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  1. I thought the exact same thing.
  2. My experience with lithium and fire is relatively small - a laptop battery pack. However, I can tell you that it can get exciting! As those individual cells that are on the inside of the battery come shooting out of the case, bounce off the ceiling of my office and then melt into the carpet while setting it on fire and other cells have already turned paper, a trash can, a lamp shade and a desk on fire, I knew that I had to pull the plug out of the outlet in the wall in order to stop the current from igniting even more cells. Once the power was removed from the equation then a Tundra aerosol spray fire extinguisher ( like THIS ONE) quickly took care of the fires. Given what I believe would be somewhat larger individual cells in our Ollies I believe that you simply can not afford to be too safe. Bill
  3. Not a V8 but mileage on the 3.5 twin turbo (2017) was 12-13 on several round trips from the mountains of Western NC to the Rockies and back. Tonneau cover on FX4 trim truck with a 6.5 foot bed, max towing, and max payload. I understand that the V8 performance is about the same while towing but that the ecoboost has better gas mileage (22 to 24 mpg) when not towing. Bill
  4. Frank - Could you post a picture of those welds? There was a time when two steel plates were welded together forming an "L" bracket. Unfortunately, there apparently were times when only "spot welds" were performed and the full welds were never completed on those brackets. If you suspect that you have any of these brackets you should take a picture of them and send it to Service. Bill
  5. Bummer! I just took delivery of my third F-150 and each one has had the 3.5 twin turbo engine. Absolutely no problems with any of the three. However, I should add that the current one only has 60 miles on it and the maximum mileage that either of the other two had was 45,000. Hope you got the issues out of the way. Many modern vehicles have this "limited" power "feature" built into them. This enables you to still operate the vehicle but supposedly limits any harm that you might do to the engine or transmission until you can get the vehicle to a dealer. Bill
  6. AND - Review all of the threads in the "Mods" section here on the Forum. Bill
  7. I assume that you have put in a Service ticket? Bill
  8. Yes - mainly due to the large GM plant south of Nashville the traffic can get ugly. Be careful but have a great time! Bill
  9. Assuming that you are headed towards Nashville from the east - you actually get off I40 prior to getting to Nasheville and take I840 out of Lebanon towards Columbia and then to Hohenwald. Bill
  10. Chukarhunter I think that there are three things in your post. 1. While I don't normally camp in the winter season, I have encountered winter conditions during the "summer" months. 80 degrees during the day and mid to high 20's and snow at night while at altitude in the western mountains. By having a category called Boondocking it includes (hopefully) all those things that one might experience when camping off-grid, including cold weather. 2. You have an interesting thought on the location/insulation of the fresh water tank. Since it is a distinct possibility that your suggestions in this regard would not be seen here by the appropriate people at Oliver, have you sent an email/letter to Oliver specifically suggesting this? 3. I too have thought about the addition of foam panels on the underside of my Oliver. If it weren't for the vanity of dealing with how it might look, I probably would have already tried this mod. I have stuffed insulation into just about any place I could think of and/or reach between the two shells though. There is a YouTuber named "Slim Potato Head" that has a single shell molded fiberglass camper. Last year he did this mod to his camper and the finished product really didn't look too bad. In any case - I'm a big fan of more insulation from both heat and cold. Bill
  11. I do not recall this topic ever being discussed here on the Forum. Yes, there have been a post or two about mounting a second awning but nothing (that I recall) about using those awning mounting positions for anything other than an awning. There are tons of YouTube videos where the installation of solar panels was completed using only adhesives. If done properly I'm guessing that there really isn't a problem with this method. However, I do understand your concern. Bill
  12. I remember getting to the production line. Back in the day when there was more "free" time the folks at Oliver would sent pictures of the new baby rolling down the line. In hind sight I'm not so sure that this was a good thing - is it a boy or a girl, what do you think the color of its hair or eyes is going to be, will ours have all four tires the same, is it really smiling at us? The anticipation is bad enough without also "expecting" pictures every couple of weeks. Now's the time for that final prep work to start - trip route, reservations, one or two nights at the Oliver camp? Sort through things into piles of what to bring - only to be sorted again when I realized that all of what I wanted to bring would not fit in the tow vehicle. And then sorted again when I realized that I would not be taking a 6 month trip. What tools? What cloths? What paperwork? What cleaning supplies - sure its a new baby but they do tend to soil themselves so quickly. What did I do with those checklists? Did I call my insurance people with the VIN - what did I do with that "proof of insurance" card they gave me? OH! Did we remember to pack the checkbook? 😇 All sounds fun and exciting! Bill
  13. That's easy - Simply "copy" the coordinates above, then go to Google Maps and "paste" the coordinates in the "search box" and hit the enter key. A regular street map will first come up - click on that to enlarge the map. A larger map will come up and look to the left side of the screen and there will be a box that says "layers". Click on that box and the overhead satellite view will come up and you can zoom in or zoom out as you need by clicking on the + and - arrows Steve's trailer is not in this view - he must have run into town!😇 Bill Or - click on THIS
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