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  1. We were there in late March for a week and loved it. Decided we hadn't stayed long enough and are planning another trip sometime so we can see what we missed! Paula
  2. When we had our Ollie built in 2019 they were willing to sent small samples of a few colors we were considering. Paula
  3. We have a 3.92 rear gear ratio in our 2019 Ram 1500 Longhorn Laramie with e-Torque option on a gas 5.7L engine.
  4. Thanks, John, for providing your thoughts. I appreciate it. David
  5. John, I have been thinking about how best to handle and upgrade from the Zamp PWM Solar Controller to the Victron SmartSolar 150/45 TR or MC4 controller for the improved efficiency. I don't suspect I will ever add a roof another roof panel and Victron has confirmed that there isn't any benefit in using the larger 150/70 controller. I don't see a significant reason to move the controller to the basement other than more space. If I moved the controller to the basement, I would just splice the existing PV and battery cables using Blue Sea posts. I figured I might put a Victron 712 screen in the vacant Zamp opening or add the display module to the controller and just use Bluetooth to manage it. I don't believe heat is an issue for these controllers, but would be interested in yours or anyone's input. We are planning on making a longer trip out West and hope to do more dispersed camping and I would like to insure that I can recharge my AGM batteries more efficiently.
  6. I haven't measured it lately, but If you go to Oliver University on the bottom of the web page, you will be able to find most measurements while you wait for someone like me to measure. It is definitely wider at the outside access door then under the nightstand curbside bed. David
  7. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the closet organizer. You are a magician if you can tame the mess in ours! Paula
  8. While I'd like a bigger fridge for longer trips the current one is fine for us for 5 days. We do usually carry a cooler and store produce in it if we have need space. Paula
  9. We also used Banana Banners. We emailed her pictures of the design our daughter drew and had a large front logo and two small ones for the sides made. The one on the front has a couple of small ragged spots on the edge which can be seen if you are up close washing or polishing the front of the trailer. The two small ones on the sides are perfect. Paula
  10. Land Between the Lakes, Birmington Ferry. Campground.
  11. We have had some odd issues pop up from time to time on our Jensen radio/DVD like loss of sound or settings issues. We usually just do a menu reset, I recently had to trip the 60 amp breaker to do a reset on the Jensen. It wouldn’t stay powered on long enough me to get into settings and change the time. I tried several times and it kept powering itself off. Finally I resorted to tripping the breaker. I could have used a fuse or possibly a circuit breaker on the converter, but opted for the main breaker cutoff instead. It resolved the issue immediately after I reset the breaker. David
  12. We purchased the Truma propane sensor to use on our metal propane tanks. It doesn’t work on anything else.
  13. Congratulations! Having one of those first Ollies is pretty special. Paula
  14. We have had very good luck with the cell booster and our Verizon phones. We have the Wilson Electronics 4G-M, but I don’t believe Oliver utilizes this anymore. I believe the new product is from Cradlepoint.
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