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  1. Nice looking job. Definitely tight work. I would need Advil after the job.
  2. That’s just Gross. There could be a comity show called RV dump stations and boat ramps.😀
  3. We travel with ours down to take stress of the tv mounts and have tightened the hinges bolt also. Running 55# tire air pressure differently helped. It would be nice if there was a tv setting to invert the picture so you could watch it while it was up. 😀
  4. Nice job! I was thing of installing a new door window with a 50% slider glass and a screen to ventilate during a rain. It’s the only vertical window we have and I wouldn’t mind a little rain water by the door during a rain. Started searching for a manufacturer.
  5. I use a piece of 3/4 white PVC about 8” long. Works great
  6. Tonight’s dinner, Off the Blackstone with a good IPA. Life is good!
  7. Nice job and write up. I also will add this to the list.
  8. This will definitely be my next minor upgrade. Looking forward to seeing outside the door window. Now do I choose clear or tinted? I’m thinking tinted with white blinds. Is there a one way mirror glass available?
  9. Congratulations and welcome, safe travels from Hull # 901 MD
  10. Thanks for the info, I will check Hull# 901, Safe Travels.
  11. Albert & Terri, Hello, If you haven’t already downloaded the Xantrex app for FXC Control. That is the first thing to do, makes setting changes easy. With the apt open power up the inverter and on the remote panel press and how the top ESC button until you set two lines flashing on the screen. This will allow the Bluetooth to connect. They apt will search for your inverter. Then go to settings. To charge the batteries I change GRID Breaker settings from normal 25 amps to 15 amps for the (Honda EU2200I) CHARGER current settings from normal 50 amps to 15 amps To charge batteries at a low rate and run the AC I change GRID Breaker settings from normal 25 amps to 15 amps CHARGER current settings from normal 50 amps to 5 amps (lowest setting) you can make minor adjustments up and down to match you generator. Reference Oliver trailer service tab also for Xantrex Inverter normal settings. Everybody please join in if you do it differently thanks . Safe Travels
  12. I purchased the Honda EU2200i to charge the batteries and run the AC when needed. Just need to select what is your priority and change the Xantrex setting. It just purrs away in eco mode with the AC running and is very quiet. So far so good. Definitely would wait some time per John’s recommendation before purchasing the EU 3200. Using the Honda app is nice to keep a eye on the generator load and shutting it down without leaving the trailer at night.
  13. I removed them 8 months after we got Hull #901. Really helped eliminate the black streaks where it wasn’t completely attached to the fiberglass, Trailer looks nicer without them and I do believe that on very hot and sunny days it helps ventilation under the awning to remove the heat but it is hard to tell.
  14. We have been thru a few chairs over the years but found the most comfortable camp chair made. Thought I would pass it on. . They are made by Strongback, We purchased the Elite Black 2.0 from Amazon. Believe use they are the most comfortable and supportive chairs made. I need to learn how to copy and paste sorry.
  15. Very Instrested in the retro fit, time line, cost and availability. Also would like info on the amp draw of the 13,000 unit. We just mostly run our Dometic on low while sleeping and plugged into 30 amp. If boondocking it goes into auto witch cycle the fan on and off and can be very annoying. But does save battery ‘s amp hours. Stay cool Hull #901
  16. We would like to add a LED dimmer to our Girard awning on our 2021 Hull 901. Looks like it would have to be mounted and wired next to the wind sensor. Have any of you done this? Thanks in advance.
  17. We use the Thule bike rack, Really like it. Has a removable adapter 2” to 1-1/4” fits close to the hitch to help eliminate the cantilevered force on the hitch witch is only rated for 150# weight and a 24” length. We load the bikes on the two closest mounts to stay as close to the 24” as possible. Its would be nice if Oliver redesigned the rear bumper and storage area to add a extra 7” to allow for the bike rack and bumper to line up to keep the lines looking good and help protect the top of the spare tire cover with the bumper. Safe travels from Hull 901 in MD.
  18. Welcome and congratulations, Safe travels from Hull #901
  19. Welcome! We live in Maryland, Northern Carroll county. We split out time at Ocean City and our Oliver. Retirement will come fast, almost one year for me. Had a count down app on my phone and when I had a rough day at work it was nice to watch the time pass. I did love my job. You can’t go wrong with the Oliver built like a boat. Very high quality. Hull 901 Chris and John
  20. We decided to go with a LEER fiberglass cap with Thule top rails and a BedRug. No regrets. Stays dry.
  21. A bored mind can get very creative. Nice mod, It goes on my list also. 🎄
  22. First class job! Looks great and I like the contrast, Something to consider. The compliance police is going to get you for covering up the stove warning labels. LOL
  23. Don’t like the look of the curtain, We also just use a microfiber towel. The outside shower is easy to clean up. Just have to keep it going. How much is showering a lot? 😜
  24. Looks great! Have fun and safe travels.
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