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  1. Thanks for the tip on Meriwether’s John, we’re heading up there the day before too. Hope everything goes well with your appointments!! Steve
  2. Congratulations, careful driving home. It’s a little messy here in SC right now. We pick ours up on Feb 1st and the wait is almost over. What part of the state y’all call home? We’re down Greenwood way. Steve
  3. Kirk, We ordered our LEII last March with a delivery date of 2/1/22, there was a period a couple months ago that the date moved ahead to 1/24/21 but the supply issue moved it back to the original date. I wouldn’t worry too much about Oliver missing their commitment by more than a couple days tops. I would just contact them when you’re at your employer’s cut off for requesting a September vacation. Steve
  4. I think the street side is always an option and it only comes powered Ralph. Steve
  5. Thanks for the great feedback. Although our preference is national forest/boondocking type camping and the fact that there usually isn’t anyone camping close to us that would be bothered by that awning I think we may take it off the build. One of the reasons I was attracted to the Oliver’s is their installation of the anchorage needed for mounting any options during or after the initial build. The only other build item I’m on the fence about is that cradlepoint WiFi but I’ll start another post on it. Thanks again y’all, Steve
  6. That’s the plan SeaDawg, we can’t wait😜
  7. Thanks Bill, just did about the street side awning😎
  8. Hi y’all, We weren’t going to get a street side awning but were told it would come in handy for keeping rain off the windows on that side so we’d be able to have them open. My question is twofold… 1) Those of you that didn’t get one, have you regretted it and why? 2) If you did have one put on are you glad you did or was it not really utilized much? It sure is nice to have a place to ask these questions prior to getting ours, thank again!! Steve
  9. Thanks Bill, will do. We’re planning to take a week up in Tennessee unless it’s really ugly.
  10. Hi gang, first post. When we ordered our Elite II twin last spring and Jason in sales said we’d get it Feb 1 of 2022 that seemed so far away, we’re getting excited now!! We’ve had tents, tent trailer, and a Class A previously but haven’t camped in about 12 years since we moved to SC and all the open space. Used to boondock every other weekend and on vacations when we lived in the Los Angeles area just to get away. The “bug” bit me about a year ago to get back into it and after talking the boss into it we started looking. Kinda had my mind set on a Class B because we only have room for two vehicles in our driveway and thought I’d be able to use it as a daily driver (HOA issue🥴). After driving one I realized that wouldn’t work so we went to a show looking at TT’s but weren’t too excited by what we saw. Stumbled upon the Oliver site and knew it was the one!! Been reading your posts for months and have gotten a lot of great info. Looking forward to meeting you in our travels soon. Steve
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