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  1. We certainly agree about living versus visiting the beach. I can't tell you the number of times my wife and I have talked about buying a second home on the beach only to slap ourselves back to reality. We "need" another home like we "need" a hole in the .......... And, living at the beach full time without the mountains, trees, motorcycle roads, hiking, etc. is just simply not something we want to do. But, for a vacation, we find the beach, the ocean, the food , and the different life style very refreshing and relaxing. Bill
  2. Pam - See the very first post by Foy above (top of page). His price for the shower mats is $199 plus shipping. Bill
  3. It is possible that we are mixing a bit of "apples and apples" in this discussion. I believe that the comment about NOT recommending blown air for winterization pertains to the practice of ONLY using blown air and has nothing to do with using blown air in COMBINATION with using RV antifreeze. While not impossible to remove ALL water from the plumbing system using the blown air approach - it is very difficult. Given the small spaces in back flow preventers and single handled faucets a single drop of water can do a fair amount of damage. Given that most RV antifreeze protects dow
  4. One of the "problems" that you will encounter is that there are very few alarms of any sort that fit into that hole under the dinette. So, unless you are willing to live with the hole, or, live with gaps around the hole, or, patch or cover the hole, you are basically stuck with what's there. Bill
  5. You would be well served to ask the Sales Department that last question. However, I've always believed that when it comes to thing involving money, there is usually a way around most any obstacle. Bill
  6. 7 inch (diagonal) screen - I would never go back to a 5 inch screen. Yes, mine is on the dash of my F-150. No issues with sunlight. Bill
  7. Susan - Research, research, research! What's good for me is not necessarily good for you and GPS units are no exception. Garmin's new 8 inch screen and the model 890 is getting good reviews. Garmin's website used to have a matrix that compared their various models and features. Several years ago I upgraded to a NUVI 2797LM that has a large 7 inch (diagonal) screen and have liked it very much. But, I usually travel alone which makes the large screen much easier to see and interact with while driving down the road. Good luck on your search. Bill p.s. I have
  8. I suspect that FJV meant to say - gasoline without alcohol - and not specifically "premium gas". Alcohol has bad effects on many gas lines and carburetor parts. Bill
  9. It would appear that Sir John Crapper did ☺️.
  10. Both are dual. So the co part is duplicated - thanks Mike 😊
  11. Tractors 1 (Charlie Y) - RV WIDGET WORKS - is or was a member of our Forum - I've not noticed him here recently though. He is the originator of the shield JD mentions above. If anyone is interested, you might want to try sending him a PM or contact RV Widget Works and cut out the middle man. Bill
  12. At one time Bruce Norton ordered a lot of these keys. He sold me a couple. Anyone interested might try sending Bruce a PM. Good luck. Bill Edit - if sending a PM try Forum member name - Cheryl
  13. I believe that Patriot recently purchased couple of these. You might want to PM him for details.
  14. I know several RVers that Velcro a couple of those lights to the exterior of their camper. The theory is that if/when a critter (or human) sees that light come on they will leave. I wonder if it actually works at least for any critter of any size. I do know of at least one black bear that really doesn't care if a "security" light is on or not. Bill
  15. So sorry about the rain. Isn't there a winery nearby? I know there is a cave that can be explored. Twist and I are with all of you in spirit. Stay safe! Bill
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