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  1. One final post on this issue. We received two brand new Trojan AGM 6 volt batteries last week and I finished the reinstall last Friday. After doing a pretty good checkout and with some cooler dismal days in the forecast for NH, we set up a recreation of our failing scenario. We set the furnace to 50 degrees and the refrigerator to LP. We ran our main cabin lights last night for 5 hours to simulate our normal behavior. We had a very rainy evening Sunday night and Monday morning until late in the day. We have been running for over 41 hours with almost no solar gain and have drawn 58Ah of d
  2. I am adding a great document from Victron's library that explains the ins and outs of batteries, wiring considerations and monitoring. Very helpful. https://www.victronenergy.com/upload/documents/Wiring-Unlimited-EN.pdf
  3. I have the both the Honda eu2000i and the Champion dual fuel 3400. I purchased the latter to have the TT-30 outlet, the extra power, and to not have to carry gasoline in the back of the TV as it will be run on LP. The Champion has a handle to allow it to be maneuvered in the back of our RAM 1500 TV. I have sufficient hose to allow me to connect to the RV QC outlets. It will meet my needs for power on ECO, but I usually don't need to run the A/C. I did have purchase the low pressure regulator for the Champion, but have the option of using the provided high pressure regulator if I use this
  4. Well, testing overnight went very well. We used about 25Ah of power from the last full charge. It stayed about 12.25 volts until the batteries recharged from the Solar panels in spite of the overcast conditions. Using the Aux port on the Victron Smart Shunt, I able to monitor both batteries concurrently. This is very handy. When I receive my replacements and install them as two pairs pairs of batteries, I will reconfigure the Aux to be a midpoint voltage monitor to insure that I have visibility on how each set of 6 volt batteries are behaving.
  5. As it turns out, we have cloudy day today and I will testing the two remaining AGMs to see that they work well under extended use. I have the VictronConnect and Smart shunt to gather stats and monitor easily over the next few days. I will only run the refrigerator on LP, the furnace and turn a few lights after it gets dark and recheck after a few hours a couple or three times tonight and when I wake up tomorrow.
  6. David and I use both the current groups, the FB page and this forum. We have found both to be civil and helpful. I doubt that I will want to add a third place to check for Oliver info. FB, as much as it drives me crazy at times, is the only platform for some important (to me) groups I belong to. I read through the link John Davies provided about MeWe and there wasn't anything that made me want to switch. As far as having a group that is ONLY for Oliver owners I can see the appeal but before we ordered The Swallow we got lots of good info from both the FB group and the forum. I think there i
  7. Good news on this issue. The Trojan Black AGM 6V batteries were found to be defective after testing by the regional distributor in our area. I had an hour trip to a service location that they service, but it was worth it to identify the issue. They only pick up or deliver the batteries once a week to this service location, but it means that we were without 2 of the 4 batteries for just two weeks. I will be reinstalling next week and doing some testing of the new batteries. Jason Essary, Oliver Service, facilitated this successful outcome to everyone's benefit.
  8. Mainiac, at some point they started using the stainless steel sink in the bathroom instead of fiberglass. Ours is a 2019 and we have ss. Paula
  9. We've had our Ollie for a little over a year and can see some slight scratching on the countertop. My big worry with it was that it would hold stains such as pasta sauce but everything cleans up beautifully so far.
  10. Paula and I were camping in NY state campgrounds this fall and we had several sites that didn't have power and ran into some cloudy rainy weather in our next to last campsite. We were running our refrigerator on LP and did have the furnace on, but other than that we only had a few USB devices plugged in. It had been cloudy and rainy all day. I woke up during the night and discovered we were running below 11 volts. I installed a VictronConnect Battery Smart Shunt in early August and have visibility into how many Ah draw we were using. It was a bit over 1Ah per hour except when the furnace
  11. In reply to Fritz - I bought some heavy duty frosted vinyl, cut it to the size of the screen door area I wanted to protect, attached velcro dots to the vinyl and the door frame, then stuck the vinyl in place. Some day I'd like to do a plexiglass panel but the vinyl has worked for a year.
  12. Be prepared for a little road noise and light pollution if you are in the ground floor room just down the street from the main lobby. David
  13. JD, I accept your point and will call it a generator in this forum from now on. DRC
  14. I am sorry for the confusion. I am not talking about the Progressive Inverter in the Ollie. The inverter is what many people refer to as a generator so to ease confusion I use the generator/inverter nomenclature.
  15. One final post about my issue or non issue. It was all my fault. I forgot to reinstall the neutral bonding plug back on the generator/inverter that I removed while we were in transit to our first campsite on this fall trip to NY. I give credit to my wife, Paula, for asking a few questions that triggered thought about removing it. It was over a year ago that I experienced it after trying my Honda eu2000i inverter to see if it would power the A/C with the ezStart capacitor and I simply forgot the symptom. David
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