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  1. Again, thanks to all for the insights. I will definitely call the service folks at Oliver to get their advice after my next trip. In the meantime, I'll either run it on propane while towing (turning it off at gas stations) or load it cold packs for the short 2-hour trip. JerryZ
  2. Thanks to SeaDawg and Mike and Carol for the replies. Here's some more information about my situation with the fridge. The fridge I have is one of the Norcold N3000 models; don't know which one specifically. When I select DC power on the control panel, it flashes a display with a wrench icon and the #6. The text in the manual for this error code is this: "The refrigerator does not work on 12V. Make sure the engine is running. Try to run the refrigerator on another power source." I guess I wouldn't use DC to power the fridge except during towing, when I would expect the towing vehicle to supply and offset any power drain on the trailer's batteries. Isn't this why you would have a fridge with a 3-way power option? Shore power when your site has it. Propane when your site doesn't. DC when you're traveling between sites. I appreciate the suggestion to go ahead and use propane during towing while I sort this out. If I can't get this problem resolved before our next trip (Thursday), that's what I'll do. Anyone know how I can tell if the cooling unit is getting DC, short of pulling wires back there and putting a voltage meter on them? I'm afraid I would break something doing that. JerryZ
  3. I just acquired a lightly used 2021 Elite I, and am having trouble with the Norcold 3-way refrigerator. Initially, it would run only on propane, not on AC or DC, when connected to shore power. The touch-screen controls were working, so it was getting some DC power. After some reading in this forum, the manuals, and elsewhere, I guessed that the unit's AC cord probably wasn't plugged into its outlet, and I was right. This outlet is in the wall behind the lower kitchen drawer, so it wasn't easy to access. Plugged in, the fridge now runs on AC or propane, but not DC, either from batteries alone or connected to my tow vehicle with the engine running. I've got it fully cooled down, so I'm not expecting DC to chill it from a warm starting point, just to keep it cool when I'm towing. I've checked the DC fuses, both the one in the main fuse panel under the dinette and the one on the DC power lines in the vented outside compartment (where the propane flame is located). They seem fine. Likewise, everything looks connected behind the plastic wiring box in this compartment, but I lack the knowledge to troubleshoot anything in there. I have the Solar-Pro package (roof-top panel and inverter). All other systems are working fine. Anyone have a clue as to how to get this fridge working on DC? I don't want to run it on propane when towing, although I've read that some folks do. Jerry
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