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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the mosquitoes 🙂
  2. Actually I did send pictures to OTT they confirmed warranty problems if I covered up the gaps. I have a call into Norcold/Thetford and expect to hear back from them. Will post what they say.
  3. I don't know either. I've contacted Norcold/Thetford and hope to hear back from them soon. Will post what I find out. John
  4. Probably why my alarms went off! Thanks, John
  5. Thanks, I contacted OTT and was told to not cover the openings. It will void the warranty. Here are some pictures. John
  6. Hello all, The Norcold fridge in my 2022 Elite II leaks air inside the trailer cabin. The very cold winds are blowing directly into the vents from the outside and into the cabin. It seems to be coming in from between the fridge frame and the fiberglass enclosure on the inside of the trailer. Is this a common problem? The volume of air is not horrible but is very noticeable when walking by, especially at 18 Degrees F. I see a gap between insulation pads when I take off the cover, 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch, but Jason E. says that is by design and must not be taped over. Any suggestions? I may run a bead of silicone around the frame. John
  7. John, Mine are plumbed together, which I like. I think my differences in pressure are mainly caused by ambient temperatures and not really a leak. I just top them off to 15 to 20 psi when the temps are low and leave them alone when the temps go up. I did soap them when I first installed them. Guess it wouldn't hurt to soap again. 5 psi is the lowest they should ever be and my "good spot" is 17psi, level truck. I don't adjust if or not I am hooked up. The Andersen does a good job for us. I poorly worded my earlier post, I believe there are no leaks, but it sure wouldn't hurt to soap again to be sure. You are correct in that 0 pressure trashes the bags. Thanks, John
  8. Charlie, I have them too, without the onboard compressor. Mine hold pressure for 3 or so weeks at a time, bleed from 20 to 10 psi in that time frame. Mine are double convoluted and I use a battery operated hand compressor. So far, very happy with them. They weren't that hard to install. John
  9. Congrats from #996. We high tailed it to Tunica, MS but the weather followed us 🙂 John
  10. Thanks, Jim and Frances, Did you attempt to make any? John
  11. Thanks, Sooner. I'm experimenting with solutions. I did burn through 1 tank but very little on the second tank since swap-out. I'm using the space heater more and lowering the thermostat a few degrees. John
  12. Thanks, Steve. Thankfully just routine appts 🙂 John
  13. Thanks, Bill. I'll have to soap everything to see if I have a leak anywhere. John
  14. Hello all, I posted earlier that my propane tank did not last long after pickup from oliver. We have the additional propane hookup, so we have 2. I've not used them yet and after inspecting them I see what looks like a swivel shutoff valve. Both are inline with the supply tubing. Is that a shutoff position or do I need to rotate it to be perpendicular with the supply tube? John
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