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  1. 1. Good video 2. Good music 3. Ya just gotta paint those 4 bolts holding the RAM ball black 4. What's that sweet looking camper in the back ground? Bill
  2. topgun2


    I'd second what SeaDawg is saying about these woven rugs. CampingWorld, WalMart , Amazon, have all sorts of designs and sizes to chose from. With regards to the interior rug - you might want to consider getting two rugs instead of one to fit this space. The small rugs are much easier to simply take outside and shake. Also, the rug that is in the kitchen area will tend to get dirtier faster and it would be easier to either replace this smaller rug or clean this smaller rug versus the larger one piece unit. Finally, I like a "softer" rug for back in the bedroom/living room area - its a
  3. Fritz - I don't have the Furrion camera so I can't really make a sound judgement in that regard. However, from what I've seen and read and the general design of the Furrion, I suspect that it is somewhat better than the Garmin 890/BC35 as a camera. Partly this is due to the fact that the Furrion transmits its WiFi signal directly from the housing that is mounted on the roof of the Oliver while the Garmin unit either must be waterproofed (the cable connections, the fuse holder and the power connection) or have its WiFi sending unit mounted on the interior. Also, the Furrion is (I belie
  4. A couple of additional comments about the Garmin 890 - 1. For a number of reasons, I wanted an additional rearview camera on my Ollie. So, I purchased the Garmin BC35 that is made to pair with the Garmin 890. My plan is to install the camera in the usual spot on the roof at the rear of the Ollie, drill a hole and run the camera cable into the attic. Then, using extension cables, run the video cable through the cubbies toward the front door. Once there I can use the already installed "camera" switch in order to get power to the camera and the WiFi sending unit. Using double sided VB
  5. Build it and they will come. Pick a place, pick a date(s) - and they will come. Foy and Mirna have some experience with that. Bill
  6. Perhaps those deer are interested in your Oliver? A nice clean, dry, relatively warm place to spend the rest of the winter.☺️ Bill
  7. As with a bunch of things, the answer to your question is - "it depends". In this case the "it depends" is - how much energy do you use? If you are conservative with your energy usage - don't leave lights on, don't use a bunch of fans, hair dryers, heat (the blower takes electricity), don't run the water pump too much, etc., etc., then you certainly should be OK for 3 days. Yes you can hook up a suitcase solar panel with clips - just be sure that the panels have a charge controller. Oliver does "allow" solar hookup without rooftop panels - simply have an exterior solar port i
  8. Yep! I've had experience with Dual Lock being used on motorcycles for the attachment of "air foils - wind deflectors". At speeds in excess of 130 mph these "Velcro" attachments didn't budge or even think about coming apart. Bill note: these speeds were obtained on a closed course racing circuit
  9. I'm not aware that "Dual Lock" is available with the "Command strip" feature of being removable from what it has been attached to. As far as I know Dual Lock is only available with the very sticky VBR type of adhesive. The difficulty in "taking it apart" that I refer to has got to do with separating the two parts of the Dual Lock from each other. In several applications that I'm familiar with, a flat bladed screw driver had to be used in order to get the two parts separated! Bill
  10. Be aware that if you wish to try Dual Lock it can be rather difficult to take apart. Bill
  11. John - You are reading way too much into my comments. Velcro tends to come with the "hook" side of the two pieces in one of two forms - tall hooks and short hooks. Sometimes the low hooked version is called "low profile". I believe that this low profile version lasts longer and is easier to clean as compared to the alternative and looks better (for applications where that matters) and is much easier to keep clean. Bill
  12. JD - I see that you are using the "low profile" Velcro - a very good choice from almost any perspective. Bill
  13. No matter what any one of this body of owners tells you there will always be that lingering feeling that since we own one we must be in love with it. No matter how much we say that we are unbiased the fact remains that we still own an Oliver. Don't take our word for it - schedule a factory tour and see and feel it for yourself. Or, at the very least, schedule a visit with a current owner near you to take a look. Bill
  14. Richard - Welcome and congrats! There will probably still be things that you will want to do to your "new" Oliver and now you have it for the balance of the winter so you can start getting those things done. Perhaps start with a nice cleaning and polishing of the interior? Anything we can do - just yell - there is always someone here to help. Bill
  15. Yes - they still do make Jiffy Pop and it is as good as it ever was ☹️. Bill
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