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  1. I also used the Titan, but I didn't mount it to the outside cover. I added the stand off legs on the back of the fan and place it into the hot air exhaust opening and used a rubber hose to secure the fan against the back wall. It has never moved. I wanted to install the switch on the inside of the cabinet above the microwave, but Oliver discouraged me from trying to snake the wires between the hulls and thread it to the outside access opening. I did install two bus bars to power the fan and fridge with the fridge's 12V supply. We have had zero issues with this setup and have never run the temp passed 4.
  2. Today's installment of the shackle wet bolt replacement on the rear axles where the spring connects to the EZ-Flex. I supported both front and rear axle with my jack stands. Both wheels are removed to give me easy access to the rear EZ-Flex connection on the rear axle. I used a screw jack to take pressure off the EZ-Flex joint closest to the rear axle. I used a small hydraulic jack placed under the leaf spring to assist in adjusting pressure on the shackle wet bolts. Because I have to replace one bolt because the zerk broke, I will be replacing all the shackle components on that connection. During disassembly, I left the nuts on the existing bolts so they would protect the threads and tapped the wet bolts a little at the time until I had enough space to gently pry out the bolts and link assembly. The nuts were removed and when I pried out the bolts the inside link fell off as expected. I adjusted the screw jack pressure on the EZ-Flex to facilitate removal of the wet bolts link assembly on my side of the spring. After removal, I found that the EZ-Flex didn't have any bronze/brass bushing and the spring eye hole had deteriorated and there looks to be just a small sliver. The wet bolt on the spring was greased last fall before our 6 month long trip. We had 11K towing miles so it was over due for greasing, but I suspect that with the amount of grease in the wet bolt and spring eye that just the mileage wouldn't account for the wear, but I defer to others on that question. The bolts looked fine, but I intend to replace them and the links as long as I have them disassembled.
  3. Congratulations from #509! You will love it. ๐Ÿ™‚ Paula
  4. Today, I finish the install of the first wet bolt on the spring on the first axle. I had to thoroughly tighten the new bolt to draw the splines into trailer and then torque to 40 foot pounds. I grease the fitting afterwards and grease the other 3 fittings on the forward axle. Later this weekend I will do the EZ-Flex shackles and wet bolts and complete the install. I will be replacing both wet bolts and installing new shackles on the rear spring at the point of connection to the EZ-Flex. If I don't find any suspicious damage there, I will just grease all the zerks on the rear axle and call it a day. I do need to grease the street side zerks, but that will be later this week and shouldn't involve any bolt replacement.
  5. Thanks for the great suggestions. I had ordered a complete set of bolts and bushings last summer for this project, so parts weren't going to be an issue as long as I didn't need to do both the curbside and the street side. I successfully installed the first bolt today. It was probably the worst to do. I had to support the axle with a screw jack, lift the spring with a small hydraulic jack, and for my final alignment, pull the axle forward a bit with a strap to allow for the final alignment for the new bolt. I had installed the new bronze/brass bushing in advance before attempting this today. I still need to do one of the bolts on the EZ-Flex on the rear axle same side and based on Steve's response, it looks like I may need to remove both bolts, shackles and nuts and replace all at the same time to insure the spline seats into the new shacI know from reviewing on the forum that I need to torque the nut to 40 ft lbs while holding the wet bolt end to insure the spline stays put although on the front mount,
  6. I am in the process of replacing at least 3 shackle bolts and bushings on our 2019 Oliver LEII. I am attempting this because last fall before we headed out on our 6 month trip, I was replacing the original zerks with 45 degree zerks to facilitate easy greasing of the Dexter axles. During the install process, I broke three zerks off completely and now believe because of another Oliver owner post about how some Dexter axles shackle bolts have two different zerk size requirements. Anyway, when I removed the front bolt on the front curbside axle with much difficulty, I removed the bolt and push what was remaining of the bronze/brass bushing. Even though there was plenty of grease, the top half of the bushing was gone. This bolt was one of the bolts that had the broken zerk. I will finish the replacement of this bolt soon and then will check one of the bolts on the EZ-Flex shackle on the rear curbside axle. I am wondering if anyone else has any thoughts on the condition of the zerk or thoughts about alignment of front bolt. I assume I need to maneuver the EZ-Flex joint for that spring somehow to align the spring with the attachment holes on the frame.
