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  1. Sure do hope that "A" liner deal has some weep holes in it. I assume that you are talking about the bathroom vent. And, I assume that you are wanting to create a "cross breeze" of sorts by leaving both the bathroom vent and the Max Aire vent open at the same time? Certainly a fairing of sorts would not be too difficult to fabricate. But to make it look nice might be another story. Bill
  2. As with most RV's - getting a proper tow vehicle is key to an enjoyable towing experience. Certainly there is a fair amount of discussion on that topic here and elsewhere. Good luck! Bill
  3. When I ordered my Ollie I had always intended for the street side to be a couch - not a bed. When I saw that this bed extension had been installed I called Anita and said that I wanted it removed prior to delivery. Anita said that I should give that decision some thought in that with the extra seating cushions that I have ordered plus a few throw pillows this area could still be a nice couch, plus, by removing the back cushions and the throw pillows it would still be a nice bed. After some further thought and discussion I told Anita that I'd give it a try. Sure am glad that I listened to h
  4. I've got the EEZ TPMS and have had no issues in the last five years. Technomadia on there YouTube channel rate it highly too. No matter which TPMS system you purchase, strongly consider getting 6 sensors - 4 for the Ollie, 1 for the Ollie spare tire and 1 for the tow vehicle spare tire. Of course this assumes that the TV already has TPMS from the factory - if not then get 10 sensors. Bill
  5. And a "Hi" back to you and glad that you are with us. Let us know if there is anything that we can do to make your "one day" actually happen. Bill
  6. GJ - I know that Patriot is presently a bit "busy", so, it might take him a few days to get back to you on this. Bill
  7. I too picked up my Ollie in February. Just keep an eye on the weather and make adjustments if necessary. The "normal" weather in Hohenwald isn't really that bad in February (not counting one week of this year) and the roads are a bit less crowded for taking your new arrival home. Unfortunately for most of us - February will be here before you know it ๐Ÿ˜ƒ. Until then you have a great chance to give Phil a hard time (please) and to read virtually everything in the Oliver University and here on the regular Forum. Let us know if you have questions! Welcome! Bill
  8. And a concrete pad too! How many pads do they have? Wine any good? Bill
  9. Good for you guys! Hope all went well and parting can be such sweet sorrow. But, in two weeks you get the "joy" of being free of all that money (or at least part of it) ๐Ÿ˜. Bill
  10. I almost bought a Casita - but - I found Oliver before I could pull the trigger in Texas. Glad that you are here. It will be interesting to hear your take on the differences and similarities between the two. Bill
  11. I'll bet that your Ollie missed you just about as much as you missed it. Great time of year to be where you are - enjoy it! Bill
  12. Yep - what the Dawg said. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bill
  13. In years past, Oliver provided a list of these numbers included in the Owner's Manual. I assume that you have checked there? Bill
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