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  1. We are in Loveland,CO at Boyd Lake State Park for two weeeks visiting our kids. We woke up to outside temp of 10F this am. We are pretty comfortable except for having to walk the dog! The furnace ran most of the night. Inside temperature seems to stay about 5 degrees cooler than what temperature we set the thermostat at. ..50 stays at 45 , 65 stays 60-62. We have a little space heater but mostly it runs when we come in and turn up the thermostat..makeusfeel less chilled.
  2. We asked about a convection oven when we ordered ours. We were told they get too hot for use in that space.
  3. Funny...We are hoping to leave town tomorrow....head west to CO to see our kids (both moved from here to CO in the last few months and now conveniently live 15 miles apart). Then south to NM and AZ. Our route depends on who is home and weather. Linda
  4. here is what my silverware drawer looks like
  5. Hello, My idea for the cubbies above the bed is not working as I expected. What do you do with your clothes? Is that where you keep them? Maybe I need to just fold and stack shirts and pants? Or roll them up as I do in packing my suitcase? Do you have a suggestion for storage containers that fit in there to keep it less jumbled? Also what do you store in the sections under ad and seats where storage is allowed? Thanks Linda
  6. Yes, we will be going out to load somethings today or tomorrow and I can take photos. I have some bins to use for clothes so will take photos of those too. Linda
  7. This is what I am using. http://www.target.com/p/room-essentials ... A-14768524 I decided the cutlery tray took up too much space in the drawers. We only have four place settings and those fit nicely in the rectangular tray of this set. Also I got a couple of bigger trays to hold knives and cooking utensils. Linda
  8. Linda, I don't think you could run the heat strip during the day from the battery power. I think it would drain the battery--very quickly. Heat strips operate from major resistance. I've never run my furnace while driving. Don't know if it's recommended. I'd leave the trailer winterized til I got far enough south to avoid hard freezing weather. Use a bit of water from a gallon jug to flush if you use the facilities on the way down, as you said "dry camp". No point in pushing it, and creating problems in your travels. We don't fill fresh water when we come home from North Carolina in November, till we're in Florida. Have a great trip. Sherry Thanks, we thought that might deplete the battery. We will leave it winterized till we get to a warmer place. Linda
  9. P.S. Sorry, forgot - re the temp sensors - You might want to take another look at Ron Merritt's you-tube video regarding this. He simply bought a regular commercial unit that has four remote sending units. He placed one in the bath, one inside the hulls, and one or two outside with the central monitoring station on the wall to the left of the front door as you enter. I think that he was happy with the result - I plan to do something similar when I get "Twist". Bill Bill, I couldn't locate the video at first but finally found it on the Facebook page at "videos" . Thanks Linda
  10. Daniel, Welcome, it was a pleasure to meet you! Linda
  11. What is the story with the lovely fire pit? Linda
  12. We are concerned about cold weather travel. We may find ourselves in single digits when we drive. We did winterize it when we returned though it has been kept inside at 40 degrees. We wonder how to keep it warm while traveling in cold weather. We considered "dry" camping and keeping the anitfreeze in till we find warmer weather. or running heat strip during day? Grayson, was your hull temp monitor a factory install or after purchase? Linda
  13. Hello, We have a question about keeping battery charged while in storage between uses. We have "Olivia" stored in a building that is kept at 40 degrees. She will have been stored about 3-4 weeks when we go on our next trip. We have the Trojan AGM batteries, inverter and solar. Do we need to put the batteries on a trickle charger as we do our cars when they get stored over the winter? Or just plug it in to shore power? What do you do? Thanks Linda
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