanks! Never dreamed someone could answer so quick.
  11. As many of you already know, my wife and I recently had to replace our Hull #664 trailer with a slightly older Hull #293 due to a rollover accident. We have really enjoyed the step-up to the larger trailer and really like some of the "older" features such as the cabinet latches. Since purchasing, we have slowly upgraded the trailer with some of the modifications we had made to our LE1 such as the black window seals. The previous owner had elected to not have the front and rear "Oliver" symbol decals installed. Unfortunately, my wife and I found that we really missed having them on and have had several people confuse our LE2 with a Casita whereas we had never had that happen with our 2020 LE1 with the decals. Good news is that Oliver parts had our colors of our side stripes (Midnight Metallic and Silver) in stock and were slightly over $200 for a complete trailer set (minus the side stripes). Question for the experts out there: Do you happen to know the measurements on the placement of the Decal on the Front? I just want to make sure I don't have it too low or high and not match other trailers at a rally in the future. Thanks in advance. Also, if anyone has some expert advise on installing decals I would be open to learning before going off on my own. LOL
  12. At all of the places I have used the card at, the TDS card is your "credit card" that is used at the pump. Basically, swipe card, enter pin, select if you want to purchase DEF (not discounted) after filling up with diesel. Complete the fill and hang the pump handle up. That's pretty much it unless you selected DEF and you would then fill up your DEF tank with the other nozzle. As for the discounts, the amount varies at each location. You have an app "OpenRoads" that will show you the locations and amount of discount at each location as well as any transaction fee (usually around $0.40) that might apply. So far our discounts have ranged around $0.20-$0.60 per gallon. There is no cost to use the program so we see it as a win-win. The stores we have used the card are are mostly LOVES, Allsups, 7-11 truck centers, Stripes, etc. There are no Flying-J or Pilots in the program so we use our GoodSams discount at those locations. Here is the link to their FAQ page: MyOpenRoads FAQ Page
  13. We have the OpenRoads (TSD) card and have used in on our last two trips over 3,000. The convenience of the larger lanes, cost savings, and the rapid fill rate at the commercial lanes have been a game changer to the positive. We have recommended to several of our friends as we have been very happy with the program so far.
  14. Just a quick follow up to let everyone know both Cyndi and I continue to do well with no hidden injuries from our rollover accident. In addition, we were successful in finding and purchasing a 2017 Oliver Legacy Elite II this past week and have just now returned to our home location after successfully making some of our originally planned stops from our interrupted vacation on Apr 2nd. It is truly amazing we were uninjured in the accident and able to get back on our feet with truck and trailer within the remaining two weeks of our scheduled vacation. Thanks again for all the support the Oliver community has given us these past few weeks. This alone should convince anyone on the fence about purchasing the best built travel trailer on the market. Mark and Cyndi
  15. Great ideas from everyone on how we might track this individual down. I even tried driving around on Google maps to see if I could see it parked in someone's driveway. No such luck yet. I am going to keep trying even if my wife thinks it is way out there. Thanks again to everyone's support for us during this unique event. My wife, Midnight the cat, and I continue to feel fine with no physical trauma other than the mental part of replaying the rollover in our minds. I have had several of my co-workers contact me and let me know they have purchased a dash-cam after hearing our story. I can't stress enough how much it helped with the police report and the insurance companies so far. Mark, Cyndi and Midnight the Cat
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