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  1. Patriot - If you have trouble getting to see an Oliver, you can virtually always see mine. I'm located about 30 minutes southwest of Asheville. Just send me a private message here on the Forum. Glad to help! Bill
  2. Mark - In reverse order - I agree with Seadawg and David - TPMS is virtually a must. Obviously, there are several good systems on the market and Ford's just might be one of them. I certainly understand wanting to reduce the number of separate systems and/or screens in the tow vehicle (both for the TPMS and for the backup camera) and I don't know what Ford's system costs. However, I'm guessing that for what Ford will want for its system, you can get a very nice TPMS (note here that if you go this route you should think about getting 6 sensors which will take care of the four wheels on the Oliver plus the spares on both the tow vehicle and the Oliver). In ordering my Oliver I thought that the camera being sold by Oliver was expensive AND I wanted to reduce the number of screens inside my truck. Bottom line is that I had Oliver pre-wire for the camera during the build to include an on/off switch by the camper entrance. As with all other things that they have done for me the result was very professional and complete. Heck - at delivery, they even installed the camera for me. While hardwired into the electrical system of the Oliver, the camera does transmit it video signal to the tow vehicle via WiFi. This has never been a problem and I can view that transmission on my tablet or my phone (or both). Since I usually have one or both of these operating as I drive anyway, there is no additional screen. And, I can have it on or off any time I chose. My total cost including the camera, WiFi transmitter and Oliver install was right at $250 (note that this was a bit over four years ago). Again, I'm guessing that Ford's system will be somewhat more expensive than this and if you ever change tow vehicles you might have a problem. Bill
  3. "Any thoughts?" I believe that testing is almost always a good thing. Better to test now when you are not under any pressure and find out what works and what doesn't. However, given the 18 amp reading you cite and having everything that you need work with the one generator, then I agree - why carry around the second generator. This is particularly so given that one would normally run the fridge on propane since it is a much more efficient way to operate the fridge thereby reducing the electrical draw even further. Bill
  4. Sandral - Welcome! Really glad that you are with us and look forward to seeing you at the Owner's Rally. I'm guessing that owning the Oliver will be more like being on the boat versus being in that big 5th wheel. It will be interesting to hear your take on it. Enjoy the Forum searches but don't be afraid to fire those questions! Bill
  5. GJ - Perhaps you are correct about "pop there goes an elbow" but - in addition - it is very difficult to remove ALL water in the lines via the compressed air method. On previous campers I used compressed air and it seemed no matter how careful I was, there was some part that always was destroyed due to freezing. It is not a surprise when I finally realized that these parts were either small - back flow preventers - or at the extreme ends of plumbing runs - exterior showers, toilets. Given the work involved in using compressed air to make absolutely sure that ALL water had been removed from the system, I simply decided that the RV Antifreeze method was far easier and less time consuming. With regards to your heater question - I really don't know. However, there are other ways fellow Forum members have posted concerning getting heat to that area that sound simpler and even possibly cheaper than what you propose. Check out Bugeyedriver's bilge heaters for instance. Bll
  6. Don - Bet you can't wait for that new camper. Certainly one does get a bunch of space on the interior when you move the kitchen and the bath from the inside to the outside. However, one also gets a much smaller foot-print. It appears that once the beds are deployed you will be sleeping under canvas. If that is the case, be sure to take a look at a product sold by a company called "Popup Gizmos". This product is basically a tarp with one side being reflective and is held on via bungee cords. It greatly helps in both reducing interior heat transfer (both in and out). If you decide to purchase this product - get the "wind proof" (most expensive) version. This version is both stronger and easier to put on. I have never stored many cloths in my closet - perhaps a jacket and a decent shirt/pants for use in the event I needed something a tad nicer without wrinkles. However, given the amount of "stuff" I've got in there I can certainly see where the addition of shelving would allow for a ton of cloths. In my case, I still am not using all my closet space, nor the storage space under the street side bed, nor the space aft of the furnace, nor the space in the back of the truck. Bill
  7. Welcome to the Forum and thanks for the kind words! Nothing will take the place of that factory tour - be sure to take a camera and ask all the questions you want. There are a number of Oliver owners her in Western NC. If you'd like a tour of the Ollie prior to (or after) your factory visit - simply call the Sales Office and they will set you up. Note that at Oliver you will not be pressured or "bugged" by some sales person. Again, welcome and if you have questions for us on the Forum just let us know. Bill
  8. Charliep - Fellow Forum member - Mossemi - replaced his and posted a "how to" on the Forum some time ago. Unfortunately I don't have time at the moment to "search" for that post. However, you might either want to do a search for it yourself or send Mike a private message. Bill Found it quickly! Try this: https://olivertraveltrailers.com/forums/topic/3312-amber-porch-lights/?tab=comments#comment-32409
  9. Here is a new video that seems to cover the subject well - the part about the TSD Logistics card starts at 10:58: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RsznjKP18hY Bill
  10. There's humor in this somewhere, but, I just can't put my finger on it.
  11. C & M - Depending on your schedule - it might make sense to see if you can do a factory tour in conjunction with the annual Oliver Owners Rally in May. That way you could come down to the Rally either before or after your tour and hang out with a bunch of us while taking in some demonstrations and getting ideas for what you might want to do your Ollie. Bill
  12. And exactly what is that corkscrew for? Seriously, there is a Tractor Supply and a WalMart less than a mile from the Oliver plant and less than two miles from the Sales Office. If you forget anything and/or need something at the last minute, you can usually get it. We also picked up in February and the weather was chilly and very wet - no snow though. Unfortunately, the campground we stayed at for the first night was very muddy and my beautiful, clean, shiny nice new Oliver was covered in mud. Luck was in the cards though and the campground for the second night allowed me to get most of that dirt off. Bill
  13. Thanks! And, yep it looks the same to me. Its even a dollar cheaper ($98.95) on etrailer.com. Please let us know what you think once you get some experience using it Bill
  14. I just stumbled on a new product that came to market a couple of weeks ago. After calibration for your tow vehicle it reportedly can tell you all sorts of weights and weight distribution. The price of $99 doesn't seem bad but I'd prefer to have a few reviews of it prior to plunking down the cash. BetterWeigh video Bill
  15. C & M - Welcome and congrates on joining the "family". Don't be fooled into thinking that you have sooooo much time with regards to both the Ollie and retirement. Once we all get to May, 2021 I'm guessing that you will look back and wonder just exactly where did all that time go. Certainly, if you have any questions along the way - just yell. In the meantime, enjoy looking through all the posts already here. Bill
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