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  1. Hi Denise, David and I went to the rally in May last year but we weren't picking up our Ollie until Sept. It was great to see so many Olivers and meet so many nice people. The sense of community is kind of amazing. We stayed in the Lodge which has a great view of the lake. The campground is quite a trek away so we ended up driving to many events, but other events were right in the Lodge. It worked out fine. Paula
  2. David, we winterized the Truma a couple weeks back when we had a few cold days and I did find the bypass valve. I also founded easier to use the access under the bed/seat using that panel due to the width of my hands. Thanks for your suggestions
  3. Bob, I’ll try that order. It sounds like doing the outside first would prime the lines and pump and might be a better order overall. David
  4. Paula and I did our first winterization of "The Swallow", hull 509, today and had some issues with drawing in the RV antifreeze from the winterization/boondocking port. We were following the printed list and the video that is on the Oliver website. We made sure that our water tank and grey tank was empty. During this process, I did open the kitchen and bathroom faucets, and tilted the trailer to speed the process. We had previously done the Truma so we only had to orient the valves for the winterization so that all the valves pointed to the rear of the trailer. We placed the 3 foot hose connected to the boonndocking/winterization port and turned the pump on. After a brief flow of water, we had spits and starts of foam and RV fluid, but no steady stream and the draw from the RV gallon bottle was very slow. We tried doing the kitchen and the bathroom to the same result. We did orient the hose in the RV antifreeze with some benefit, but it wasn't until we disconnected the hose at the boondocking/winterization port did we get substantially more RV fluid at the faucets. I suspected an air lock at the pump initially and eventually checked the screen in the strainer, but even though we found some bits of plastic, it didn't correct the issue immediately. We fiddled and fumbled taking time to stop the pump frequently. We eventually did get a better flow, but it took some time. Can anyone advise us as to what is normal for the winterization process? I suspect that by draining the water from the faucets too soon that I may have created the airlock.
  5. I have such good luck with Weber grills that I opted for the Weber Q1200 and purchased the low pressure conversion kit for it. I installed it yesterday and everything works as advertised. I hope we have the same good luck we have with our other Weber grills. We have had our original Spirit grill for 25 years and I replaced the burners for the first time last year as a precaution and not because it was required. I have gone through a few grills grates and flavorizer bars until I settled on the stainless for both, one in NH and one in PEI.
  6. I would also like to know the gauge and length of the extension cord too. Has anything changed with it?
  7. As Mattnan said, we used Banana Banners for The Swallow. We were also referred by Mainiac. Robin took a design drawn by our daughter and turned it into a front graphic and side graphics. Not sure how to add a picture here but you can see ours on the FB page if interested.
  8. We had a similar issue last night at Crockett SP. Our AC was running and continually cycling off and back on for no reason. We checked the surge suppressor each time it happened and code was always E 0 and other numbers looked good. When I got up, I tried to turn the cabinet lights would come on and the blue LED illuminated briefly, but went out almost immediately and was very dim. I eventually turned off some other lights and then the problematic lights worked normally. I assumed we didn’t have sufficient amperage to run all that was running due to Friday night campground traffic. We didn’t see any issue with numbers on the surge protector display. It may have been transient change. Still new to this as this was our second night.
  9. We have a Ram 1500 with collision avoidance. We had a problem hooking up our Ollie at delivery due to brake activation after installing ball into receiver. When we got to Crockett SP we had an issue backing up again to the site with nothing in proximity. I suspect it has something to do with hitch. Each time the issue was resolved by turning off the CAS for the rear. Has anyone had this problem before ? Do you think my ball should be installed with the adjustment going up as seen in the attached picture. David and Paula
  10. One thing to keep in mind is that a number of campgrounds in northern NE close after Columbus Day, so be sure to check ahead. In NH, find someplace to camp and drive the Kancamagus Highway for stunning views. Go during the week, not on the weekend if possible since leaf-peeping season creates traffic jams everywhere. It has been years since I've camped there but there are many places. Check on availability asap though. Great time for a trip in NE!
  11. I just want to say I bear no responsibility for anything David says here or on the FB page. LOL. Paula
  12. Steve, I am not sure I want to meet you in person with a moniker like “carnivore.” Happy trailering with 512.
  13. Hopefully someone has let you know that the 2019 models, and maybe the 2018, have a way of preventing the drawers from opening during travel. We can’t verify because we don’t pick up hull 509 until September.
  14. John, Thanks for providing another and better reason to cross the chains under the trailer tongue. The drawing shows the concept perfectly too. David
  15. Keeping in mind that we haven't actually towed our Ollie, yet, we ended up deciding on a 2019 Ram 1500 4x4 with 5.7 Hemi gasoline engine, 3.92 differential, and air suspension. It is a Crew Cab, so we will have just the 5.7 foot cargo space. We toyed with getting a diesel too. The 3.92 was the accommodation to give us more low end torque and the e-torque option is on our Ram. There are many folks who have been towing the LEII with diesels. The towing section of the forum is very helpful. We were really concerned about insuring that we had at least 1000 lbs of payload over and above the tongue weight of the Ollie and passengers. We looked at all the vehicles that met the bill, and just preferred the Ram 1500.
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