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  1. Certainly, there is no question when one wishes to compare towing without a weight distribution hitch or towing with one, towing without will almost always win. Why would one wish to add ANY work to what they already have to do without some reason. For many, that reason is that they wish to have the added security and/or functionality of a WDH or they are required to use one for "legal" or warranty issues. Indeed, I too rarely have problems with porpoising. Mostly this occurs on Interstates with construction or those wonderful bridge abutments. But, when things really start to bounce, the Andersen dampens this while other WDH (that I'm familiar with like the Equalizer) actually amplify it. Would this alone be sufficient reason to purchase and use the Andersen WDH? - I think not. But, I suspect that this is not the reason most of us use the Andersen to start with. Bill
  2. And, for a price, Oliver will even install the custom top for you.
  3. Certainly the Andersen WDH is no worse, and, in my experience with other WDH, it is actually better than anything else on the market. This applies to both how it functions and how it is to use. Yes, there are those times - less than 5% - where it always seems to be raining or dark or I'm in a rush - where the entire process of hitching up is a "pain". But as an every day "chore" the Andersen is no big deal. And, it does help reduce porpoiseing while other WDH actually increase it. Bill
  4. FINALLY! - a place to land that helicopter. Looks good too. Bill
  5. HERE is the measurement for the twin bed area.  I'm not aware of an actual "template" that you could use and virtually all mattresses will be different due to the thickness. Bill p.s. scroll up a couple of posts from where this link takes you to see the measurements.
  6. Note that the 90 degree hoses are also 10% off when using the Flash10 promo code.
  7. I'm no help on the adjustment since mine are of the vintage variety. However, they and your rig do look good! Bill
  8. Great news for you. You've got plenty of time to plan trips for the first year and plenty of time to read everything that the Oliver University has to offer. Let us know if anything doesn't make sense to you. Welcome to the Family! Bill
  9. Use the code Flash10 at checkout for 10% off.
  10. Mine is a 2017 F-150. Answers to your questions - 1: no 2: no I've never had a hint of sway with my Elite II regardless of Andersen, no Andersen, Ford's anti-sway or no Ford anti-sway or any combination of these. Bill
  11. If anyone is interested in the "GasStop" product - automatically shuts off propane in the event of a large amount escaping, TechnoRV has a sale on them until the end of October. Bill
  12. A sad day in that I had to put my Elite II to sleep for the next couple of months (at least). Fall is in full swing, the leaves are changing and falling and the temps have been above normal. However, next week has at least a couple of days of rain forecast plus the temps are going to finally take a dip. Added to the changing weather is a full schedule of appointments for the next two weeks. Is there some medical name for feeling sad because the camping season has come to an early end? ☹️
  13. As promised - here are a couple of pics of the foam board installation. Bill
  14. OK - pics coming later today. However, don't mix apples and oranges. MY purpose of using foam board is/was to reduce the temperature differences so that there would not be a surface that was cold enough for moisture to condense versus what JD is basically talking about in improving air circulation so that moisture can evaporate. Ideally, both of these approaches can be used to combat condensation. However, as I pointed out, I decided to see if the relatively low cost method would work before taking additional measures involving airflow. JD's "soak test" in his post above is a bit of a waste of time in that at least both sides of most construction foam board that I've seen is covered with a thin sheet of plastic which would , obviously, prevent virtually any water from penetrating into the foam - let alone the density of the foam itself. In this regard and to certainly prevent the intrusion of water of any kind, I even went further and sealed all of the cut edges with clear tape. This also has the added benefit of keeping things a bit cleaner and helps satisfy that OCD nature that is not the private domain of virtually anyone. Bill
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