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  1. Could one of the moderators move or copy the discussion about electrical wiring diagrams from "Anyone need us to look into anything during our upcoming factory tour" post to this new topic?  The discussion seems to have taken on a life of its own and is important to all new and recent owners.

    I don't know how to do it (or if I am even allowed).


  2. The rationale behind no longer providing wiring diagrams in the owners manual because the wiring design is "in a state of flux" is plausible.  It stands to reason that the Oliver engineers may be tweaking the wiring design so that the installation becomes more efficient in their efforts to meet increased demand.  That makes sense to me.  What does not make sense is hiding their wiring diagrams from the competition yet still allowing cameras in their factory.  I have visited many facilities where photos were not allowed simply as a measure to protect their methods and processes.  If someone at Oliver came up with some groundbreaking electrical milestone that would be revealed by a wiring diagram, then they should apply for a job at Lockheed or NASA.  We are talking travel trailers here, not fighter jets.  The service department surely has access to that information as it applies to each hull number or it would be almost impossible to troubleshoot electrical warranty issues.  They could hunt for hours at their own expense without a diagram.  That would be a very poor component of their business model, which at this juncture appears to be a smashing success.  Waiting to update the currently non-existent wiring diagrams in the owners manual until they have completed their design changes is understandable.  However, refusing to provide a copy at the owners request simply because they don't want to go through the effort would reflect very poorly on Oliver, and would be a real disservice to their customers who are paying a premium not only for their product but for their service as well.  It is especially important that this information is available to the owners since they are spread out nationwide and there are no service centers except at the mothership.

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  3. Now I am getting the notification intermittently.  Logged on four times today and only one of those times did I get the notification, but get this... I got the notification in duplicate.  One right after the other, and with the same time stamp!

    There are gremlins in the machine.  Ha ha!

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  4. Just click on Safari next to the apple logo when you have the browser open, then click on About Safari. 

    I wasted the meter part of my day yesterday trying too figure this out.  Fooled around with every setting possible to no avail.

    The problem appeared out of nowhere so we can only hope it will disappear the same way.  😳

  5. JW

    The notice that I keep getting is that I logged on from a new device.  However, when I go to settings and choose "Recently Used Devices" it lists the device for every log-in that I have done since January.  The device that I am using is the very same device, but now for some reason the site does not recognize it.

    Thank you for your efforts.  I will just keep deleting the notices for now.

  6. JW

    I never had the 2-factor authentication set up prior to the issue.  I did set it up and tried it out to see if it would help.  It worked fine, but I still got the notification that the site was not recognizing my device.  Since it did not help and I don't feel the need to user it, I disabled it.

  7. So I have been using DuckDuckGo as my web browser (what I was using before the issue surfaced) and I just changed it to Google.  I also went to my settings and disabled the "Prevent cross-site tracking" feature.  Cookies are enabled and there is nothing that I know of that would interfere with the site recognizing my device.

    No luck.  Still getting the notices that the site does not recognize my device.

    Let it be noted that prior to the problem surfacing I was using the DuckDuckGo browser and I had the Prevent cross-site tracking enabled.

    I really don't know what else I can try on my end.  Something changed somewhere.

  8. I am still experiencing the same issue.  Nothing has changed on my end (as far as settings go) since a couple of weeks ago when this problem first showed up.  Same devices, same settings as I had since I first joined the forum.  Not using any private windows or content blockers.  I am using a feature that prevents website cross-tracking, but I disabled that feature and the problem still persists.

    I am running Safari 14.0.3 on my MacBook with the latest software update installed 3/13 (macOS Big Sur 11.2.3).  I don't think that it has anything to do with the update because the issue has only been plaguing me for about two weeks.



  9. As of late, every time I log on to the forum I get an email stating that the website does not recognize my device.  It happens on my laptop and on my phone as well.  Both are Apple devices.

    Don't know what changed.  Never had this issue before.

    Anyone care to share their thoughts?

  10. Something is not right with the installation there.  The countertop lines up with the bottom of the microwave as it should, but does not line up with the refrigerator cavity and cubby.  I am speculating here, but it looks like the horizontal cubby above the refrigerator is integral to the frame surrounding the refrigerator.  Perhaps this "frame" is inserted into the molded fiberglass casework and was installed improperly.  Is the horizontal bottom face of your refrigerator parallel with the floor?  If not, then that is where the problem lies.

    Materials and workmanship should be covered under your warranty.  I recommend that you open a service ticket on this (send photo) and see where it goes.  They may have you take it to somewhere near you for a fix rather than a trip back to Hohenwald.

    At any rate Oliver needs to know of this issue so that it can be corrected.  I am picking up an Elite l in June and I have a whole list of issues that I have learned of on this forum that I need to check before accepting delivery. 

    I know from following you on the forum that you have had some real frustrations, especially traumatic because now this is your full-time home.  I hope that you have not had regrets.  My research indicates that Oliver has far fewer QC issues than the other guys.  Take a look sometime at the owner forums of Olivers chief competition.  I was on there just the other day attempting to find out how much suspension to frame clearance they have.  Couldn't find it.  What I did find was page after page of problems and complaints.  It's like that is all they talk about.

  11. Your coupler, AKA "repair link" needs to be rated for at least the rating of the chain.  Quick-links like the one that failed are typically not rated very high.  More like something that one would put on a dog chain.  Oh yes, they do have their place.  I use them to connect to the eyelet on my bird feeders hanging from the eaves on my garage.

    IMHO, something like this would be much safer...



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  12. We will be picking up our Elite l the first week of June and I am preparing a home for it.  We live in the city, and like Chukarhunter I need to access my yard through a narrow alley.  I need to get the Ollie up a 4% slope of grass to the concrete pad where it will live.

    I have done extensive research on powered dollies.  I even looked into aircraft tugs.  I am about to pull the trigger on a Trax TX6000 Power Dolly.  The manufacturer says that it behaves very well with Bulldog hitches, unlike some of the other dollies.  I actually saw someone successfully using it with a Bulldog in a video, evidence that the factory rep was not just "telling me what I wanted to hear".  There are several vids out there.  Looks like it does well on level grass.  Real well on concrete.  Watched a guy push his big ole silver SOB up a moderately sloped driveway with no issues at all.  The TX6000 also has an integrated brake system with a 7-pin connector so it will activate your trailer brakes when you stop it.  This is a important feature to anyone who is dealing with an incline.  What a horror it would be to have your Ollie get away from you and smash into something.  


    The Parkit360 was in the running until I contacted the manufacturer and they told me that their unit does not play well with the Bulldog hitch.

    For the grass incline up to the concrete pad (about 10'-0") I am going to use permeable pavers to provide increased traction for the power dolly.  Not sure if I will use gravel or grass with the permeable pavers.  I am thinking that grass would look nicer but may be harder to maintain.  Sure, I could mow over it, but when the power dolly tires dig through it to get traction on the pavers it will leave unsightly tracks.  IDK... gravel, wood chips, I'll figure out something.


    I found one other solution.  It is the one that I really wanted, but they are currently out of production.  Check out the Trax X2.  It is a 350 lb. radio controlled tank with a hitch connection.  You could take the hitch post off and mount a chair on it.  What fun!  The manufacturer was not forthcoming about why they quit making them.  I suspect that they only made a few and discovered that they were cost prohibitive for most.  Too much investment up front to have them sitting in stock.



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