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  1. I hear ya Mike! They probably put the bolts on a little better, back in the day. Ours is only 6 months old. John
  2. Mine was a little different....Upon starting the a/c after not using for a week, we encountered a very strange noise as the fan came on. We shut it off and I removed the outside cover to inspect. We had a frog get on the fan blade of our Casita and that was a strange sound as well and I was expecting to find a similar problem. Upon a quick inspection I found no critters, so we restarted and the the noise was much louder. We shut it down and I took a closer look and found a bolt missing on one fan mount, the other side was loose, and the smaller aft mount had its nut halfway off the bolt. The noise apparently was the fan blades gouging into its plastic shroud and sent pieces into the trailer and deposited them onto the inside roof by the side vent.. I was able to tighten things down after finding the bolt laying in the bottom of the a/c pan. I figured to look around while I was up there and found the easy start capacitor unattached. It wasn't causing any problems that I could see. The 2 sided tape used to mount it had given way, I'll probably reattach with VHB tape soon. I'll need to talk to service first. Question....I'd like to put a self locking nut on the bolt where it comes through the rubber mount bushing and would appreciate any ideas. Longer bolt to get the nut on? It appears that the bolt threads in to something embedded in the rubber shock mount as it tightened up pretty well. All seems to be working for now, will take another look in a week or so. Ticket submitted. John
  3. I saw a caulker in action on our first factory visit, late in 2021. He was toward the end of the assembly line trying to caulk underneath the bell band. He was holding the caulk gun horizontal to the ground trying to caulk upwards to fill the belly band seam. Of course almost all was going down the side of the hull and nothing going upwards into the void. I'm sure he was new to the job and never caulked anything before and had a supervisor/trainer following behind wiping the caulk up into the void. He was very young, not that that means anything. I asked him if I could get a picture of the caulk in case I wanted to purchase any later. He held the gun up and I took a picture of the caulk tube and said "thank you". He never said a word and was very frustrated upon returning to work. I really don't think he was a happy camper, probably just a bad day. But I can remember thinking I hope he had a day off when my Oliver reached its caulking time. So on delivery day I inspected all the caulk I could find and didn't see many problems. The only problem was the roof was very dusty with fiberglass dust so I couldn't really see the shell surface, but I did notice a lot of sealant smearing, like someone didn't wipe up the excess caulk as they were going along. We had to leave because of an approaching storm. A couple of days later I washed the trailer and I was amazed everything on the roof that required caulk was a mess. There were no leaks anywhere but I couldn't believe someone would leave such a mess, coming from a company like Oliver. I suspect the untrained caulker was moved up to the roof where it's hard to see his work. That was my second factory visit. The first visit, prior to Covid, was quite different in that the work force was a bit older and worked with great detail. That was encouraging to see. The second tour, after Covid and factory shutdown for a while, was quite different in that the workforce was younger and I saw 4 different working stations manned by people on cell phones. There were very few people working that paid attention to details as did the previous workforce. My guess is Oliver lost some key people because of the Covid shutdown and had a difficult time getting that experience back. I'm surprised something as simple as caulking is a continuing problem. If Mike and Jason don't get any feedback from us, they won't have anything to take to production to back them up when they go to make suggestions. I hear of more and more quality control issues. Honestly, these issues would have taken a toll on my initial purchase decisions. Especially at the new prices for the 2023's. All in all, we love our Oliver and still think it's the best trailer out there. And the service team is top notch. I wish service was the quality control for the company. I hope this doesn't step on anyone's toes but I see comments on the forum making suggestions to start a service ticket so these issues can be resolved. They are right, IMO. If it's not documented, no-one will know there's a problem. The service team is getting busier and busier fixing problems from production and I sure hope we don't lose any service personnel. Sorry for the rant, just wanted to share my experiences. John
  4. Gosh, Mossey I was going to respond with some ideas but you had them already listed plus several I didn't think of. Glad you answered while was typing . Nice answer! John
  5. I talked with Jason about this at the rally and suggested the factory switch to JB Weld or something different. He talked about the very dusty environment/lack of adequate preparation and the time expended between squirting some glue vs mixing epoxy. He told me he has brought this to the attention of production, but I think there is a somewhat delicate line between service and production. But whatever you do at least submit a ticket so Jason has more leverage behind him when getting something changed at production level. John
  6. Welcome PB52, We picked ours up in Jan this year. We have had a few issues, but Oliver's legendary service team has been wonderful and we haven't thought twice about buying our "Bessie". The Dometic A/C is very noisy but you will have the option of upgrading to a Truma A/C...make sure to get the Truma! It is much, much quieter. Very easy to tow with my 1/2 ton Silverado. Best of luck with your decision John
  7. Hi Claudia, Here are some pictures I took of an Oliver at the mother ship back in May. They were experimenting with this arrangement. Jason said water flows over them in moderate to heavy rains. Wendy and I haven't gotten around to making those window vents you showed us at the rally. We're waiting for you to mass produce and sell them on line..lol! John
  8. Congratulations, Margaret...have a ton of fun out there. And welcome
  9. Hi Mike, I do have the solar already installed and have noticed the squared off fiberglass sections towards the outside. My understanding is those are indeed plates sandwiched between the hulls for the awning installation. They are put on all configurations of the Elite 2 in case someone wants to add another awning at a later date. At least that's what my sales rep told me. Good luck with your project! John
  10. Hey guys, Glad you made it back safely! Ollie Avenue looks like a nice place to stay. I'm ready for some more music Blessings, John
  11. Hi Paula, We just left Murfreesboro, TN this morning. CGI finished our trailer and truck yesterday. The guys said it comes with a 2 year guarantee. Everything past the 2 years depends on how you take care of it, i.e. covered, stored inside, how you wash it, if you use their "shine and shield" spray after washing. But 2 years is a guarantee. Best of luck :) John
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