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  1. We use the Nomadix micro fiber towel’s dry fast and easy to clean, little expensive.
  2. SeaDawg, Thanks for the information. I need to make this my next modification. So tired of not having enough length on the existing hose in the bathroom and if you pull it out to far it kinks and no water with soap in your eyes.
  3. Oliver university has a video on how to sanitize the water system. I do it at least 2 times a year. We have great well water and drink from out tank without any issues. If you are on city water that is treated and chlorinated you shouldn’t have any issues as long as you drain the tank after each use and at least flush all the lines and tank when refilling for a trip. Safe Travel's
  4. Sorry to hear about your issues with your trailer. Oliver has been very good addressing our very minor issues to hull # 901. And we have been very pleased. I have no problem working and keeping and eye on the systems of our trailer and annually check all electrical and mechanical connections due to road vibrations helps feed my OCD. Have fun and safe travels.
  5. Welcome To the forum and Oliver family, Great group of people that are very helpful and creative. My morning coffee read before the depressing news. Safe and fun travels from hull# 901.
  6. John, Thank you for all your forum input. I have been following you and have always respected your intellect and common sense approach. You will be missed. Wishing you all the best in the future and praying all things work out for you and your family.
  7. I purchased a metal handle guard off of Amazon and use a good lock and cable. I have been thinking about trying one of Apples air tag under the cover. Has anyone tried one? Not sure if the Honda inverter will affect it.
  8. Zamp solar is having a great sale on their Legacy suitcase solar panels. Up to $250 off. Check out their website. Life is good!
  9. Thanks John E. Davies, I wax my trailer 3 times a year and I always check my solar panel mount knobs one was always a quarter turn loose. I found it had no lock washer on the 1/4 bolt knob. So I went the extra mile and install a lock washer and a wire safety. Drilled a 1/16” hole and used my favorite aircraft wire. Life is good!
  10. Thoughts and prayers out to Anita and family. Truly a nice person. Get well soon.🙏🏻
  11. May the Blessing of Easter fill your heart with love. Happy Easter!
  12. I looked into the Curt Rebellion 2/12 flex hitch (859.00) for our trailer. But decided on just a standard 2 1/2 hitch from Curt rated for 20,000 pounds. I didn’t like all the extra possible mechanical problems at the hitch for the small benefit. The best thing I did was lower the air pressure to 55 pounds in our trailer. Safe travels.
  13. Has anyone installed a working window with a 50% slider in the door? It’s the only vertical location for a window that could be left open durning a light rain to ventilate the trailer and not get things wet. I would not mind a little water on the floor at the door. Currently I open the bathroom vent and run the large exhaust fan. Just would be nice to have a little extra ventilation. What’s your thoughts? Thanks
  14. Congratulations and welcome to the family, Great group of people here. Safe travels.
  15. Welcome to the Oliver family. Sorry we are currently in Maryland assisting with birthing of Gotland lambs.
  16. Very nice Job. It’s a tough space to organize for sure. We tend to carry different items with the season’s. We will get it figured out one day.
  17. Congratulations! It’s time to party. Safe travels from Hull# 901 in MD
  18. It’s the small price we pay for loving nature. We were attacked by lanterns flys in Berryville Virginia while attending a bluegrass festival in sept. Just got to deal with it. Mosquitos are the worst.
  19. That’s cold! I had to put another log in my stove after looking at your picture. We winter camp and have been out in 20 deg. with Lite snow with no problems. It’s the wind at those temp that makes it bad. Seems like the older we get the more we like the 3 season camping. Really enjoy being outside. I wouldn’t want to winter camp in any other camper but our Oliver. Stay warm and have some fun.
  20. Sounds like you have a good plan to reach your new goals. Hard work and saving money always will pay off in the long run in life. Good luck! Definitely paint that trailer white and use a sharpie for the Oliver name.
  21. If that is all that happen your good. Job done! I’m a old school type of guy and don’t mind inspecting or repacking the bearings. I always feel the hubs at stops to make sure they are not getting hot witch can be a sign of a potential problem. Safe Travels
  22. Looks to be the solar panel charge controller on the street side. I would submit a service ticket to Oliver. Or install a bolt and washer and nut through the back (round) access hole. Easy fix.
  23. Wow! Great catch. OCD does pay off. Most of my friends and I have it but will not admit it. Safe travels.
  24. Welcome to the family. This forum is some of the best people out there.They will help with any questions or issues you have. A lot of knowledge here. Safe travels.
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