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  1. Thanks, all Looks like we will have a replacement window sent from Oliver and we will try and install it ourselves, but I like the idea of having an RV place do it so it is done correctly... We will look into what is available in the Tuscan area in terms of RV places that would do that for us. There was a place in Phonix area that would fix foggy glass but I think a complete replacement would be the best solution. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. Thanks Steve, I am going to hunt up the manual this morning before I call Robert so maybe we can figure this out. I don't recall our manual having specific information like that in it, but perhaps I missed it. Karen
  3. Ok thanks,,,,for some reason, I didn't think they had any replacements in Tennessee. I will call Robert in the morning. What happened I think is not a crack actually, just a broken seal so not only did the argon gas escape, but water seeped in and stayed between the two panes. If possible, we wouldn't need to replace the whole thing, just fix it somehow. Since we are not terribly gifted with RV window fixing powers, we thought maybe someone has had to do this before and could give some insights.
  4. Has anyone had to replace a window? If so, where did you get it? Did you replace it yourself or did you have it done professionally? Would you go to an RV place or just a window/glass place? I am just hoping we can have the panes replaced, not the window. We have the side window with leaks in it as it has about 3 inches of water in it right now. Since we are leaving for our long trip out west in a few weeks, I was hoping we could find a place in Texas to have it replaced as that will be the first time we stop in a big enough city to have good resources available. Just not sure where/what to do here. Thanks all...any insights would be appreciated. Karen
  5. OK, so I admit to being rather technically challenged so bare with me. We are leaving in 6 weeks for our very first cross country trip with the Ollie. IN the past, we have not cared to watch TV. Not on a camping trip! But since we will be on the road for over two months, I suspect there will be times, when it's available since we usually camp in remote areas, we might want to use it. WE have one of those King Domes but no account with any service like Dish...and don't want one either. Isn't there another way to watch local channels when you are in a campground with such? What do I need to do to access that? Is there anything in the Oliver (08) that might be used for that? Outlets, etc? If this is talked about somewhere else, please excuse and put me in the right direction. Thanks all, Karen
  6. We are heading to Canada this Tuesday but won't get the caulk from the factory in time for the window leaks. Any suggestions for other caulk we can use in the meantime? We could go to camper world tomorrow. Just getting really frustrated with leaks and want to CAMP. so PLEZZE let me know what to get in the meantime. Karen
  7. Thanks Steve, Those are excellent suggestions. We are starting to get better at problem solving with everyone's help here. At first we are clueless. As an aside, we are putting together a portable solar set up. I have read and read the posts. I see you also did that option. You also switched to the Trojan T-105 batteries. We are going to shop for them while in Toledo. My husband has questions about the wiring. Did you have an original schematic of the batteries and the wiring? I read you had a few problems getting those batteries in, but were successful in the end. Any suggestions there? Where did you end up storing it while traveling? How much line do you feel is a good amount to get It to the sun? We only got two twenty feet cables with the set up we ordered... We do not need much power as we are conservative but like the idea of options. I bet you are enjoying that 22 Oliver..thanks for the help Karen.
  8. Dustin from the Hohenwald factory is sending us a tube of the caulk they use on the Oliver's. Gotta love the support you get from them! After we caulk up some of the obvious leak areas, we will see what happens. I am REALLY hoping the air conditioner isn't the culprit since it looks hard to get to and we would have to get professionals involved.... we have had a very rainy summer here in the U.P. which is probably good since finding leaks in our driveway and fixing them, is better than on the road....thanks for I put...keeping my fingers crossed for an easy caulk repair. Hopefully the next time we post, it'll be a trip report from Canada.... Karen
  9. thanks Pete, We are heading into the big city this week and will take one to the battery store as they carry lots of LED lights. Looking for some new batteries as well. Ha ha....so much to do, I can't imagine having a large trailer. If they don't have them there I will order them from the link you shared as I have a better idea now. BTW, when we left Arizona in May with the new to us Oliver, we passed someone on hwy 4, between Albuquerque and Texas with an Oliver that had a smiley face tire cover...was that you? Karen
  10. Has anyone had leaking from the roof? For some reason, our Ollie is leaking all over. We suspect the years it sat in Arizona must have dried up the original chalk. We have the windows figured out now....and found the back Oliver sign was leaking but now the floor is wet and dripping from the max fan (we believe). We are never sure where the water originates but try and follow the clues. Is it possible to just chalk the area around the fan? Has anyone ever had the air conditioner leak? We only have a week or so before our big journey to Canada so these leaks needs to be sorted out. Any and all experiences you can share would be helpful. Thanks Karen
  11. Pete, would you let me know if this is the bulbs you bought? http://shop.ledwholesalers.com/index.ph ... product_id It's called a mini bulb Hoping that shows up as a link. And is it difficult to take out the existing bulbs? I looked at the different ones on the link you shared and the very little one is the only one I figured would work....? Sorry if I sound stupid about this stuff....it is all out of my realm of knowledge. Ha ha Thanks again. I appreciate all the help I'm getting as a new owner of my Ollie. Karen
  12. Hi, not sure this is the right forum....but since we just got our solar panels, we want to switch at least some of our lights to LED...I took a look at one of them and am not sure where you would find replacements? I have only looked at Walmart so far but if someone could point me in the right direction, that would be great! Karen
  13. Sherry if you make it up here to the great U.P., try to come in the fall. It is so beautiful. My sister lives in Venice so I get to Florida every year. Now that we have the Ollie, we are thinking of coming late October/ early November next year! Already have this fall mapped out! We will make sure to look you up! I love the Canadian Providential Parks. They do a great job! We went to that park years ago with our little vintage camper. I have dreamed of returning in September when I retired and so this year is my first year not getting my classroom ready but instead, my Ollie! So we have a little bit of time to get the windows working and hooking up our solar panels and we are good to go! Karen
  14. Welcome aboard BINGS ! well yeah!,, we are the Bings!,, how did you know? Karen
  15. Hey Sherry, we are going to Canada in September. Lake Superior Provincial Park where we will trying out our new solar system. Then this winter, we are off for a three month long trip to the southwest...no reservations! Maybe that's not smart but I love the idea of wandering around and not having to be somewhere until I'm ready to be there....ha ha ha we will see how that works! We are getting the EZE gutters regardless....I think we may need some more work than that however as I see cracks in the molding around the windows. Not sure how to fix that. A call to Tennessee probably. I have noticed very few people have Michigan on their maps. Well, if you find yourself in the U.P. of Michigan, give us a shout out! Happy Trails, Karen
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