  7. The Wilson WeBoost cell signal booster available in the 2019 LEII, did explain in their instructions that we need to register our phones as being behind the cell booster using the carrier's URL. I noticed about a year ago that the Verizon link was inactive so I assume something has changed since Wilson first introduced this technology. If there isn't a requirement for identifying which numbers would be permitted by the cell booster, then naturally I would assume that anyone sitting in your trailer would be able to use the booster. Back in the day, the telecommunication industry was deregulated and they were dragged unwillingly to the 20th century. I had purchased a Western Electric handset and had to take it to the local NE Telephone office to have it certified for attachment to their network. It saved us about $7.00 a month in phone rental charges. Naturally that isn't required anymore. I suspect we are seeing something similar here as the cell booster has blossomed, first with truckers and roving sales personnel, and now with the mobile RV industry. The technology is solid and signal strength improves with a booster, but bandwidth for smart phones, tablets and hot spots are only as good as the bandwidth at the towers. Many a time my wife and I have seen our phones perform well during the middle of the night when most people are sleeping and then barely work during peak usage hours in spite of a strong signal.
  8. We left NH in mid-October and headed southwest. On Thanksgiving Day we were at Live Oak Ridge Park (COE) in Belton, TX. With so little space to store leftovers we decided to cook a turkey breast on the grill and have mashed potatoes and broccoli salad as sides. I made an apple pie in the microwave/convection and it was sure better than my "harder than stabilizer brick" brownies. I might be getting the hang of this thing! The turkey breast was delicious! We've been from NH to TX in the last 5 weeks and not yet seen another Ollie, but we keep looking! Paula
  9. We camped at Herring Cove Provincial Park on Campobello in July. What really struck me about the Roosevelt's home was the unpretentiousness of it. It looked like a place anyone could be very comfortable in. I want to go back and walk more of the trails. David really liked the golf course. Paula
  10. Yup, what others have said. Hasko! Paula
  11. David just fixed the light above my bed. He drilled out the rivets, tightened the nut and used the blue Loctite to (hopefully) prevent loosening in the future, and reattached the light using 1/2 inch aluminum rivets (per Oliver). Paula
  12. I can see how the shelves are held up in place with supporting boards. Is there anything preventing them from sliding forward if you have to brake hard? Thanks, Paula
  13. We camp with a dog-reactive girlie. Fiona is great with people, but having had some scary dog-dog interactions when she was younger, she does bark and sometimes lunge especially if the other dog comes at her. It requires some management but certainly can be done. I've become much better at telling other dog owners to NOT let their dog greet mine. The phrase "but mine is friendly" from other dog owners now has me bluntly replying "mine is not". After lots of training she can walk pass campsites with barking dogs and not make a peep. That is amazing! One thing that helped a lot was learning and practicing pattern games, especially those from Leslie McDevitt. You can find several of them on You Tube. If another dog passes our campsite she will bark a bit but then is quiet, as she gets paid with a treat for being quiet. ๐Ÿ™‚ We don't leave her outside the trailer if we are not out there with her as we know she will bark more then. If we meet other dogs while hiking we move off the trail and I toss her a few pieces of food into the grass or leaves and tell her to "find it." She's too busy sniffing them out to react to the other dog. We have worked on "find it" a LOT, over and over, especially without other dogs in the picture. The cue to "find it" is so strong now that she doesn't stop to think, her nose just hits the ground. Unleashed dogs with owners who can't recall them are a nightmare though. I've tried to teach Fiona to go behind me if an unleashed dog approaches her but haven't been to successful at that. At least not yet. ๐Ÿ™‚. Like I said, it requires management but is doable. We've been very happy many times to find that she's one of the better behaved dogs in a campground, despite her dog-reactivity! Here she is relaxing at an HH. Paula
  14. My wife and I rarely use the Jensen TV and DVD so we have learned about it as we experience issues along the way. I have a couple of things to share with the group. Most of us have had to use the reset option on the Radio/DVD to correct anomalies. We recently ran into an issue with play back of a DVD movie, actually two movies. We set the source to AV on the TV using the TV remote and we had sound right up until we hit play on the DVD menu. After trying multiple times, and trying another DVD, we finally remembered to do a reset of the Radio/DVD player and Voila, everything returned to normal except I lost all AM/FM presets and the time setting. Another issue I ran into awhile back was not being able to scan for channels. After much trial and error, I realized that the source needed to be set to TV before that item on the menu would be available to select after hitting the menu button on the TV remote. Finally, I sleep on our twin bed with my head adjacent to the aft. The TV power LED is always on when the TV is off if it has power. The blue LED is quite distracting so we simply unplug the power cable on our TV and only plug it in when we need to use it. I shared this with an Oliver owner at the Maine Oliver Rally in this year and discovered on the older units that have the Jensen TV, the power is on the back of the lower right of the TV as opposed to our TV where the power cable can be accessed on the upper left of the TV. One less suggestion, the Omni Antenna isn't only used for the TV. It also improves reception on FM on the Jensen Radio. If you get an intermittent weak signal, and can afford the power usage, turn on the Omni the attic and see if it improves reception like it does for our 2019 LEII.
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