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  1. Welcome and congratulations, Safe travels from Hull #901
  2. Welcome! We live in Maryland, Northern Carroll county. We split out time at Ocean City and our Oliver. Retirement will come fast, almost one year for me. Had a count down app on my phone and when I had a rough day at work it was nice to watch the time pass. I did love my job. You can’t go wrong with the Oliver built like a boat. Very high quality. Hull 901 Chris and John
  3. We decided to go with a LEER fiberglass cap with Thule top rails and a BedRug. No regrets. Stays dry.
  4. A bored mind can get very creative. Nice mod, It goes on my list also. 🎄
  5. First class job! Looks great and I like the contrast, Something to consider. The compliance police is going to get you for covering up the stove warning labels. LOL
  6. Don’t like the look of the curtain, We also just use a microfiber towel. The outside shower is easy to clean up. Just have to keep it going. How much is showering a lot? 😜
  7. Looks great! Have fun and safe travels.
  8. Wishing all a wonderful Thanksgiving, I need to buy a flexible belt.
  9. Ollie will be getting a second coat of Meguiar’s flagship wax and a small rechargeable vacuum any recommendations?
  10. All great stuff! Thank you for all you do to build a quality trailer.
  11. Citrus Breeze, I believe that the water you are seeing could be interior condensation witch can be caused when the outside temperatures are cold and the inside of the Oliver is warm and humid. . Although we have thermal pane windows the frame is aluminum and it is transferring the cold outside to inside that gives the humid air a place to condense and drip small amounts of water. I notice when camping in the cold and I am boiling water for coffee my curb side window will condense. Now I use the max air fan while boiling water to control interior humidity.
  12. I have had great success with the Mequiar’s Flagship wax. Been using it for years. Holds up great and gives me some exercise. I will apply twice a year.
  13. I set mine to 55# witch is the rating for the on board pump. BE CAREFUL when first hooking up, make sure that you do not have air in your water system. Open the hot and cold water valves in the trailer and Slowly open the water supply valve until there is no air. This will help eliminate water hammer that can compress air in the system greater then it is designed for and cause problems.
  14. Thank you for putting this information and experience together, very useful and answered some of my question.
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