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  1. I think if you look closely at the photo of the LE2 being towed by an SUV on Oliver’s main web page you will see it has these awnings installed. Looks like the photo was taken somewhere in South Utah but not sure.
  2. I just got back from the Oliver Service Department and had them install the one I was unable to push into place. Happy to report the suspension now has the correct upward travel with the installation of the 5" shackles and the annoying suspension squeaks are a thing of the past. While there, I looked at another Ollie I awaiting to be picked up and I am happy to report both the correct shackles were installed along with the hanger bushing. In addition, we had the shower floor squeak fixed while at the service department for the trailer's annual checkup (re caulk, bearing repack, system checks, etc). Spent a significant amount of time talking with the "Trailer Whisperer" Jason and he said the shower floor was not cut correctly from the factory and was rubbing up against the sides. Happy to report we no longer have the squeaking floor!
  3. H109-376 from Pelland Enterprises. We replaced ours right after purchase with ones that are black vs the original white. https://www.pellandent.com
  4. Just canceled our stay. Hope we will get to see everyone next year. Thinking we will stay closer to home the next couple of weeks here in the great state of Texas.
  5. Welcome to the Texas Ollie family. We have had our trailer a little less than an year and have been enjoying the many State Parks here in Texas. We too, are headed to CO in July to spend some time in the cooler weather. Perhaps with so many of us going to Colorado this July we will have an opportunity to have an "Ollie Sighting".
  6. All, Quick note back to the other Ollie owners out there to let everyone know the new "longer" shackles arrived on Friday and were installed on Saturday. Happy to report that the installation went fairly easy and the upward travel is now ~1.5" as designed. Thanks again to Jason and his team on getting me the new shackles in a short timeframe and working with me on getting the trailer ready for our next trip.
  7. JD, Excellent post. Just wondering if it might be worth mentioning that the Oliver factory might have incorrectly used the longer shackles on the some LE2 trailers thereby, reducing their upward travel as it is just the opposite situation than using the shorter shackles installed on the LE1. Do you think it might be worth it for the LE2 owners to check their shackle length? Perhaps you can advise as you clearly have a detailed understanding of the LE2 suspension and have put a lot of thought into the design.
  8. Elite I Oliver Owners, Jason confirmed with their QC/Engineering department that the LE1 trailers should have 1.5" of upward travel. Therefore the upward travel on our trailer was not within the design specs. Jason offered to have our trailer inspected by their shop or a local provider to determine what might be our issue. Upon further discussion with Jason and a few more photos sent to him, we quickly determined the source of our issue was the incorrect Dexter Heavy Duty Kit Shackle was used on our single axle setup. The correct shackle kit (K71358) has shackles that are 4 5/8" in length whereas ours was the shackles you would have used on a dual axle trailer with a length of ~ 3 5/8". Ergo, our trailer is sitting ~ 1" lower that it should. I requested he send me the correct kit with new bolts, nuts, bushings, and shackles for me to install sometime next week. My best guess is someone in the factory just picked up the wrong shackles and installed. I am sure Jason will provide them with the feedback required to establish a QC process that inspects this area so it never happens again. I would however, recommend other 2020 LE1 owners out there inspect their shackles to ensure the correct ones were used on their trailers.
  9. On our LE1 water will back up in the sink and the shower if the valve is closed. I have not traced it down as to why, but my best guess the valve also blocks in the vent thereby not allowing the water to flow down into the tank. Perhaps the LE2's are piped differently. Easy thing to check the valve position.
  10. Be sure and check to see that you opened the grey water valve in the bathroom. We have forgot to do this when traveling from one site to another and experienced the water backing up in the sink and shower drain. Once opened back up, all flowed well again.
  11. Just normal highway use. Travel from picking up the trailer and a few state parks here in Texas. We do have plans to go to Utah this summer so we are looking to go to somewhat rougher roads hitting the BLM sites.
  12. LongStride, I am surprised I have not heard back from Jason as he normally responds within a couple of days. Perhaps he is on spring break this week. I have included a couple of more pictures of the spring brackets as from my reading, the brackets used impact the amount of "bump clearance" the axle has. Here is a cut and paste from the "Dexter Applications Manual" they have online (dexteraxle.com) "Leaf spring type axles must have sufficient clearance to the frame to operate properly (see Bump Clearance definition). If the spring hangers are too short, the axle may contact the frame during articulation of the suspension and result in overloading of the axle and possible damage. If the spring hangers are too long and provide too much clearance, the springs may be damaged if excessive loads are encountered and the axle is allowed to move too much. If this condition exists, bump stops should be used to prevent over travel." I am by no means an expert on trailer axles or suspension systems but I just saw this when looking under the trailer and thought I would ask as it seems odd to me. Perhaps it is exactly as designed and has not given others a problem or there was something done incorrectly on my trailer that will need to be corrected. Only time and/or feedback for fellow experts or Oliver with tell. First two photos are the front bracket and the last two photos are of the rear hander bracket. Perhaps others can look at their brackets and advise if our trailer is different than what was used on their 2019/2020 model. Not sure when they changed the suspension system from the "under" to "over" axle so prior year trailers might be substantially different by design.
  13. Just picked up the trailer for another outing this weekend and thought I would included some more recent photos for others to compare with their trailers. As you can see, it has hit a few times and made its mark on the trailer frame bracket. Still waiting on hearing back from Jason on the normal gap. I will advise once I hear something. Mark
  14. LongStride, My intention was not to question the overall design of the suspension system as Oliver has been making these trailers for several years without a bunch of complaints from other owners out there. When we bought ours, we realized we were not buying an overland rig to take to the "outback" so to speak. Like you, my wife and added the options needed for us to take some off the beaten path to boondock from time to time. We have utilized our trailer for multiple trips and have not really had any major problems with any suspension systems other than a squeak we developed after traveling through a rain storm one day. Some dry lube and addition of grease solved the problem. I have bumped this question to Jason to see if it is common across all newer LE1's or something might be incorrect with ours. I will report back when I hear back from him or the Oliver team.
  15. Quick question for other Newer Elite 1 owners out there: Have you looked at your suspension and noted the distance between the upper u-bolts and the frame of the trailer? When looking at mine, I measure about 1/2" between the u-bolt and the trailer on ours with the trailer empty. Does this sound correct to the other "experts" out there? I noticed where the u-bolts have hit a few times but with the trailer only having 3k highway miles on it , I am not sure it will be indicative of future wear when boon docking more. The picture I had on this computer was from when we first got the trailer and I am not sure if the springs have sagged a little since then as the pic has the gap appearing a little more that the 1/2" we have on both sides now.
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