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  1. For those of you who are Passport America members, do I have to have the membership card when checking into a campground or can I sign up for Passport America before I show up at the campground and give them proof of membership purchase. It's difficult to receive our mail as we are full timers..always on the move. TIA, John
  2. Looking good!! Sorry for the installation disruption last night, and thank you for your input on MASA. John
  3. After 1 1/2 years of checking the basement every time Wen washes sheets, I finally found an issue. The screw holding the clamp around the city water inlet had broken away from the mounting pad. 2 connectors were loose. No water had leaked as far as I could tell. I check everything I can when having access to the basement. We've had a few rough bounces this year :) John
  4. BTW, our reserved spot...A14...is under major construction so we were able to spend 2 nights on C58 and will move to E37, on Sunday, for 7 nights. Yay! Next to the lake :) John
  5. If you are looking for a place to "clean up", Guntersville has a car wash (Lakeside Carwash) that will accommodate an Oliver. Use the center stall as you won't be able to make the left hand turn to get out. John
  6. We have been there a few times have ALWAYS had a wonderful time. Melissa will not disappoint! Her choices of food/snacks are so delicious. We have not seen the new kitchen but understand her new baker does a superb job. If you are a dog lover, be sure to ask to see her dogs....they will love on you until you tear up...guaranteed! John
  7. My rear window is as described by Chris and was pretty straight forward as he shows in the video. My side windows are not. The slotted rubber piece on each side have a felt rubbing strip on either side of the channel and prevent the rubber piece from being extracted, unless you use quite a bit of force. The felt strips are an H shape and fit over the edge of the rubber strip. I'm not sure if the pictures are of any help. I quit as RoadKingsofGa did and am unable to fit the H shape of the felt strip back over it edges. So I quit at that point and finished cleaning as best I could. I don't think it matters much if I don't get the felt strip back perfectly as the window still slides smoothly and none of the weep holes are blocked. I'll search out the window experts at the rally. BTW, there are 2 of those felt strips, 1either side of the rubber strip. I did not attempt removal of the outboard strip. John
  8. Chris My trailer is 16 months old and I have never done this....big mistake! My weather stripping (white), on the underside, is mildewed beyond repair. I wouldn't be surprised if the black streaks that appear below the window are from my neglect. I would never have known to go this in-depth had I not watched your video. Thank you, thank you, thank you :) I thought I was done with the cleaning until I found your video. I have noted some owners have replaced the weather strip with a black one. Can anyone chime in where you can get it? Hope to se ya'll at the rally :) John
  9. Mossey, ours also looked better than the day we picked it up :)
  10. We had ours done last June...nice to get rid of the wax :) CGI did a wonderful job! John
  11. Actually...I googled and you are absolutely right on!
  12. I learned today that ya'll are birders, but moth-ers 2? Sorry, I couldn't resist :)
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