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  1. Coach and JoJo, I am sorry but I do not have a contact number for Toyota. I think that I may have used a link in the Toyota Owners App on my phone to contact them. I don't really remember. I am leaning in the direction of the app because they knew my VIN number (and I did not provide it). I suggest that you contact Toyota Customer Service to ask about your particular vehicle. I had read the tundra talk thread that rideandfly provided a link to while I was doing my research. I read many others on the subject as well. I contacted Toyota because I wanted a definitive
  2. Thanks for your input fellas. I can not find anywhere a written tongue weight rating from Toyota. As I interpret their literature, as long as you don't exceed the GVWR when including your TW, and don't exceed the rear axle rating on scales; you are good. Obviously you can't exceed the rating for a class lV hitch either. I was also contemplating a SwayMaster to satisfy the requirement. I figured that if I had to have a device to be legal, that I might go that route rather than the Anderson. Now that I have it in writing from Toyota that I am already fully equipped to tow safely wi
  3. We have a 2020 Tundra Limited Double Cab TRD 4x4 with factory tow package and 38 gallon fuel tank. It has a tow rating of 9100 lbs. which is the lowest rating for the model year due to the off-road suspension and increased fuel capacity. We will be accepting delivery of our Elite l in early June. If we max out the 5000 lb. GVWR of the Elite, the Tundra should handle it easily. Even with a full water tank, partial waste tanks, and full LP bottles I doubt we would ever reach 5000 lbs. unless we loaded it with cinder blocks. We pack light anyway. We were going to get the Anderson
  4. As it pertains to newbies queries, let me offer this... I come from a family of tent campers. Travel trailers are a totally new thing to me. I have learned a great deal on this forum, mostly by reading responses to questions posed by others. I found this forum to be an invaluable tool in helping me make decisions regarding my model choice and my tow vehicle choice as well. If not for the patience and understanding of the members of this forum in dealing with newbies questions, many of us may have become frustrated and made uneducated choices. In general, I have a rabid disl
  5. I will be happy to do that. I ran across some pics of what you did to the microwave cabinet in yours after you ditched the oven. Real nice job. Looks like a factory install. You are quite a craftsman!
  6. You are welcome Bruce. I agree with SeaDawg about asking your sales rep for dimensions of the box. My research indicates that the dimensions have indeed changed during the evolution of the cabinet. SeaDawg: I did not specifically inquire about access to the power source. Anita implied that it was set up for the microwave (or convection oven) to plug into. I am just going to wait until I get delivery to finalize my plans for the box. Then I can measure everything myself.
  7. Hello Bruce. I posed the very same question to Anita at OTT. She said "There is an outlet in the cabinet above the microwave (or convection oven) for either to plug into a power source". I am guessing that there is some sort of pass thru for the cord. I am am getting the microwave box and deleting the microwave. My thought is to keep a small toaster oven in the cabinet. I would use that a lot more than I would use a microwave. I will work out the details of that after I have the trailer. Anita gave me the following dimensions for the box: 16-1/4 wide x 12-5/8 deep x 20-7/
  8. Hello Airedales! I also drive a 2020 Tundra and will be picking up my Elite l in June. I see that you have installed airbags. Do you have an anti-sway device installed as well? Page 214 of the 2020 Tundra Owners Manual cautions that if your trailer weighs more than 2000# a anti-sway device of sufficient capacity is required. The warning applies to all models. It would appear from the comments of other Oliver owners that these trailers don't have issues with swaying. I ordered my Elite l with the Anderson Hitch simply to satisfy the requirement in the Tundra owners manual. In
  9. Very sad indeed. We looked at Airstream first when we began our quest for a travel trailer. The quality control issues were very concerning. Once we found out that they were owned by Thor, we ran away FAST. Fortunately for us we discovered Oliver.
  10. Hi guys! Congrats on your upcoming delivery of an Elite l. Always exciting to hear of another Elite l owner.
  11. That is way too cool! Your son is very talented.
  12. Perhaps "LongStride" was a bit misleading as a handle for a forum. It has to do with the height disparity between my darling wife and myself. She is a petite little thing and I need to mind my pace when going down a trail so she doesn't have to scurry about like an excited chipmunk. Seriously though, it's not quite that dramatic and she always keeps up without complaint. I just like to tease her about it! We did visit the factory and checked out an Elite l to see if I would be comfortable with it. The port/starboard arrangement of the bed will be fine. I am a bit shy of 5'-11" which
  13. Mike (LongStride) and Yasuko (ShortStep) here. Greetings to all! We are both retired and enjoy hiking the trails of our county, state, and national parks. We normally stay in park lodges, cabins, or nearby hotels. COVID has made those accommodations less appealing. I used to tent camp many years ago and considered going that route again. Not forgetful of the joys of setting up camp in the rain, I quickly ruled that out as a long term solution. I started looking at teardrops but ShortStep said that if it had wheels it had to have an onboard potty. Happy wife, happy home righ
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