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  1. Welcome! And just think of all those wonderful Christmas presents you can now get for that brand new Ollie. Bill
  2. Patrick - As with all RV's I've ever been in, the air conditioner is loud. My solution to that is to camp at an elevation where I simply don't need it. In most (if not all) places on the Oliver with doors and other openings the fiberglass has been molded with nice radius corners or the panel has been turned in at the edges which produces nicely rounded corners. You first question depends almost entirely on your personal need for space. Besides the dinette there is the sleeping area. In either floorplan of the Elite II, the sleeping area can be used for many other things other than sleeping. Your best bet would be to arrange either a factory tour in Hohenwald, TN or to take a tour of an Oliver that is located near you. The Sales Office at Oliver would be happy to arrange either (or both) for you. Bill
  3. Same to you and your family, Phil. Also, Happy Holidays to all the great folks in the Oliver Family - both at the factory, sales office and owners. I still find it difficult to believe that in this day and age there is a product and company this good. Bill
  4. Would something like this work for you? USB Fan
  5. Mac - I'm not overly sure that I see your entire situation here. I understand your wanting to "fish" a coax between the hulls but perhaps there is another way to get done what you want to do. I assume that your Oliver does have the external coax port on the street-side rear. If this is correct then you can use that connection for your Directv. If you are already using this for other things then you can simply use a "A-B switch" in order to switch between two sources that are connected to that port. Obviously, if you have even more things you want to connect there are "A-B-C etc. switches". This way you would not have to fish anything nor would you have to cut another hole in the hull of the Oliver. Bill
  6. There are a number of reasons that I do not generally carry a cell phone. However, while on the road I always have one available for emergencies and as a back-up for my tablet and/or laptop. Even though these things can be annoying I'm becoming more convinced that they really can be very handy. For years I've always carried ear plugs to use while trying to sleep when I've had to camp in noisy places. I've also carry "relaxing" music that I can play through my Oliver's music system (placed on the built in timer so it shuts off after I'm sleeping). Not until recent though have I used an App on my smart phone to create "white noise". The App that I use is called "White Noise HD" and is free in the Google Playstore. There are a number of different "noises" and I can select to add (or subtract) various other sounds from a particular track. If you have trouble sleeping in a noisy environment you just might want to consider something of this "nature". Bill
  7. To specifically answer your question - no. But I've not looked for it either. If you saw episode 2 then you really got the gist of episode 1 - how to learn to drive a big class A. At this point - I agree with your assessment of the series so far. Perhaps not exactly 90% commercials but the content has not been what I would call "riveting" either. And, yes, I do understand that we are not the portion of the audience that would get excited by learning how to drive a class A. Even the short portion in episode 2 with Technomadia (former Oliver owners) was fairly superficial without substance. I really do hope that things improve very quickly. Bill
  8. Nan - Be a bit careful here with knowing which switches and breakers one is talking about. On most (if not all) Olivers there is a water heater circuit breaker that is located amongst all of the other circuit breakers AND there is the switch that John is talking about. If your circuit breaker was in the "on" position but the water heater switch for electric was in the "off" position then it is unlikely that any damage was done to your heating element. However, if both were in the "on" position it is more than likely you element is destroyed. The easiest way to tell is to simply fill the water heater and turn it on, wait a few minutes and see if the water is hot. If it is not hot after about 15 minutes then it is almost certain that the element will need to be replaced (or, you will simply need to only use propane for heating water in that tank). Bill
  9. Mr. Big - I was more than happy to show you "Twist" and am still amazed that you allowed me to bore you for so long. Congrates on the order. Just think of all those Christmas presents you can now get that are Oliver related. When do you plan on taking delivery? Bill
  10. Nan - Yes, it is very likely that by not having water in the water heater the heater coil has been destroyed. Bet you wouldn't do that again. Bill
  11. When you click on your Forum name a page will open - in the upper right hand corner of that page will be a fairly lightly colored area that says "edit your profile". Click on that and then go to the bottom of that page to find the "signature area". Sorry for the confusion. Bill
  12. Chuck - And NOW you really are a part of the Family. Welcome for real! About that "signature" thing - just click on your name and then on "edit profile". scroll all the way to the bottom of your profile and there is a section called "signature". Type what you want your signature to be in that box and save it and your done. Bill
  13. ahattar - Let me answer that for you - Yes, you can break it! However, most likely, you will have one heck of a good time doing it. Bill
  14. Unfortunately, I very much agree with John on this one. And, now I hear that the "unbreakable windows" are not so unbreakable after all. I know that many times these things simply come down to "taste", but, I'm simply not seeing anything here to taste at all. Perhaps sitting next to a DeLorean? Bill
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