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  1. Mike, That's exactly how we felt about that number! Thank you!
  2. Galway Girl - A good omen indeed! Thanks so much for the info, I had no idea. Theresa
  3. So we were due to pickup in Feb. We prefer to boondock but we have spent the past 2 months making reservations for state parks ( the ones that had openings) and such - mapping harvest hosts out....so we could Pick up our Oliver, sight see Georgia, South Carolina Florida, Alabama (Bellingrath Gardens has been on my list) Gulf Coast without have to worry about were or if there was boon docking available. Take the Natchez Trace Parkway from Miss to Nashville, ending up at the Oliver Rally in May. Then head back to Az. When we originally placed our order we wanted a particular color and pinstripe we had seen on the site but for a 2022 they were no longer offering that. It was disappointing but not a deal breaker. We really wanted to get a hull # under 1000. We would have been 1024. Still not a deal breaker. We were notified earlier today that a slot had become available - pick up the end of Sept. If we went for this today...it will be a 2021. We get the color , pinstripe and hull # under what we wanted. We both agreed .... fate! We are getting exactly what we originally wanted! The only difference between the 21 and 22 will be the bearings - we will have to do the maintenance instead of the no maintenance ones on the 22. We already do that so no big deal. So we will be hull # 914 and be picking up the end of Sept. We have so many items on backorder sure hope they arrive but if not....we will make it work! Theresa
  4. Of course! I already made our reservations for the rally in Guntersville. Don't know what I was thinking....pretty sure it's age related lol
  5. Congratulations! Wow, that's a super sleek look! Looking forward to your upcoming posts.
  6. So happy to see this idea active again. Fort Tutill State Park right outside of Flagstaff Arizona is where the Overland Expo West is held. Plenty of room and things to do. 3 days? Spring? Fall? We pick up our Oliver in Feb. We are definitely in for a West Rally!
  7. Kevin and I have had these classes in our sights for quite some time. Now since we will have the Oliver we are considering staying in a campground and taking one late next year. Has anyone had any experience taking any of their classes? Thanks Theresa
  8. Hi Nancy, Those are the dates Anita gave us. I called to make our reservations and let them know we would be attending the Oliver Rally. This will be our first time so that's the extent of my knowledge. (We don't pick up until Feb) Really excited to meet in person all the wonderful people on this forum! Theresa
  9. Take 2 or 3 3/4" by 1/8 " aluminum flat stock. Bent in a ( c) configuration or a (s) configuration depending on amount of room at the top by the seating area. Through bolted at the top of seating area. I would use flathead machined thread hardware with a decorative washer. The straps to have a nut and bolt attached at appropriate places for attachment of the inverter. The bolts that the inverter will connect to will have extra length so the inverter can be attached after the bracket is installed. Bracket should be predrilled to attach to the plastic backer with screws. Bottom leg of the (c) or (s) bracket will be screwed ( not sure if you can in the ollie) or glued. This should transfer the weight of the inverter. The inverter to be bolted on with nyloc nuts or nuts, lock washers and threadlocker. As safety is key all power sources should be de-engerized. Just my thoughts - Kevin
  10. We are interested if anyone has made one as well. We have started one and it's looking like it will be a very long but we anticipate very fine day when we pick our Oliver up in Feb. We planned on getting there a day ahead of time but thinking 2 so as to be really well rested after our 1300 mile trip.
  11. Hello Nick & Linda! It's exciting right !?! We pick ours up the second week in Feb. @MobileJoy is correct. We've made the decision to purchase so now we are finding it's all about the researching of purchases we need to make / have for when we pick up our Ollie. We will be roving for the first 4 months anyway. We just ordered the anderson block kit that we feel will work best for us after alot of research and phone convo with the company ...they say it's at least 8 weeks out. Trying to be minimalist but prepared! Hope to see you out and about!
  12. I can talk about our experience with Discount Tire. They had just installed new tires on my xterra. Husband took it to work early the next morning. All of sudden he feels a shake , starts slowing down and sees one of the tires rolling by him. Towed to Discount - Long story short... It was their fault - they jumped right on it - something about the bolts not being tightened correctly. The rearend needed replacing after that. They no longer make them so it was junk yard time. We declined 5 before they found one 3 states over that was acceptable. This took 3 weeks. It went to an auto shop and the work was done on them. We were supposed to leave the next day for a 7 day Moab trip with an Overland group. All reservations had to be cancelled Discount covered the cost of all the cancellation fees. Didn't have to fight a bit for a thing. We have been doing business with them for over 20 years. That might have made a difference. *Thank God it was 4 am - the tire rolled through the median and into oncoming traffic - of which there was none!
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