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  1. Bill - could you post a link to the Clam model you have? Thanks!
  2. Topgun2 - also, while you are here do you mind if I take a peek at your new Ollie? I would like to do some extended trips and the Olivier is on my shortlist. I'm doing lots of reading/learning and would love to see one in person.
  3. Hi Topgun2 - St. Augustine is a great place to visit and it is especially nice in February. There are several places to go to eat depending on what you feel like on any given day. I've listed several below that are my go to places. If any call I suggest Googling them to get directions from where you will be camping. Hope they work for you. On Anastasia Island (over the bridge from downtown/Old Town) All are casual wear - lots of shorts and t-shirts in the summer. South Beach Grill - has been around for awhile - you can sit outside and see the ocean and beach. I can recommend the fish tacos - fried shrimp - fresh fish - the cantina bowl with your protein of choice O’Steens - a fixture in the area for a long time - always a line so get there early if you don’t want to wait to long. Known for their fried shrimp - cash only Captains BBQ - about 20 min south on A1A from St Aug Beach - great BBQ adjacent to a county park. Recommend the ribs and the turkey sandwich - however everything is really good. Salt Life - moderately newish - coastal fare and burgers. Had the fish tacos several times. There is an upper outdoor deck if the weather is good. Cafe 11 - great weekend brunch. Slightly nicer dress but still casual. Purple Olive - good variety of very tasty dishes. Have not been disappointed by anything on the table. In the Old Town Historic Area - generally don’t eat here since a bit pricier. I’m sure there are good places to go. Pizza Time - the BEST pizza!!! (not sure if you can tell but I really like their pizza Have taken several friends/family there and all agree it is wonderful. The Hyppo - great frozen popsicles Kilwins - ice cream
  4. I know that the majority of people on this forum have the Elite II but if you could include your model with your mileage that would be really helpful. I'm contemplating the Elite and will need to get a new tow vehicle if I go this route. I appreciate all I'm able to learn from the knowledgeable individuals on this forum! Thanks!
  5. Thanks for the info! I do worry about my puppies - they travel with me when possible and I can't imagine a long wander without them.
  6. Thank you both for your reply! Your comments were so helpful. Pete - I see from your blog that Oscar travels with you everywhere. When you have to leave him in the Ollie due to pet restrictions (I'm thinking national park here) how does the interior temperature hold so that it doesn't get to hot? I realize Zion in August it will hot - but - I've seen warm temps in the spring in areas that are generally cooler. I have two small dogs that are very good travelers. Thanks!
  7. Hello all - I am considering an Ollie Elite and was wondering - when you ordered your Ollie, what options did you elect to add on? Are you happy with your choices? would change those choices and if so how? add additional outlets? I have read the literature and know what is appealing to me but just because it sounds useful doesn't mean it would wind up being true down the road. My type of camping would be along the lines of national and state parks with some boondocking where available. Thanks for any input you can provide!
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