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  1. Until this afternoon I had delayed in canceling my May camping reservations at Guntersville State Park. I used the link provided by Jason Walmsley in the first post of this thread and filled out the simple form. Within five minutes I received a cancellation notice from the State Park and a credit to my credit card account for my original deposit. The entire process could not have been easier. Another BIG THANKS to Jason and Matt Duncan for making this so easy. If you have not taken care of this job previously, I'd strongly recommend getting it done very soon since the ability to get a refund might be adversely effected by the State Park policy on cancellations. Bill
  2. Kgeb - The only "failure" I've had with my EZ gutters has been where the 3M tape actually loosened from the gutter - not the Oliver. To fix this I removed the tape from both the gutter (where it was still stuck) and from the Oliver. Then I cleaned both surfaces and applied a thin coating of "E6000" (available at WalMart, Amazon, etc.) to the back of the gutter and pressed it in place. I then used "painter's tape" to hold the gutter in place overnight. That was now over two years ago and the gutter has not failed again. Bill
  3. I just got off the phone ordering a Zarcor window and shade for the door of my Oliver Elite II. At present the only way you can get a white shade with a white operating handle is to call the company. I ordered mine with the clear tinted glass but if for some reason you prefer regular clear glass you can order it that way. The phone number for Zarcor is: 1-800-877-4797 At present the cost of this is $129.00 AND they will include free shipping. Bill p.s. If your door window has the 16 interior screws then it is "Style A" (inside window dimensions of 12"x 21").
  4. Due to my home owner's association's rules I am prohibited from keeping my Oliver at my house. Therefore, I keep it at a storage yard under a CalMark cover with a small solar panel connected in order to keep the batteries charged - The Oliver's solar panels will not work through the CalMark cover. And, there are no hookups otherwise available in this yard. During the winter I usually check in on the Ollie about every 6 weeks in order to check on the battery water level (I have 4 lead acid Trojan T-105's) and the dehumidifying measures inside. The storage yard is gravel but I keep the Oliver poised on 2x8 boards with plastic sheeting between the tires and the boards. By far, the best way to store is at your residence. A heated garage with plenty of space around the Oliver (to allow you room to work of it) is the "gold" standard. Bill
  5. Mike - Do you remember specifically which window you ordered? There are two listed on their website. I'm thinking that since I can't go camping I might as well tackle this job I've been wanting to do for awhile! Bill
  6. While there are a bunch of ideas to be found if you simply type "RV window shades" in the search box of Amazon, a fair number of Ollie owners have used this: https://www.amazon.com/CloZures-Controls-Privacy-Outside-fingertip/dp/B07FDKJFHD/ref=sr_1_29?dchild=1&keywords=rv+window+shades&qid=1585669649&sr=8-29 I've been told that these are available in white if you would prefer that and I know that there is at least one post here on the Forum concerning this product - try the "search" function. Bill p.s. I really do like the tinted window. The look of the bathroom window being non-tinted bothered me so much that I bought some "stick-on" automotive window tinting film for it and now it looks just like the rest of the windows on the street side of my Ollie.
