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  1. Remember that is the picture for the "TRD Pro", I am guessing the regular Tundra might be dialed down a bit.
  2. Another possible challenge would be the size of the fresh/grey/black water tanks (really not sized for 4). That could be overcome if your crew does not mind using the facilities at the campgrounds (assuming you are staying at a campground with facilities).
  3. It would be great if they offered a factory option for the compressor fridge, especially with the expanded lithium/solar packages they now offer. Even if they offered a factory delete option for the propane fridge, not having extra holes in the side of the trailer would be a bonus. From what I have read, the compressor fridge cools down faster, has a larger capacity for the same footprint, and is not temperamental about being level. The only negative I have read would be extra white noise it makes when the compressor is running.
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