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  1. We also used Banana Banners. We emailed her pictures of the design our daughter drew and had a large front logo and two small ones for the sides made. The one on the front has a couple of small ragged spots on the edge which can be seen if you are up close washing or polishing the front of the trailer. The two small ones on the sides are perfect. Paula
  2. Land Between the Lakes, Birmington Ferry. Campground.
  3. We have had some odd issues pop up from time to time on our Jensen radio/DVD like loss of sound or settings issues. We usually just do a menu reset, I recently had to trip the 60 amp breaker to do a reset on the Jensen. It wouldn’t stay powered on long enough me to get into settings and change the time. I tried several times and it kept powering itself off. Finally I resorted to tripping the breaker. I could have used a fuse or possibly a circuit breaker on the converter, but opted for the main breaker cutoff instead. It resolved the issue immediately after I reset the breaker. David
  4. We purchased the Truma propane sensor to use on our metal propane tanks. It doesn’t work on anything else.
  5. Congratulations! Having one of those first Ollies is pretty special. Paula
  6. We have had very good luck with the cell booster and our Verizon phones. We have the Wilson Electronics 4G-M, but I don’t believe Oliver utilizes this anymore. I believe the new product is from Cradlepoint.
  7. We have had a foot of snow on our solar panels after a storm. I have a snow broom that allows me to push it off from curbside to the street side where there is no awning. We never leave the snow on very long. We live in NH and have it in the snow for the last two winters.
  8. We can't wait to go back to LBL. We were there in May and had a site in Birmingham Ferry CG, the whole place to ourselves for 2 of the 3 nights we were there. So much to see and so unspoiled
  9. David is 6'3" and finds the twin beds fine. We have the KTT mattresses. He does have to crouch over a little bit in the bathroom because of the ceiling height so we didn't add a wooden shower insert on the floor. Since we usually use campground showers if they are available it hasn't been much of an issue. Paula
  10. Welcome! When we were trying to decide what RV to buy we also looked for a year before we saw the Olivers. It was the first thing we agreed on so that was a good sign. 🙂. Seeing one in person is great for feeling how the space would work for you. We also thought the trip to TN (from NH) to do the factory tour was well worth it. In fact it was the deciding factor. Good luck! Lots of good info on here from people. Paula
  11. Bill, I liked your suggestion and discussed with Progressive Support to understand how to verify this after I looked at the external screws for the ground wires. They repeated your suggestion that this might account for the issue. I disconnected our LEII from our shore power and as a precaution, powered off the trailer by manually tripping the 60 amp circuit breaker. I then pulled the cover of the unit to verify the ground wires were all connected. Each of the 3 ground connections had a nut on the screws and all appeared to be normal. I assume that I really didn't need to install my new remote panel, but wanted to use it for any future issues or troubleshooting, so I mounted it on the top edge of the Surge Suppressor between the grounding screws and left a RJ11 with the 4 center wires terminated connected. This will allow me to move to this new remote panel if necessary to confirm its involvement or non-involvement in a future E9 error condition.
  12. We have been cautioned by Oliver and forum contributors to periodically check the grease in the stabilizer head on all of our stabilizer jacks. I have done the tongue jack many times and was able to due the appropriate maintenance on the street side stabilizer under our LEII twin bed. I tried to do the curbside last year when I was winterizing and struggling with an AGM battery issue, so I gave up prematurely on that one. The problem I had was that the cover would allow itself to be removed. I opted not to force and had a very brief discussion with Oliver Service that got tossed due to our AGM issue. After our spring trip I began suspecting that I needed to really looking into that curbside stabilizer based on the different noise it made compared to the street side stabilizer. I finally set aside time to do them all. The tongue and street side were completed with out issue. When I went to de-install the curbside, it would not budge, but I very carefully pried it up with a flat bladed screw driver run around the gap created at the seam after gently moving the cover a modest amount with a small rubber coated mallet. As I worked my way around the entire body, I felt it was still quite tight, but proceeded very slowly. When I got the cover high enough it suddenly came free and to my surprise the middle gear was still in the cover. I was able to turn it and remove it, but it was tight. Clean up became my priority and as it turns out there was plenty of grease although it was pretty dark compared to the lithium grease I would install. Having this gear out gave me an opportunity to inspect the other gears. I found a SS bushing out of position for the middle gear and repositioned it after cleaning and the put some grease in and reinstalled the middle gear. There is a serpentine gear on the motor shaft that marries with the middle gear and a smaller gear on the bottom of the middle gear that marries with the stabilizer lifter which must act like a screw jack. After I put it back together and repositioned the gasket, I gently put the cover on and after a couple of wiggles and an additional inspection re-installed it. I tightened down bolts loosely using an alternating diagonal pattern and then finished tightening before testing. I used the hand crank to pretest before activating the electric motor and all was fine. I would like to say the noise is now the same for both rear stabilizers, but in our case it is not. Seems to be noisier on raising the pad than on dropping it.
  13. The only thing I can use the hatch that's below the curbside bed is to turn the bypass on for the Truma. I can't possibly use it to reach the fresh water tank drain and always have to get assistance to raise the KT mattress and cover or I risk doing damage to my left arm.
  14. Steve and Tali are in our thoughts.
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