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  1. Hi Ken, Do you by chance have a part # for those Bulldogs? Is it 1213-0656 ? John
  2. Welcome Craig and MaryLou! MAX Burner is so right about all the info found in this wonderful forum. Happy Trails, Wendy & John
  3. Thank you for all of your work on this project! Wish we could be there... Safe Travels, John
  4. Ask Melissa to show you her dogs, they are a treat :) We stay there when we get OTT service. John PS The LED fan is installed... :) Thanks!
  5. Follow up... the propane sensor went off this AM and turns out the gas line connection came a little loose when I reinstalled the top. Turned off the propane bottle and headed to Ace hardware. I initially used tape that qualified, according to the label, as suitable for gas line connections. It was gray in color. I didn't have the yellow that I have always used before. Took back apart this afternoon and replaced with the proper yellow tape. All is well for now...according to my sniffer. John
  6. We found 2 in our top drawer :) They push through the hole too easily. John
  7. Thank you I admit being a little "slower" than the average Ollie person and after reading your post I checked my overheads ... EUREKA...I would never have thought to look there for a replacement. Mine are not threaded but they are a direct match and we now have a "new" hatch for our dog house. The 3 little tabs on the original broke off and I was lucky to have it not blow off while traveling. I used some of my high dollar glue I got at Quartzsite this year to fashion some tabs to keep the hatch in place in the overhead. John
  8. Thanks for the walkthrough. Both screws from underside one burner came out...very fortunate Wendy found them both and we were able to use your help to fix everything. I did have to disconnect the gas line and after using gas thread tape and follow up with a "sniffer" all turned out well. We did use blue locktite on the screws. No evidence of previous locktite application Thanks, John
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