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  1. Hi @John E Davies, this is a very well done mod! What thickness did you use for the Aluminum tube? Cheers, Andy
  2. I just double checked the slope, using the Subaru's in dash gauge (accuracy is approximate). The slope ranges from 6-11 degrees (11 deg further down the hill). It is about 8deg at the tongue of the trailer in the picture above, 6deg at the trailer tires. Yes, 4 low is definitely helpful. 🙂 It was extra fun on our return Sunday evening, with a thin layer of freezing rain on portions of the drive (fortunately not on most of the main slope). 😅
  3. Here's a couple pics of our parking arrangement 🙂 . The front jack is just shy of max extension to approach front-back level. We cannot use a taller wood block at this time, as it barely fits with the jack at minimum height as-is (after installing the tow vehicle airbag controller, we may use the air springs to set a taller starting tongue height for parking). The wood block is cut so it has a near level pad when resting on the driveway slope.
  4. Yes, it is a beautiful area indeed! Storage is... a bit of a challenge. We do not have a shop or a convenient parking spot. In the winter (during heaviest use times) we are parking it uncovered in our driveway, which is at an ~11 degree slope. (the runout of of which ends at a 150' cliff over Hwy 14 😮. ) I'll try to post pics of the parking state when it's daylight tomorrow, as it may be interesting, scary, and/or comical for some; for now, here's one from the weekend, on it's first Mt. Hood campout, with pups in tow.
  5. Thank you all for the suggestions & comments! I think I am going to try a telescoping pole mount... more details to follow!
  6. Does anyone have a picture of the mounting method for a WeBoost antenna on an E1 or E2? I plan to install a Drive Reach RV antenna soon, and am curious how Oliver originally mounted the WeBoost antennas. (I believe the newer ones are no longer WeBoost models). Also, it seems like the antenna is usually mounted behind the AC unit... any reason for this position vs. mounting near the front of the trailer? It seems like mounting near the bathroom vents would allow for less antenna obstructoin? Thanks! -Andy
  7. Greetings! I've been lurking on the forum for quite some time, and wanted to share a formal introduction now that we have officially joined the Oliver family! :). We picked up our Elite 1, Hull 967, on December 14, and finally made it home to Camas, WA (near Portland, OR) on 12/24. We love the trailer so far! Interesting tidbits: We first learned about Oliver while camping at Meriwether Lewis campground in Hohenwald. We saw an interesting trailer, and struck up a conversation with a new E2 owner, who pointed us to the factory. At Oliver, we appreciated the trailers, and also enjoyed the amount of attention Phil gave to our home built overland trailer. We bought this trailer to use primarily for overnight stays on Mt. Hood, where we try to ski as often as possible. We were torn, and still are, about E1 vs. E2. We ultimately chose the E1 due to mobility and parking convenience, and haven't regretted it, especially for simple towing with our 2018 Tundra. We do miss the bed setup and storage of the E2, however! We opted out of many of the adds-ons, preferring to do some of the modifications ourselves. I'm sure you will see additional posts to this regard in the near future. Cheers & Happy New Years! -Andy
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