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  1. I bought my case today and have most of what I need to build the case except for the Zamp adapter. I have a toggle switch that I will install already. I will need to get some barbed hose adapters to connect to the PEX piping that I will use. I already had the spare pump. I want to be able to remove it easily should I have a failure of the one installed in the Oliver basement curbside.
  2. We use sheets and quilts, with wool blankets on top when it is really cold. I don't like the constricted feeling of a sleeping bag or the nylon against my skin. David would probably be happy either way. We have the Elite 2, twin bed model, with the beds made up during the day with the quilts and matching shams on big bed pillows it looks nice and gives us a comfy place to relax. Paula
  3. I purchased Tuson TPMS and had them installed in my Oliver Tires before we headed out last February. It works very nice. The display shows Tire pressure and temperature. The TPMS are installed in the tire and replaces the existing stem. The TPMS is only activated after the trailer starts moving and there is a delay before shutting down. Batteries are integrated into the TPMS, so the entire unit will need to be replaced after about 5 years. David
  4. Assuming that you know that Oliver provides the water hose and pressure regulator for hook up to your acquaintances property. I have an extra water hose too that can be used if the bib is very far away. You could also use their water to fill your water tank and be self sufficient. You will want a water filter either way. You can get a good Camco filter at Walmart. I did buy and adapter to convert the external connector to be used with a heavy duty 12/3 extension cord. Alternatively, there are adapters that work on the power cable that Oliver will supply too. We have the Andersen lev
  5. We have the dual fuel Champion that is rated for sustained 28xx/29xx watts using Propane. I leave it in the back of the truck and pull it forward insuring the exhaust doesn't hit anything that might get too hot or even melt. I have an additional regulator and hoses to connect to the Oliver Propane QC. I plug in the neutral grounding plug, the 30amp TT power cable provided by Oliver and get the generator started. If it is raining I do have a tent to use on the generator to keep the electronics dry. This generator does have a battery powered starter. If you don't run this unit regularly, t
  6. Our one experience with an incorrectly wired 30amp pedestal was after we experienced a low voltage issue on a very hot weekend last summer. We noticed the private campground had many seasonal sites and sure enough on the W/E everyone arrived. This coincided with our low voltage issue which impacted our A/C. We made it through the night and I called the campground the next day to report the low voltage. There were a few empty sites near us and after I tried to see if your 30amp extension cord would reach, I inquired about whether he had any heavy duty extension cords as opposed to moving th
  7. Oliver made the first night's reservation, but we wanted more nights and called the park directly and added two nights. This worked out great for us too. It gave us an entire day to do testing of all systems. David
  8. Thank you for your posts. They make me giggle. We have a Ram that slammed its brakes on while we were backing up at David Crockett SP too. We were fairly new to the truck and completely new to the Ollie, WTH?? Jumped out to see what we had hit or were about to hit, nothing there. It took us a bit of testing but we finally figured out it was the ball and hitch thingy! Scared the crap out of me. Honestly, I have so much admiration for anyone who does this alone. Even doing it with a partner can be nerve-wracking but at least you have someone to bounce ideas off! Our dog, Fiona, thinks she can
  9. I haven't seen any deer in the yard, but plenty of tracks. I was surprised to see 2 robins and 8 bluebirds today! They must have been cold in this wind! Paula
  10. Welcome and congratulations from #509 in neighboring NH. It seems that Maine is getting to be a hotbed of Ollies! Hope to meet you someday. Paula
  11. Welcome from hull#509, The Swallow. Great way to start a new year! Paula
  12. OK, now I am seeing bats and hearing the Batman theme in my head! Paula
  13. Bill, I believe it is sufficient. The weight rating was 50lbs. Without the Andersen hitch, it is within that range. David
  14. Seadawg, now I am going to see that giant bat every time I go to the basement! Paula
  15. See attached picture of how I store our Rock Tamer Mud Flaps when we don’t have them installed on our TV. I bought a very inexpensive bike rack mount that is sold at Home Depot or Lowe’s. I mounted on the header above our basement window. I removed the Andersen components to lessen the weight.
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