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  1. Not sure if everyone else in the country experiences this but, here in South East Texas our Bright White Porch Light attracts every flying creature known to man. After doing some research, it appears yellow light is less attractive to flying insects. We recently purchased some yellow film to place over the porch light and have found it to help out considerably. Of course, we are not in the middle of summer now so only time will tell next spring if the theory holds true. Below is the link to the film I purchased and applied to the lens portion of the light along with a couple of photos
  2. On our drive back home to SE Texas after picking up our Ollie, we stayed at the COE Maumelle Park (Highly recommend). After unhooking the trailer, we made a short drive of about 10 min. to the TR Pugh Memorial Park located within Little Rock. I thought I would share the photos as it was a wonderful place to see and highly recommend you visit if you find yourself in the Little Rock Area.
  3. SeaDawg, Your approach is another great solution to the noisy seat opportunity. I used the 3/4" felt tape on mine but it might have been a little easier for me to use the 1" as there was ample surface area to attach it to and it is only a couple of bucks more. The 75' of tape was plenty and I now have a lot left over for replacement at a later date, if needed.
  4. We elected not to utilize the screws provide to secure the panels down as we wanted to ensure easy access for any maintenance needed. Therefore, we noticed the rubbing between the panel and the body of the trailer made a little noise. An easy fix was to apply this felt tape to the body of the trailer where the panel makes contact. I must say it worked great and still allows you to screw the panels down if you desire. For ~$15 we would highly recommend if you find yourself wanting make the seats a little quieter. I will try to go out and get some pictures this weekend to share on this
  5. Skalywag, Many thanks for taking the time to go out and get some photos. This is just another example of why the Oliver community is one of the best.
  6. I heard back from Jason today and he has escalated the case to Oliver QC/Engineering and Dexter for a resolution/recommendation. Hopefully, I hear back from them with a recommended fix and can move forward. He also indicated he had the same concern when they first started using the Dexter HD kit on the single axle trailers as Dexter approved but might have expected the OEM to have a bushing on the rear hanger. I will let you know what I hear back.
  7. Skalywag, My trailer has the brass bushings installed in the spring eyes but nothing between the ears of the rear hanger. Sent my pictures to Jason for comment but, he did not respond with a statement that the installation missed installing the sleeve/bushing. It would be great if you could provide a photo as I can use it to have a more detailed dialogue with Jason. Here is a youtube video of what my concerns are without having the bushing on the rear hanger. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Y8vyIrodEw&feature=emb_logo I am new to trailer suspensions so
  8. Skalywag, Do you happened to have a photo of your initial setup and post install? Looks like you tried to upload a photo but it is not coming through. If I am understanding correctly, your upper bolt (goes through the hanger) came with a sleeve (bushing) from the factory, correct?
  9. I purchased these from Amazon about 6 months ago and would highly recommend. They fit perfectly on my 2018 F150 FX4. Set of 24 Eisen 14x1.5mm One-Piece Lug Nut
  10. Not sure if all the Elite I trailers are the same throughout the years, but my 2020 Elite I has a rear leaf spring hanger that does not have a bushing. As a result, any grease put into the upper rear grease fitting will just exit the bolt mid-air and drop down on the lower shackle point. Therefore, in my case, any grease used on this zerk fitting is a waste of grease. I am awaiting a response from Jason E on why a wet bolt is being used in this location and what might be done to ensure lubrication of the bolt to hanger contact as well as the side of the hanger and the shackles. With less
  11. Overland, On the single axle (my case) the shackle is installed on the rear hanger and the shackle then attaches to the spring eye. On the tandem axle the spring eyes attach directly to the hangers and therefore have the bushing. Here is a YouTube video of what I am talking about. Here is a photo of my front and rear hanger from the side.
  12. Yes, Neither side was designed with a hanger that has an integrated bushing. Dexter sells rear hangers with and without bushings. Not sure why Oliver went with the one without the bushing. Biggest concern is that the bolt and/or the bracket will experience some significant wear in the near future. I will be keeping an eye on how much wear occurs over the next few thousand miles. In the meantime I am in the process of purchasing some spare bolts to have just in case the bolt fails out on the road.
  13. Oliver Owners, We picked up our new trailer (Legacy Elite I #664) on Sept 16, 2020 and have been using it on/off since this date. Overall, our experience has been wonderful and the quality of the trailer has been much better than what we have read about other manufacturers. In an attempt to help others with our recent learnings, I am listing some of the items were have learned about, fixed, and/or submitted a tickets for: Initial Pickup: - The bathroom interior window frame was bent due to being over tightened - Jason and the person showing us the trailer located a ne
  14. Thanks to both Dave and Mike for the excellent information and helping a soon-to-be Oliver owner out. Your willingness to take the time to provide this much needed information is priceless and is another testament of the value of becoming a part of the Ollie family. Counting the days down until go pick up the trailer 😁. Thanks, Mark
  15. Mike, Thanks for the quick response and feedback on how your initial experience was hauling the Legacy Elite I trailer with a F150. Looking forward to see what your measurement was for a level trailer when towing. Hopefully, you and the wife will be able to get the tailer out for a trial soon so we can hear how much you enjoy the trailer. Mark
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