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  1. Has anyone installed a working window with a 50% slider in the door?  It’s the only vertical location for a  window that could be left open durning a light rain to ventilate the trailer and not get things wet. I would not mind a little water on the floor at the door. Currently I open the bathroom vent and run the large exhaust fan.  Just would be nice to have  a little extra ventilation. What’s your thoughts? Thanks 

  2. It’s the small price we pay for loving nature. We were attacked by lanterns flys in Berryville Virginia while attending a bluegrass festival in sept. Just got to deal with it. Mosquitos are the worst.

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  3.  That’s cold!  I had to put another log in my stove after looking at your picture. We winter camp and have been out in 20 deg. with Lite snow with no problems. It’s the wind at those temp that makes it bad. Seems like the older we get the more we like the 3 season camping. Really enjoy being outside. I wouldn’t  want to winter camp in any other camper but our Oliver. Stay warm and have some fun.

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  4. Sounds like you have a good plan to reach your new goals. Hard work and saving money always will pay off in the long run in life.  Good luck!  Definitely paint that trailer white and use a sharpie for the Oliver name.

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  5. If that is all that happen your good. Job done!  I’m a old school type of guy and don’t mind inspecting or repacking the bearings. I always feel the hubs at stops to make sure they are not getting hot witch can be a sign of a potential problem. Safe Travels

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  6. Thanks for sharing. We just had Two large RV shows near us Timonium MD and Harrisburg PA. Didn’t go this year. Besides there is nothing build as well as the Oliver at the shows. 

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  7. Found the fan on my 2021 Norcold. You can’t see it by opening both exterior vents. I needed to use my phone to take a picture from bottom looking up.  It would be a ***** to change if needed. I also installed a piece of rubber between the 3/8 gas line after bending in Down a little it’s was rubbing on the black hot gas line. Don’t need a leak on either system. 



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  8. Thanks on the info on the adapter plug. I am getting ready to purchase the Zamp portable solar panel. Trying to make up my mind (what is left) on the 230 Watt that has to say within 15 feet of the trailer due to wire gage size. Or the 180 watt that you can add a additional 15 feet extension to get to 30 feet. I know it depends on what type of camping you do but we go from music festivals to state and federal parks and boondocking with our dogs. So running our Dometic 11000 btu AC with draws +- 11.4 amps. Off the batteries is a must at times. And yes we have a generator also.  I know bigger is better but 15 feet to get to sun seems short. Any thoughts would be great. Thanks.

  9. Ouch! Glad no one got injured. Mother Nature sure can cost us some money. I think about trees falling in the state camp grounds, We always look around before unhooking but sometimes there is no evidence of a tree problem. Glad the Oliver made it through it. 

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