  7. Shackelfords - Welcome to the party - Yes, others have thought of and actually used several types of these coatings on the front of the Oliver. Besides Bugeyedriver with his really expensive stuff there are at least one or two that have tried your recommended method. I've only used the 3M "rock protection film" and it has done an "OK" job but I don't think it would stand up to a trip to Alaska. Hopefully those that have used the Linex treatment will speak up. A few years ago I saw pictures of an Elite II that had used regular black truck bed coating for protection. I thought that this would look terrible, but, when I actually saw that Ollie at the second annual Owner's Rally, it really didn't look bad - both from wear and tear and cosmetically. Bill
  8. Mossey - Don't do it! But, please let me know when you plan to grease those zerks so I can come down to watch you struggle 😁. Bill
  9. AK - while I've seen ac cover that have a cinch rope at the bottom, I would not trust that to keep the cover in place while traveling down the road. ThomB87 - Probably no need to "cut off their food supply" once you get a cover. But, I did have a bird build a nest on the folded steps under my CalMark cover one year. Bill
  10. If you decide that a full cover is not the way you want to go - you can always purchase a cover that is for the air conditioner only - for example - https://www.amazon.com/ADCO-3021-White-Conditioner-Cover/dp/B0002F68OU/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=5UKZDJJFXALN&dchild=1&keywords=rv+air+conditioner+covers&qid=1585440273&sprefix=RV+air+conditioner%2Caps%2C176&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUE1RjU3Uk9MSThOWUUmZW5jcnlwdGVkSWQ9QTA1NjQ1MDBKTjE2WTVNVUpJVjgmZW5jcnlwdGVkQWRJZD1BMDczODE3NDJPWTFES08wMEg0OUwmd2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGYmYWN0aW9uPWNsaWNrUmVkaXJlY3QmZG9Ob3RMb2dDbGljaz10cnVl Just make sure that you get the correct size! Bill
  11. I would have agreed with this statement up to the point when a couple of years ago I was taking a shower after a day of fishing in Yellowstone. As I was drying off, I looked out my partially opened bathroom window and there was a young boy of about 8 or 9 years old staring back at me. While he was NOT tall enough to be able to see "anything", I could not help but to think about this kid going back to his parents and telling them that some old guy had just "flashed" him. So, I immediately got to work on making a curtain for that little window! Bill
  12. Adco also makes custom RV covers from Sunbrella fabric. I've owned both over the years and strongly believe that the CalMark covers are better - and slightly more expensive. The reinforcing webbing that CalMark uses decreases the pressure on the fabric thus makes the cover stronger and longer lasting. Also, the CalMark has a "draw-string" in the hem at the bottom which allows you to tighten the cover around the bottom without the need for additional rope underneath. The only real problem with both covers is the weight. Getting the cover to the top of the Oliver (or any RV for that matter) can be a bit of a challenge - particularly if you try putting the cover on by yourself. However, I've never really had a problem taking the cover off given the smoothness and shape of the Ollie. I know that CalMark has the dimensions of the Oliver and, therefore, does not need you to measure yours for them. I would guess that Adco also has these measurements but do not know this for sure. If you have any other questions, fire away. Bill
  13. Wave1127 - Any idea of what caused the motor to die? Any "smell" of burned things around the coil or signs of wiring overload? Glad you got it fixed and it was nice of Barker to "work with you" on this. Bill
  14. BoB - Assume that you replaced the battery in the smoke alarm? How about a cleaning and dielectric grease in the pigtail and did you check the terminals on the main batteries when you added that bolt stop? Also did you give the door lock, hinges (of all sorts) and any other movable thing a shot of "grease"? and, did you do a check of the caulking - particularly on the roof? Bill
  15. I've got the smaller (four sides) Clam. While it is great for one or two people and as many as three can fit, it certainly will not fit over picnic tables. However, its smaller size allows it to be stored in the Oliver closet. Interestingly, it seems to me that this smaller Clam is slightly more difficult to put up as compared to its bigger brother. I think that the reason for this is the length of the fiberglass rods is shorter in the little unit. This causes them to be slightly less "flexible" thus requiring a bit more "oomph" to get them to spring open. Even with this I believe that a reasonably fit 120 pound human would not have trouble putting the smaller Clam up - once they mastered how to do it - see the YouTube videos on this. Even though I think that the Clam has better features and is made from slightly better materials, there are other "clam like" screen tents on the market - like the Gazelle. With slightly thinner fiberglass rods it would be likely that the Gazelle would be even easier to put up. Unfortunately, this would probably also mean that the Gazelle would not stand up to winds and overall use as well as the Clam. Having said this, while in West Yellowstone this past summer I (along with four other Oliver owners) road out a heavy thunder storm inside a Gazelle with no significant issues. Bill
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